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Excellent written communication skills are listed as a desired quality across different career paths. Written communication has become a relevant skill to have. So it is better to have an upper hand. Anybody can improve their writing skills with a little discipline and a will to learn.

Do you want to become a better writer? Here are some tips that can help you to strengthen your written communication skills:

Understand the Basic Principles

Before digging in deeper it is important too, have a clear purpose. Then stick to it. Before you dive into writing, understand the basic principles. Grammar is very important and helps to improve the quality of your writing and your written communication skills. Always use proper punctuation and tenses. A small mistake can change the meaning of what you want to say. By practicing you will eventually get better.

Avoid Redundant Words

Redundancy means ‘repeating the words which have the same meaning’ in a sentence. It is an unnecessary part of a sentence structure. They do not provide anything meaningful in a sentence removing them makes the text easier to read. For example words like gift, innovations are used together wherein they mean the same thing. When you repeat yourself again and again the readers get bored.

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Keep it Simple

Writing something in the simplest form is the best choice. It keeps the information accessible and clear. Organize your thoughts in advance and then put them on paper. Before including too many things ask yourself if it is essential. If not get rid of it by this the reader will understand better. Brilliant writing is crisp, intelligent and to the point.

Read! Read! Read!

Find work of writers that you find intriguing and dive into it. Reading helps you to think beyond and it expands your horizon. It gives you the drive and motivation to write. It immensely increases your vocabulary you can always turn up to your favorite authors to seek some ideas and inspiration from them. Reading is very necessary and complementary when you want to write better.


Writing Composition and Style

Create an outline before starting to write. Outlines help you identify which steps to take in which order, and they help you break the task up into manageable pieces of information. Identify your theme. Your written communication is for your reader, writing from the reader’s perspective will produce more effective written communication.

It is OK to Mess Up

Great writers do not produce great works in their first attempt so know that it is always ok to mess up. Even if your first draft is terrible know that it can always be improved. Always know that your first draught is not what your readers will read you will have immense time to edit it. Take a break from your laptop and read it with fresh eyes.

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Write Everyday

Be it 100 words or 1000 words make a habit to write every day. By writing every day you will indulge in the floor and habit of writing and within weeks and months you will have power over your words and they will be improvised. Writing forces one to crystalize thoughts and puts them in a logical order. Writing daily forces you to come up with new and fresh ideas every day it keeps your mind active and creative.

Good writing helps you to communicate better and with far more clarity. Always remember that it is never late to start. So go grab your book, pen and start pouring words out of your mind.

By- Saloni Jain

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