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While reading the title, you must have come across questions like; what is psychometric profiling and how does it work? Psychometric profiling is a tool for measuring the personality of individuals and it also helps to develop highly targeted individualized marketing campaigns. This makes it easy for customers to get what they want. It is not the same as demographic profiling. As demographic profiling means categorizing customers on generic measurements like gender or age. Psychometric profiling is something that offers new and more diverse ways so that it can be categorized based on the audience.

What does psychometric profiling measures and help marketers?

Psychometric profiling measures 6 things of an individual that are personality traits, lifestyle values, opinions and beliefs, and interests. In simple words, personality profiling is something that helps you to understand the behavior of the customer and why they behave the way they do. Once the sellers get to know what the customer wants and what drives people towards them. They can devise Highly Effective and targeted marketing plans. It can help the marketer to understand buyers’ perspectives. For instance, if you own a Cosmetic store the demographic profiling will reveal that the customers are mostly middle-class women who are between 21 and 45. You won’t know a few things until you know the behavior of the customers. Like, a 21-year-old woman and a 45-year-old mother purchase the same cosmetics at 50% off. You can understand this by profiling your customers.

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It Improves conversions

Psychometric profiling can help to improve the conversion. It can help the marketers to play detective by eliminating some of the guesswork. Sometimes you can come across a situation where the loading speed of the page is slow and it can be a reason to lose customers. Sometimes the messages aren’t clear and it goes against what your audience believes in. It also speeds up your troubleshooting process and helps you by pinpointing the exact problem that your customers are facing. The outcome will be more conversions and less abandonment rate

Helps in building a brand and widening the audience

It can help the marketers to build a stronger brand. You should never underestimate the power of brand personality and goodwill. More than 60% of men and women prefer brands with whom they are emotionally connected. 77% of customers are there, who are loyal to the brands. With the help of psychometric, you can identify loyal customers and followers. By psychometric profiling, you can know about the personality Lifestyle beliefs, and values of the customers. Make sure that your branding reflects what your loyal customers want. With the help of psychometric profiling you can bind and your social media audience you can come across platforms like Facebook that are pretty specific about whom you want to target if you want to target local mums who are going towards fitness or something else, Facebook have everything.

How to use psychometric profiling?

Don’t forget one thing and get intimidated by the idea of profiling your customers. There is a lot of information already available, but you can analyze the result and improve your marketing strategy by psychometric profiling. First of all, you can survey your current audience by entering your top clients or ask questions online. Putting questions online is an effective way because there is a lot of audiences available on social media. Then you have to analyze the existing website data. Once you analyze the data you have to collect the data and use tests and tools. After this, you have to improve your advertising and rewrite the content.

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Psychometric profiling offers an effective way to look into the personalities of your customers. It will tell you why your audience is behaving the way they do, what can influence them, what factors change their buying decisions, and what you should do to meet their expectations. If you want to know more about personality profiling, you can take the psychometric data and uncover it into your findings from the analytics tools.

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By: Varsha Yadav

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