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A psychometric test is a scientific way, which is used in recruiting. It assesses the potential of a candidate. With the help of psychometric tests, and get to know about the cognitive ability of the candidate. It makes it easier for them to decide whether the candidate is fit for the organization. You may have or may not have encountered a psychometric test before. They depend on various forms of roll and provide. There are few common types of tests which include Mechanical Aptitude, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning. These are the common tests that are almost always taken online. You can always find a difference between aptitude and academic exams. They don’t test you based on knowledge, but they test you on how you think and react to a particular situation. Here are a few tips which will help you pass this kind of test, and also to increase your scores.

Here are the tips for psychometric test

Practice online tests

Nowadays, with the help of technology, you can find many psychometric tests. You can practice and get an idea about the test. Mostly these tests are carried out online via computer, so I suggest you try to use practice tests online. Various tests provide different things like; asking you to interpret data, then selecting multiple choice answers. A few might ask you to play an online game, and many other things.

Know your weak points

Once you practice and get results, you will know your weak areas where you are struggling. You can easily keep a note of the questions you find most difficult. And then practicing those questions again to get more practice and ideas about the test.
For instance, if you are struggling with a verbal reasoning question that contains long
paragraphs of text, then you can practice reading longer news articles so that you can speed and write that down in salient points.

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Performance feedback

Once you take the psychometric test and you haven’t progressed to the next application stage, then you should not forget to ask for feedback it is possible that it simply didn’t carry out that is quickly enough also so you have not read the answers for early and made poor assumptions there are so many issues which can be worked through with the help of practicing those questions and preparations but this is only possible when you are aware of the issues. So don’t forget to get your performance feedback.

Check the internet

Before you go for a psychometric test, make sure that a slow laptop or poor internet connection does not hamper you. Ensure that you pause notifications and calls on a device so that you do not get interrupted in between your test. Don’t forget to make a backup plan. For example, if your broadband is not working on that day, it can be a problem for you while giving the test.

Know about the test you're giving

If you go to check tests, you’ll find many providers with varying formats. The person taking your test will specify the type of test provided they want to go for. This is a way where you can get information about that test provide on their website. Once you get to know about what kind of test you are going to give, then you can have information and spend more time practicing that style of test. This way you will get familiar with the format and length and increase your speed.

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Get aware of the tools you can use

You can check what tools are allowed in the test and know how to use those tools. Make sure that you have prepared for the test in terms of rules. You will find some tests where you can use a calculator, for that you have to know how to work on the relevant function of the calculator. While going for any math-based test and you must not use a calculator, don’t forget to bring paper and a pencil and learn how to calculate basic functions.

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Read every question thoroughly

While giving the test, don’t rush and read the data and make sure that you have understood each question without leaping to your assumptions. It is easy to select a long answer quickly. These are the questions that are designed in a way to catch you out.

By – Varsha Yadav

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