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We as humans have an annoying bad habit, we tend to delay our decisions as much and for as long as we can. We often prefer not to face the situation in front of us and this goes true even for our career as we often try to delay making a career choice and even trying for it through career guidance.

Through this article, we make aim to make you aware of all the things that you are missing out from if you don’t take career counseling before or during your class 10th.

It helps you to map your career

The class 10th holds a special place in the lives of all grown-up adults. It marks the later years of our time as a teenager as we transition from being a child to being an adult. The first step in this transition is making your career choice, deciding what you want to pursue for the next 10 years minimum and if you don’t dare to make the switch in career then even for the rest of your life. Career counseling allows class 10th students to map a road map for these crucial years of their careers.

Gives you a view of all fields

In today’s modern times, career choices are ample. The more varying is your skillset, the number of fields open for you. But while it is easy to dream to be an astronaut or an airplane pilot, not many know about the physicality and skills needed to become one. Career counseling paves your way to learn more about the skills you need to become what you dream.

Points you in the right direction

With so many options in the market to choose from, one can often get distracted and jump regularly from one field to another, making up for a lot of waste of both time and potential. Career guidance allows one to not only choose a career but tells them how to follow it in the right manner, allowing individuals to work hardly and smartly and achieve their needed goals.

Gives you an idea where you stand

The world is a highly competitive environment, whether it is a fight to kill or a fight to survive, no one backs done before giving everything they have. In such a situation, it is often important that we know where we stand in front of our competition. It might sound demotivating, but it allows one to make a sound career choice, one that doesn’t make them suffer, one that they enjoy working hard for.

Gives you time to polish your skills

In the highly competitive environment present today, your skills can often feel a little rusty when competing with the best. Once you get into the job market, you barely have any time to improve yourself or your skillset as you are engaged in a battle to beat everyone else around you. So, through career guidance, you get an idea of the skills that need improvement which allows you to work on them ample and put them at par with all your other great skills.

Gives you time to build a CV for your dream job

One CV is like one’s entire life in a paper. But we often spend very little time to fill this paper with the right set of achievements. We often go with the flow which leads to our CV looking like a messy stew. Through career guidance, you get yourself an idea of what the company of your dreams wants from you, what you have to do to fit into their criteria and everything else about the needs. This allows you ample time to work and make your CV great and the one which represents you in the best possible manner.

Fee Structure Assessment Diagnosis
Fee Structure Assessment Diagnosis

Gives you a head start over others

Like we have discussed, life is a race. A race where you can’t afford to lose. In such a crucial race, every move, every footstep matters. So, if we told you that you can start your race before everyone else, then that’s the biggest advantage you are going to get. Career guidance does exactly that for you. It allows you to have a better idea of the track and you get the freedom to start running for your dream when you want to while everyone else tries to figure out the track on their own.

Exposes you to the real world

Even with a lot of butter coating, we all know that the world is a harsh place. It’s not easy to be here alone, facing everything on your own when you have spent your life till 10th in the warmth of your close friends and family. This might sound a bit worrying and it is, but it is the world you and I have to live in and career counseling gives 10th class students a brutally honest idea of how they will face the real world.

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So this is the end of the post 8 reasons to take career counseling for class 10th. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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