Foreign Langauge Teacher - Career Queries

Indian companies are growing substantially on global market and Indian market is playing a significant part as a source of huge success for multinational companies; it becomes important that there is no shortage of professionals who can subdue the language barrier and alleviate fluent communication for proper transactions related to business. There is a huge demand for experts of a foreign language with a good understanding of cultures. Foreign language as a career is emerging as a successful career path and those who are willing to explore it have numerous opportunities to work in a multinati

Hi Windy,  You can learn any language, but the important thing is practise. If you don't use it regularly then it might not help you much. Hence before you decide to take any language, see the opportunity for learning and practise. With using your newly gained knowledge it would be just another certificate in your academic portfolio. Better learn or practise the language in your interest line of work and then opt for a certification to compliment your skill set. Hope, this answers your concerns, wishing you all the best.

Hello there,  I am unable to understand your querry. Which position are you referring to?. Please do write back being specific so that can help you better. Wish you good luck...

Dear Aspirant, From your question, I am not sure which career you are looking forward to in your life ahead. Sanskrit and then suddenly Archaeology and now you wish to learn a foreign language? Why do you think that a foreign language is what is good for you for future and would give you something that you desire in your career? Are you working currently? I think you can get jobs in teaching based on the current education you have done. If you are interested in Archeology, then learning a foreign language will be of no use. I feel you need to remove the confusion and should know what care

Dear Aspirant, Learning a foreign language is definitely beneficial if you wish to be into media or communication or language domain. It is also helpful if you are in IT industry where you may get an opportunity to travel abroad for project work or training. It is also helpful in BPO sector for non-voice or voice processes. Demanded foreign languages are French, German, Japanese, Spanish. Best wishes

Hi There, Knowing a foreign language has many advantages from a hobby point of view. In terms of careers, few options are: Translators: People who publish a book in French language, you could translate the writeup in the language known to the masses. Interpreters: Mainly seen during the Miss World or similar pageant. When the contestant does not know the common language, interpreters follow them and help being their language. Also we see interpreters, with IAS officers, who are on a visit to a foreign national and need to communicate with people with different languages. Teacher: You could bec

Hi, the question is required to be more clear.However, I presume that what are the works involve while working in foreign embassies. Foreign Embassy means Diplomatic Mission set up in a country.A local staff who is employed in any Embassy is normally recruited by routine procedure like advertisement,interview etc. based on the work,background and seniority wise they are posted in the concerned departments like, Administration,Protocol,Store,Purchase,Reception,Hospitality,Education,Culture,Transport,Consular etc.However,the key, sensitive and confidential positions mainly are running by the Dip