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Often restricted by the ideologies of the society, it is a tendency in students to think that career options for the 10th class are restricted inside the combinations of subjects that flow in the same direction. Be it Science or Commerce or Arts, as students, we have often found ourselves in the dilemma of choosing a stream. Because for some of these there is no going back from them in cases where you wish to pursue careers like Engineering, MBBS, B.Com., BSc. and so on. But what if you choose to do something independent of the baggage these streams carry. You can choose any stream-independent career after class 10th to expand your knowledge or you can choose something that you are interested in and then go for one of these options as they do not depend on the conventional ideas which are formulated by these combinations. If you have the freedom, you can even combine your favorite subjects and opt for that particular combination (IG students). So let’s end our worry with these career options for the 10th class student.


Law is one of the most desirable options when it comes to stream-independent careers. Today, the field has gone beyond criminal or civil law and has extended to corporate law, legal services, and administrative services, which makes it pervasive. This also creates a paradigm where you can choose based on your area of interest making it more independent. For this, you will be required to pursue LLB which can also be done in integration with B.A., B.Sc., and BBA too! You can also get an integrated LLB + LLM course. If you are sure about entering law, then dedicate the two years of your intermediate in preparing for CLAT to get admission in a good college for Law. It will be the right career stream for you if you have ready to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. Your communication skills and articulation will play an important role and you should be engaged in critical thinking. Also, this profession works on experience and therefore, you must be patient and confident about your work.


This field has no bounds and has been growing into a bomb in recent times because of the multiple requirements and vastness of the discourse itself. Away from the general conception, this offers you so much more than journalism as it expands beyond print to television, advertising, screen and so much more. It is comprehensive and all those who carry the creativity, interest, and intellect to pursue it should go for it. It requires you to have exceptional communication skills and the openness to absorb what is around you with ease. The best part here is that there are no preparation strategies required to pursue Mass Communication. Something which can contribute to your growth here would be like your blog or working as an intern which would help you score extra points. You have to be practical and mature while you are dealing with what surrounds it. This also comes in exciting combinations all around the company and abroad. Choose according to your interest and passion!


From hotel chain owners and managers to chefs who have earned a name for themselves with their exemplary work, this field deals with more than just food or hotels. It is huge in terms of its employability and mostly tests your calm with a Masterchef like pressure on you every single day. But don’t worry! It is as exciting as well. For this, you need to work on your personality and should be strong at reasoning and communication. The industry is on the lookout for talented people. Make sure you count yourself in by clearing your mind and sharpening your skills.


Designing travels from fashion to graphics today. From designing textiles to the prints on your favorite t-shirt on illustrator, nobody can truly comprehend where this field starts and ends. Here is a list of some design jobs that you can consider for yourself.

  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Photography
  • Multimedia Artist or Animation
  • Interior Design
  • Art Direction
  • Advertising
  • Editing
  • Fashion Design

Other options which offer stream-independent opportunities are:

Once we start weighing all the available options in the world, it will be quite impossible to end the list of fields that are stream-independent, respectable, and high-paying careers. Here are some of them but they all need you to have some amount of creativity and passion along with skills that will help you excel in them. These options can be altered using your area of interest and you can make a specific tailor-made career for yourself by expanding this knowledge by choosing your area and network of doing things. We hope that this puts on the table some options which can speak to you and bring you relief that in the next two years, you can work towards what you want to do rather than immersing in the piles of books that you cannot comprehend. Most of these fields still require an aggregate percentage in your +2, so don’t take it for granted too much. But here’s to stream-independent careers for being so awesome!

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So this is the end of the post Stream-Independent Career Options for 10th class students. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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