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You are too young to make any big decisions, especially when it comes to your career. At this tender age of 16 or 17 students of 10th class find it way too challenging to find the right career options and make the perfect career choice for themselves. We understand how you feel. With the ever so repeated pattern, options to choose from. We all want to explore a bit more than that but are utterly clueless about what else may be there as a career option for us as there is a big war going on between reality and ambition. New is always better. So, we are here with some New-Age career options for class 10th students. Go on and have a look. There can be so many career options, and they can be based entirely on education, academics, and talent. So, we need to understand there is a career in different forms i.e., education-based career and talent-based career.

Creative Writing

There is a significant scope in the field of writing. Content writing has become a prevalent career option amongst the youth. It is the art of creating content, using the best vocabulary, use of words, phrases. It is done professionally for websites, magazines, and in use for digital marketing. People can earn well if they are good at it, and there is a great scope of learning and exploration in this creative writing world. The content is developed as per the requirement of the companies, organizations, or clients.


Blogging needs no age as such. If you are very much interested in it, you can go for it at any point in time. In bogging, the person is developing blog posts that are connected with the audience in every sense. It is a field that explores the self-expression. It is also done for the promotion of products, items, brands, organizations, services, etc. it has an enormous scope and a very bright future.

Social media management

Social media is the most used platform by the people of today’s age all over the world. It is all over the place. It is such an impactful platform to sell out anything in this world out there.

Graphic designing

Graphic design is a career option that is going to another level in terms of reaching out there. In today’s times, when nobody is interested in reading those very long essays, everyone wants it to be short and sorted.


There are a lot of diplomas which can be done after your 10th. These are based entirely on your interests and choices. Even if you are interested in science, arts, medical field. You can go for Diploma in civil engineering, Diploma in mechanical engineering, Diploma in home science, Diploma in agriculture, Diploma in garment technology, and there are many other options as well. These are three years of courses.

Certification courses

There are a lot of certification courses that may sound a bit less to your ears, but they can bring you a lot more than you can imagine. There are courses for graphic designing, animation, Tally, DTP, etc.


Anything related to bringing a sense of security and overall secure environment online, being one of the most needed demand in our society based on the current situations on social platforms, is such a high in demand course. People are very active socially; they are getting awareness about a lot of things. People are being bullied every day. There have been cases doing the rounds of cyber theft, loss of confidential documents from organizations, and a lot more. Ethical hacking, cybersecurity is something that can help us all to deal with some situations. People are looking for ethical hackers, cybersecurity, and paying high amounts for that. It is a great new age career option for people.


It would not be wrong to mention photography business as one of the most leading and highest paid jobs in today’s world. Photography has emerged a lot. It is a great new age career option. There are many diplomas, certificate courses in the field of photography. It is just not restricted to a wedding, a kitty party, or birthday celebrations. There are many kinds of photographers that are required on-site, there are press photographers, commercial photographers, advertising photographers, fashion photographers, scientific photographers, architectural photographers, and many others.

There are so many new-age career options one can go for; these career options can even bring you better than other jobs available in the market. One should never underestimate the power of any career, any field. Every profession is respectful and worthy of it. We hope we have given you a slight hint of what new-age career options are there for you. I hope it helps you. Good luck and get into the best career option as per your choice, skills, and interest and be successful.

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So this is the end of the post New Age career options for class 10th students. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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