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The board exam is the first most important phase of your life which layout the foundation for your future. The score you secure in this exam will remain forever in your profile for a lifetime. You’ll start your career with these scores and move on to Class 11 and 12, which is the second most important phase in your life and the later journey includes other phases to make your dream come true through these recommended books for every class 10 student. You will see about best reference books for class 10 in this blog.

Why 10th is important?

I think you’ve been through this question in your mind, by your Teachers, Parents, Principal, etc., and listened to many answers. But in my view, the 10th is the basic standard for everything where you want to go further in your career. You’ll step into the next level of the standard where you’ll learn a few high-level techniques to solve problems, next level of Sciences, next level of English or other languages or learn new languages. You’ll proceed like this further to class 12 and after your 12th, you’ll learn about real-world systems, their applications, tackle tough challenges in graduation (and even more after it), solve the unsolved challenges, etc., and finally live your dream.

Anyone who completed the 10th will get the ability to understand and do any basic educated work. Anything which is to be learned must be learned thoroughly. Every concept you’ll learn in the future depends on the basics of it. Your understanding of the concepts in the next level depends on how good your ace in the basics. Not much need required to learn every topic beyond the scope, though knowing them is good, but these books if referred, you can start off your next level with the knowledge you gain by them. Minding every point, I suggest some of the best reference books for class 10 students for reference:

RD SHARMA For Mathematics

This is one of the best reference books for class 10 and the most recommended book for students who want to get an A+ in Mathematics. RD Sharma can also be used for class 11 and class 12. Every concept is explained in detail and every proof is crystal clear. There are many practice problems in the chapters. Practice every problem and score maximum marks on it. Practice problems are given by your teachers and besides them, do use this book for sure. This book is the recommended book even for JEE Aspirants.

Dinesh New Millennium Science  for Physics

Dinesh books are one of the best reference books for class 10 and in demand nowadays. These are the best-selling books ever as everyone knows about them. Dinesh for Physics is the best choice you can make. It is also a recommended book for every class of 10 students. Compared to other books, Dinesh books are more user-friendly and every concept is clearly explained. Dinesh physics can be even used in the class 11th  and 12th. This book is very much helpful for JEE Aspirants.

The Book

There are 12 chapters in the book, each of which addresses a different area of physics. The chapters are organised logically and built upon one another so that students can have a thorough comprehension of the subject.

Key subjects discussed in the book include the following:

  • Forces that cause motion
  • Work, power, and energy
  • Sound Light Heat Electricity
  • Magnetism Waves
  • nuclear and atomic physics

Book Features

To aid pupils in learning, Dinesh New Millennium Science for Physics has a number of features, such as:

Conceptual explanations in detail: The book gives concise, understandable explanations of all the major physics ideas 10th class books. This aids in the comprehension of the subject matter and the deepening of conceptual understanding in the students.
Diagrams that are clear and succinct are included in the book to help readers understand the fundamental physics ideas. Students benefit from having a clearer understanding of the topics because to this.
Practise issues with solutions: The book contains a selection of practise issues with answers 10th class books. This aids students in assessing their comprehension of the subject and locating any areas in which they require more assistance.
a thorough vocabulary of terms The book has an extensive glossary.

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur for chemistry

What I’ve seen by many students is that they prefer this book so much for Chemistry and Biology. The book is very reader-friendly and every concept is thoroughly explained. There are a number of diagrams shown in the book which makes you score good marks in Chemistry. This is also one of the best reference books for class 10 students. You can also check stream selector test.

Pradeep Publication and Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

As said, you can use either of the books. Pradeep publication is also as demanded as the latter one. It has a good explanation for every concept. It is very easy to understand and there are many diagrams in the book which are very helpful for you to secure a good amount of marks. Though the latter is the better, you can use this as an alternative to the latter. The recommendation for Pradeep Publication is also very high for class 10 students.

S Chand book for Mathematics, especially for Geometry

S Chand one of the best reference books for class 10 can be used if you don’t have RD Sharma book with you. This book is also widely used by the students. It has a lot of Mathematical concepts and solved examples 10th class books. This book has good content for Geometry. There many proofs and examples in the book. You can refer to this too if you want to increase your skills. This is also a recommended 10th books name for every class of 10 students.

S Chand’s book on mathematics, particularly on geometry, is an in-depth and excellently written text that covers all the key subject areas. Three sections make up the book:

The fundamentals of geometry, including points, lines, planes, and angles, are covered in Part I.
Part II covers more complex subjects like solids, polygons, and circles.
Trigonometry and coordinate geometry are covered in Part III.
An summary of the topic to be addressed is given at the beginning of each chapter in the book. The chapter’s main body is then separated into sections, each of which deals with a distinct subject 10th class books. The sections are clearly separated and simple to navigate. The illustrations are accurate and helpful, and the text is succinct and straightforward.

the book also includes a number of features that make it an effective learning tool. These features include:

  • A comprehensive index
  • A list of formulas
  • A set of practice problems
  • A solutions manual

The index makes it easy to find information on specific topics. The list of formulas provides a quick reference for the most important equations in geometry. The practice problems allow students to test their understanding of the material. The solutions manual provides detailed answers to the practice problems.

Here are some additional details about the book:

A group of skilled mathematics educators wrote the book.
The book is based on the most recent geometry curricula 10th class books.
The Common Core State Standards are compatible with the book.
There are hardcover and paperback versions of the book available.
S Chand’s book is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for a thorough and well-written geometry text. You will definitely do better in your geometry lesson if you read the book.

Which S Chand book is best for Geometry?

S Chand has several books that cover Geometry. One of the most popular is “New Learning Composite Mathematics – Geometry” by S.K. Gupta. This book is aimed at students in grades 6-8 and covers the basic principles of geometry, including lines, angles, triangles, circles, and polygons. Another popular S Chand 10th books name for geometry is “A Textbook of Geometry” by S.K. Goyal, which is aimed at students in grades 9-10 and covers more advanced topics in geometry, such as trigonometry, mensuration, and coordinate geometry.

Do S Chand books have practice questions and solutions?

Yes, S Chand books typically have practice questions and solutions. The number of practice questions and the level of difficulty varies depending on the 10th books name and the target audience. Some books, such as workbooks, may have many practice questions with detailed solutions, while others, such as reference 10th books name, may have fewer questions and focus more on concepts and theory. It’s important to check the book description before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.

Basic English Grammar | Fourth Edition | By Pearson

This book is recommended for the ones who are willing to excel in their basic grammar. Pearson publication is very famous for publishing perfect content. They have books on Sciences and Mathematics. It is even available in amazon.in Give it a try and get skilled in grammar.

Introduction To The Concepts In Modern Physics By J. C. N. Rajendra

Modern Physics is a compulsory read book by every Science aspirant. This book tells you about the Science related to Quantum Physics. All the concepts like Classical Newton laws, Classical Electrodynamics, etc., are learned by you. But in this 10th books name, you can learn the advancements in Physics made and the current ongoing Science theories, especially about Quantum Physics, can be learned. So, it is one of the best reference books for class 10 and recommended to read by every 10th students. 

NCERT books for Social Studies

Do not stress much on Social Studies as you can find many rich sources of information available on the net. Study your NCERT 10th books name well, as you have gained enough knowledge from your childhood(at least from your 4th class). Study what is available in your NCERT books. If you want to continue in the Economics and Commerce field, you’ll learn enough in class 11 and class 12.

A government organisation in India called the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is in charge of creating and disseminating school textbooks 10th class books. Millions of students throughout the nation use NCERT textbooks, which are renowned for their excellent quality and thorough coverage of the curriculum.

In particular, NCERT social studies textbooks are well-liked. They include a wide range of subjects, such as history, geography, civics, and economics, and they were produced by a group of seasoned instructors. Additionally, the texts are frequently updated to reflect the most recent advancements in the Social Studies discipline 10th class books.

The simple and succinct language used in NCERT social studies textbooks is one of their advantages. The books have been written in a manner that

Computer Fundamentals by PK Sinha

I’ve seen some boards added Computer Fundamentals in the Syllabus. If you have NCERT 10th books name for this subject, follow them. Computer Science is prevalent these days and most of the students after completing class 12, decide to choose CBSE. If you are really passionate about Computer Science and Engineering, then read the book compulsory and thoroughly.

The book also has a number of elements that make it a useful teaching resource. These qualities consist of:

  • An extensive index
  • a collection of formulas
  • a collection of drill issues
  • a solution guide
    It’s simple to find information on particular subjects thanks to the index. The list of equations offers easy access to the most crucial computer science equations. Students can evaluate how well they comprehend the subject matter by using the practise problems. The practise problems’ detailed solutions are provided in the solutions handbook.

In general, PK Sinha’s Computer Fundamentals is a great tool for students learning about computer science. The book is thorough, well-written, and simple to read. The book is a useful educational tool because of the features that are there in it.

Here is a more thorough summary of what is in the book:

  • Introduction to Computers, Chapter 1
  • Systems of numbers in Chapter 2
  • Computer Codes, Chapter 3
  • Arithmetic in Binary Chapter 4
  • Algebra with Booleans, Chapter 5
  • Circuits for logic in Chapter 6
  • Programming Introduction in Chapter 7
  • C Programming Language, Chapter 8
  • Data structures in Chapter 9
  • Algorithms in Chapter 10
  • Operating System Chap. 11
  • Computer networks in Chapter 12
  • The introduction to computers in the
  • book includes information on their history, various subtypes, and the fundamental parts of a computer system. The initial concepts of number systems, computer codes, binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, and logic circuits are covered in the following chapters. These chapters give students the groundwork they need to comprehend the more complex concepts that

Class 10 all books name:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  4. Social Science (History, Geography, Civics, Economics)
  5. Hindi
  6. Regional Language (if applicable)
  7. Second Language (if applicable)
  8. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (if applicable)

FAQs about books for every class 10 students

What are the best books for Class 10 students?

The best books for Class 10 students depend on the subjects they are studying. However, some popular choices include NCERT 10th books name, Oswaal Publications, S Chand, Arihant Publications, and RD Sharma for Mathematics.

Which NCERT books are recommended for Class 10 students?

The NCERT 10th books name for Class 10 include subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi. All of these textbooks are recommended for students as they follow the latest CBSE syllabus and 10th books name the required topics in detail.

Are Oswaal Publications good for Class 10 students?

Oswaal Publications provide study material and practice questions for Class 10 students that can be helpful for exam preparation. They have sample question papers, previous years’ solved papers, and chapter-wise revision notes that can assist students in understanding the concepts better. However, students should not rely solely on Oswaal Publications and should also refer to their NCERT textbooks.

Are Arihant Publications good for Class 10 students?

Yes, Arihant Publications provide textbooks and guidebooks for Class 10 students that can be helpful for exam preparation. They offer study material, solved papers, and objective-type questions that can assist students in understanding the concepts better. However, like Oswaal Publications, students should not rely solely on Arihant Publications and should also refer to their NCERT textbooks.

Can Class 10 students use online resources for exam preparation?

Yes, Class 10 students can use online resources for exam preparation. There are several websites, YouTube channels, and apps that provide study material, practice questions, and video lectures that can be helpful for exam preparation. However, students should be cautious and ensure that the sources they are using are reliable and accurate.


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Q.What is the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide?

A.The Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide is an assessment designed to help students determine their most suitable academic stream or career path. It is an online test that evaluates various factors such as interests, aptitudes, personality traits, and preferences to suggest the most compatible streams or career options after 10th options.

Q.How does the Stream Selector Test work? 

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Q.Who can take the Stream Selector Test? 

A.The Stream Selector Test is designed for students who are in the process of choosing an academic stream after completing their school education or those who are exploring potential career options after 10th options. It can be taken by students at various educational levels, including high school, college, and university.

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