15 Biotechnology Career Options

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Biotechnology is the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc. In simple words using Biology with technology for the betterment of human lives. In this article you will find 15 Career Options from which you can choose .

The educational pathway of Biotechnology is similar to other fields of science. Have an interest in science. Take science for 10+2 apply for B.Tech Biotechnology or B.Sc Biotechnology. For better job prospects, complete a master’s in Biotechnology. If a research person is your plan, then continue with a Ph.D.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

In Biotechnology, their day-to-day work includes labeling, analyzing received samples (Tissue cultures, blood, toxins, objects related to the case, etc.), conducting tests and experiments on them, and derive conclusions, theories, and hypotheses based on observations.

Environmental Technician

In Biotechnology, this career involves sampling components of the environment( soil, water, etc.) and monitoring the adequate levels of toxins and pollution. And at the same time, conducting field investigation.

Pharmaceutical Research Technician

The career option demands the person to have skills of observation as the work involves supervising experiments and keeping records.

Medical Scientist

Their work is to conduct studies and identify new or evolving diseases, their cause, and method of prevention.

Chemical Engineer

Their day-to-day work includes designing Processes to find issues or changes with the chemical balance of substances how they could be changes for our use.

Biological Technician

This career option revolves around laboratories. Setting up equipment (slides, culture, microscopes, etc), maintaining them, collecting samples, helping in testing and analyzing them.

Greenhouse or Field Technician

They are a part of botany experiments. Maintaining the greenhouse, controlling the temperature, humidity and taking care of the product that is expected from the experiments using processes of dying, transplanting, watering, planting, etc. is their daily work.

Genomics Technician

Working with Genes (DNA) and perform an experiment with them to understand and enhance health and nutritional qualities is the work of a Genomic Technician.

Molecular Biology Technician

They specifically work for Molecular biology: Study of cellular level (amino acids, mitochondria, cell walls, etc.), Day-to-day work includes sampling and conducting experiments, tests, and analysis to find the root cause of problems or research purpose.

Quality Manager

This career option includes keeping a check on good and consistent quality for a production line. They use several techniques of lab testing etc. to test batches.

Technical Brewer

Daily work includes checking on the raw material machines and process of brewing. Safety and tasting are a crucial part of the job.

Plant tissue Culture Technician

In Biotechnology , their day-to-day work includes coming up with a new hybrid, clones of plant spices, growing them in a controlled environment (could be an Outer space experiment) or even working on getting back extinct species.


A person with a Ph.D. or master’s degree can get into being a lecturer. Passing on the knowledge you are excelling in down the generation is the work of a lecturer.

Agricultural Engineer

In Biotechnology , their day-to-day work includes coming up with a new and better system for agriculture. New techniques, equipment, experimental seeds are some of the fields they work on.

Nutrition Therapist

In Biotechnology, this career option includes assisting patients with their food intake for a healthy lifestyle.

:By- Neha Pandey 

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