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Students after their 9th class can consider their 10th board as the first important board class. Lockdown brings boredom and, students start using phones. They spent more than the required time on their phones and, they forget to keep up with their studies. Studies show that time spent on phones is increased during the lockdown. And students didn’t realize their mistake on time and, it affects exam scores. So read out some tips and information for your 10th and, 12th class and start with full energy.

Boost energy for a new start

Class 10th mark-sheet will be helpful in many stages of your life. So no matter how your marks and performance were till 9th, you were really good, average, or just passed in academics, it doesn’t matter now. Remember result till now is not going to change, but you can change your 10th result. Do not agree with people who say 10th class marks don’t matter because marks matter. Good marks boost confidence. Kick start this new preparation will a positive attitude and try to be consistent with your studies.

How to start preparations

Have some goals in your life and what you want to become. Remind yourself of your goal daily, it will help you with consistent studies. Also, most students were good at starting their preparations. But with time, due to different factors like change of subject teacher, the teaching style of the teacher, health issues, and different distractions, students start losing consistency. So start preparations without your past affecting you. Readout following tips to get help in studies:

  • Whole studies will feel new in the starting to you. If in your school’s studies are started then it’s well and good. Try to be a chapter or some topics ahead of what your teacher is teaching, it will benefit you. And when a teacher teaches that topic during class, you can clear your doubts at that time. Because without pre-reading topics, you will not understand them to the level that you can ask doubts.
  • If classes are not started yet properly in your schools, then start preparing by yourself, don’t wait, and making a routine will take some time.
  • You are taking any tuitions or not, self-study is a must habit. Without self-studies, you will not remember what is taught to you. And do not influence with coaching classes. Joining coaching class and scoring good marks are two different things.
  • Do work of notes and assignments on time. This habit will save you from procrastination and laziness.
  • When you study, make a combination of difficult and easy subjects. Include language subjects too. Make a goal to study at least three subjects in a day. Go from studying an easy subject to a tough subject.

For 12th students

Students of the 12th class feel more pressured. Don’t depend on anyone and, take a printout of your syllabus. Follow your board’s mainstream books and underline your syllabus. If you want to follow reference books, you can follow. Buy previous year papers in starting, and when you finished one chapter, solve chapter wise papers. Give attention to all subjects, not just PCM or PCB. Make your notes separately for each physics, chemistry, maths, and bio because others notes will not help you.

Moving from 9th to 10th and 11th to 12th

If you are changing or shifting to a new school or place, it is not going to easy but remember that you have passed 9th, so surely you will handle 10th too and, the same goes for class 12th students. Try to get comfortable and relax with new things and the environment. You will get connected with teachers and friends there too. Unlike class 9th studies, 10th is a little different. Make a monthly plan for subjects you will get a good score. And remember, you can still be connected with your old school and friends. Have patience, don’t fear, make studies your priority, and do your best.


Follow these extra tips and do not stress at all:

  • Don’t put aside parts of chapters to study in the end because it will increase pressure on you.
  • If you don’t like any subject, don’t feel pressure. With regular studies, you can achieve better. But if you start fearing or avoiding that subject, it will affect your performance in other subjects too.
  • Three hours or seven hours doesn’t matter how many hours you are studying. Be fully focused at the time of your studies. Don’t watch YouTube videos or do homework. Just pick a topic and study only it.
  • Study in a room where no one can disturb you at the time of your studies.
  • Follow the 8:8:8 hour rule. Studies for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours, and do other activities in the remaining 8 hours.

:By- Priya Panwar

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