Hello Thank you for choosing [Meracareerguide][1] and writing to us. [Human rights career][2] is an excellent field giving a plenty of work opportunities in both government and private sectors. And especially not for profit organisations like the NGO's are with great interest with Human rights degree. You need to have passed 12th class with a minimum first class to apply for a Human rights degree at college. You can come from any background of subject group at school. Details on the course:You will study the following subjects as part of the degree. Concept of human rights&

Hello My Dear...   A wonderful question for us here on CareerGuide.com. My colleague here Ms. Jyoti Dhingra has excellently put in words the exact thing in her first paragraph of her advice. I am sure she must have also felt the question wonderful. I am glad that you approached CareerGuide.com for seeing clarification to this wonderful and thought provoking question of yours. I like your question also because I am an Economist and your question is ultimately related to economics but not wholely.   Unemployment is the way you look at it. There is unemployment may b

Dear Aspirant, A Masters in Social Work is highly recommended as already suggested by Dr. Pandya. You may try working as well along side do Masters course. Best wishes

Hi jenna,There are various [NGO's and schools for disabled children][1] in almost all the cities. If you wish to [work and get paid for it][2]...it important to have proper qualification and knowledge of how to work with such children.And such can only be gained by joining a related course. Volunteers are people ,who help such children to improve there life without getting paid in there spare time.You need to choose the among the above two options to work with such children. Donating, Helping in Fund raising activities, Helping the staff etc are also volunteering jobs. All the best [1]:

I guess you need to get a job and get going. Don't waste any more time studying.

Hi To work in an NGO one need to have a strong determination, friendly attitude and strong communication skills. Secondly , you need to decide what sort of NGO would want to go for. NGO are Non governmental organizations working in various areas.Separate NGO work for children and women, employment, Environmental issues, Animals , special children { MR children's/Cancer suffering/Physically challenged etc}, Old age people, poor children etcYou should have a proper qualification to work . BSW/MSW/MA psychology/ MA sociology/ MBA / Rehabilitation courses etcTo search NGO check: luck