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You must have come across the word psychometric tests several times in your life. People think that psychometric tests for recruitment are a new way to assess the best fit employees a company is looking for. But in reality, it’s a very old word used for the first time by a German philosopher Christian Wolff, later on, it was used by many. Psychometrics as science in Cambridge began between 1886 – 1889, the first laboratory set up for the same was around 1887.

Why do we Need Psychometric Tests for Recruitment?

In this century where everyone has access to free knowledge and learning over the internet. It is very difficult to select the best fit out of eligible candidates.The word eligibility is just used to segregate those who are not interested anymore.

Psychometric tests help counselors, companies, colleges, and even psychologists to know in-depth situations or for that matter, the knowledge possessed by the person giving it.

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How did Psychometric Tests Ccome into Play?

In this post covid situation where the online interview is the only sensible option. Without actually meeting someone we can not verify that the information they are boosting in their resume or CVs or during their recruitment process is accurate.

This is one of the reasons prohibition periods are introduced and the enrollment process involves several risks because hiring an employee always comes with a lot of risks.

Pros of Psychometric Test

1. No Bias

The most important is they take away is unconscious bias, since the recruitment process using psychometric tests is scientific. It is that people unconsciously tend to become biased based on their experiences, habits, and beliefs.

2. To be Safe in the Long Run

If a bad employee or a misfit is hired for the company that may lead to unwanted problems in the work environments, negative interpretation, and many more. On another note, a reliable psychometric test can act as a key resource for a company during recruitment and a single wrong hire can lower the number of production, and can be a cost-effective wastage in the long run.

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3. Employee Trust and Future Scope

A good and relevant psychometric test can tell you about the potential leaders or organizers which your company can have from the recent recruiters. It’s an indicator of a candidate’s future potential which otherwise may take years to be known to others.

Know Your Best Careers  Take Psychometric Test

Cons of Psychometric Test

1. It’s Costly

Reliable psychometric tests aren’t free of cost, for an institute or a company to get such an installation takes a lot of money. For the proper functioning of the system installed it would prove to be a time-effective and time taking process.

psychometric tests for recruitment

2. They’re Imperfect

Furthermore, in a world where one can access information at the click of a button, candidates have the ability to better prepare for the recruitment process and psychometric tests. Should this happen, you do run the risk that candidates “customize” their responses to match your expectations. Although this can occur, this is such a small occurrence that we wouldn’t consider this. A great way to avoid this is by taking the time to explain to candidates that it’s in their interest to be as honest and transparent as possible.

3. There are so Many to Choose From

Although this may sound more like a pro than a con, the fact that there is a myriad of tests available on the market can confuse more than anything else. It also goes to show that there are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing the right psychometric test for your business. This can make the selection process harder than it should be. This is not an issue when you outsource your HR to a 3rd party, as they would have the experience to make tailored recommendations for your business.

By- Richa Shree

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