Because i am confused to take up the course

i have completed 11th class in science streme but i could not pass out 12th due to health problems n now i have taken up senior secondary course from the board of nios n not able to complete it also i am trying hard to complete it but still i am havin my maths subject pending in it wat can i do

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3 answers

RE: Because i am confused to take up the course

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

It is very disturbing phase for a student if health is not with you, anyways this is life and it happens in general. Therefore my first suggestion to you that remove this feeling of loss and again rejuvenate yourself with full spirit and dedication.

I guess still you are into the regression mode and not giving your best and consequently your result is in pending and you are suffering, I know this is very tough deal to come out from such knot but you have to come out and develop the strategies to succeed the examinations.

If you are agreed with my opinion then follow the following points:

First line of guidance:

  1. First you do the brain wash by reading the motivational autobiography written be many loosers and then claimed the best in life. Take it positively and be happy for your goodness what you carry as a strength.

  2. Do the self study and list out the confusing chapters from your course of study and then must consult learned friends/mentor with different pattern of books like CBSC/NCERT

  3. Once your problems become apparent then you can attend the remedial classes on personal basis.

  4. Frame the time to get it done within stipulated hrs/ days and then practice it with several illustrations.

  5. Revision is very important for you to understand the subject thoroughly.

Second line of guidance:

If you are not convinced with your preparedness then you must join any diploma course which can uplift you immediately and then again you can resume the normal course of action at higher level at the same time you will be given exposures in job market.

  1. As you have science background you can explore diploma in engineering like ECE, CSE, MECH, IT etc based on your 10th certificate. Diploma takes two years to finish and then placement will be assured. Such diploma is being offered in many private as well govt sponsored technical institutes like PTU, IP, DTU. As far as tuition fee is concerned it is not hefty it as easy as your schooling cost so you should think about it.

  2. After diploma you can go for B.Tech/BE/ BSc based on your specialization and then your career will be sound just like other engineers.

Now where is the problem get up and attend the hard work.

RE: Because i am confused to take up the course

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There. It is very unfortuante that due to your health problem you could not complete HSC. However I hope that you are fine now. Considering all that you have wrote to us, I am glad that you approached CareerGuide for consultation. I would suggest you to find out the main reason behind why you are not able to complete your HSC in science. Also remember that even if you have done 11th in science stream in HSC you can change it to commerce or arts stream in the same college and under the same board. I think you should really look into what is wrong, whether it is the stream of science you are finding difficult to study in or whether you have a problem of lazzyness or procrastination or simply not interested in education. Further I would suggest you to speak to your parents, friends and I am sure they will also be able to help you out in this successfully. Some times one also requires proper couselling and psychometric testing to unlock the real problem. So I would suggest you to take the help of psychometric assessment available here at This test will surely help to know for yourself where do you stand and what problem you are facing and will give you a self direction. Further for counselling, we are here to help you out eargerly. This psychometric test can also be done at your home by yourself. Doing this and speaking to your parents, friends, you will get a clear idea of your career interests and then you can decide whether to change the stream or what. I also feel that you should put extra study efforts in the subjects which you find hard to study. Please understand that for a good job and career and stable life education is very important. You being at the HSC level, you will have to atleast become a graduate in the field of your choice. In todays advanced and dynamic business environment, minimum graduation is very very important and compulsory. Therefore I suggest you to please ask yourself and find out what is lacking in you and the environment you stay. Do not worry and get tensed. We are here to help you. Best Luck

RE: Because i am confused to take up the course

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at Mera career guide and first thing I would like to assure you is please do not worry. You are a courageous and responsible student and this is why you have approached counsellors here to seek some support and advice to overcome your problem. This very well reflects your aptitude for success and care towards your future. So this dedication and determination will keep you going on the long run.

I am a counsellor and I had a similar student like you last year. She had ill health and she believed she couldnt appear for her board exams just like you and yes she was doing her HSC exam by correspondence. She overcame her issues by co-ordinating with her family doctor, parents and tuition support teacher and to mention, practicing yoga and meditation highly helped her to keep her focused on studies and improved her health simultaneously. I suggest you do the same to help you appear for exams this year. Please understand that you need collective support from people around you to manage the work load and health conditions.

I see from your query that you have not completed Maths subject yet. Is it because you are struggling to understand Maths? I suggest you take some extra tuition to help you with this maths subject. You can also download pass examination question papers from the internet and practice answering all the answers within the time limit. If the exam is for 3 hours, try finishing the exam by 2:40 minutes. Keep the last 20 minutes to check your papers once. There are some reasons why students fail particularly in maths subject and make sure you do these steps to achieve a pass mark.
1. Practice a lot: As I said try practicing at least the past 10 year board paper. More practice will boost your confidence and as well help you score well. remember 'practice makes perfect'
2. Dont read maths, work out maths. I have seen lot of students reading through the maths text book and hardly take a note book and a pen to work out problems. If you are a student having the same habit please change it. This is one main reason why students struggle in scoring maths. This maths subject is very unique compared to other subjects and only when you work out, you will understand the connection between the each step in the problem.
3. Dedicate ample time for this subject during your active hours. Make sure you spend at least 4 to 5 hours each day in working out the problems. Dont spend an hour or two in this subject. The more time you spend learning the more you will sharpen your mathematical skills.
4. Dont ever have the habit of reading maths after 10pm on any day. We recently conducted a survey at a workshop among 13 school students and found that students who score less in maths usually study only after 10pm in the night and read other subjects before 10pm. You will be physically tired and lazy after ten and your mind will be almost shut when you study after 10. As maths involves a lot of active work out try studying this subject in the day or before 8-9pm. Dont ever plan to do it in the bed time.

Apart from this if you require a good atmosphere to boost up your studying mood, try going into a local library and study there. Set time on your phone and work out exam papers in the library. The silent and calm atmosphere will help you concentrate better on maths test paper. Beyond everything, keep your parents, siblings and family doctor aware of any medical changes that may occur in you. Ask them to frequently monitor your health and if you practice all that I said above, I am sure you will pass maths this year and get enrolled at college this June/ July.

Wish you all the very best.

RE: Because i am confused to take up the course

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