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Can I pursue m tech after completing my bca?

i want to do m tech how it will be possible??

by Sumit Sinha
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3 answers

RE: Can I pursue m tech after completing my bca?

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor & Volunteer at Manovikas Kendra
  • Hyderabad


Masters in technology {Mtech} Computer science course can be pursued by Btech students or students having Msc in computer science. After BCA its not possible. But MCA is also a good option for getting into IT jobs. There are various options available after MCA too. One can take up jobs inSoftware development, web designing , System administration, etc. For candidates with excellent skills and good academic background, companies offers great salary packages. As the experience increase and so the package.
A sound knowledge of all technical skills, problem solving, communication skills, etc are required.
Universities/ colleges offering MCA courses are:
* Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
* Birla institute of technology, Mesra
* Hyderabad Central university, Hyderabad
* Osmania university, Hyderabad

* Delhi university
* Mumbai University
* Pune university
* Anna university, Coimbatore
* National institute of technology, Calicut
* National institute of technology, Trichupalli
* National institute of technology, Suratkal / Durgapur
* VIT , Vellore
* JNTU, Hyderabad
All the best
Career counselor.

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RE: Can I pursue m tech after completing my bca?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend Technically it is not possible as B.Tech is the basic degree for M.Tech, though some private institutes (I am not sure) have certain provisions to give you entry on equavalent course structure which you have taken as full time like [computer sciences, Information technology]

1, computer application-CA these are also having B.Tech and M.Tech where BCA and MCA share many subjects. Based on such criteria you must explore the information in Indraprastha University, Punjab Technical University, Sastra University, Amity University, LPU, and many other institutes those offer you full time in campus as well as distance learning program.Before doing so you must give a re-look on your past experience at BCA level and analyse the course with the critical parameters and then draw the conclusion. Your parametres of analysis is a crucial factor like asking question why you have changed the mind from mca to mtech? why do you think bca or mca is not implicable in job market or you are not fit for bca or mca application? why do you think mtech will support your future dream in terms of job perspective??? As far as a subject is concerned, never take it as a support rather give your support by understanding it completely and realize it with the deep interest and then see the consequence effect you will be there in commanding position to recomend certain modules out of that. This is one of the genuine criteria to rate a subject in terms of success and faliure like someone love to visit dessert places whereas someone like to explore icelends, greenlands it does not mean nature of such contrast are meaningless to two contrast background of people. Nature is constant on its own terms of conditions it is you who imposes the decesion on a particular thing and without juding the course of nature decided no it is a weak part which can not be continued for future career. In genuine sense it is a pre-mature decesion and lack of knowledge moreover misleaded by certian social factors and nothing else. Always trust your interenal interest and find the pace with your subject which will be a powerful tool at max level and you can spend your entire life where bundles of awards, achievents and thereafter unchasable milestone will be established like master balster Sachin Tendulkar.Hope my answer will be truely worthwhile-----Manoj

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RE: Can I pursue m tech after completing my bca?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant
ProfessorsThank you for approaching counsellors at Nice to hear that you are aspiring to do MTech but in what subject do you want to do your MTech degree? You have also stated that you are a BCA student. BCA is a three year course and normally students who want to study a Masters can only take the same route that is study MCA degree. our indian system has also been designed in a way that they normally accept students for an MTech degree only if they have completed a BTech degree. This is the common rule of any college that comes under AICTE approval of India. So if you want to do an MTech degree then it is not possible with a BCA background and you only have an option to do an MCA degree. But please dont underestimate an MCA degree. It is also a well qualified and highly recognisable degree in today's world. If you compare the syllabus of MCA and MTech you can see only a difference of 30% and the course will be almost 70% similar with syllabus. However if you have made up your mind to study an MTech then there is only one option for you to fulfil this dream. You should complete MCA and then study an MTech, though practically it is of not much difference, there are students who think MTech is a highly recognisable degree and they tend to pursue it. Therefore i advice you to take up the MCA course now and after completing it this degree itself will give you excellent job opportunities. Some of the top universities that offer MCA are given as per rank here. University of Pune JNU New Delhi University of Hyderabad,Motilal Nehru national institute of technology,PSG college Coimbatore, ITM university Gwalior, NIT Calicut,Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, Lovely professional university Phagwara, NMIMS University Mumbai, Nirma university Ahmedabad , University of Calcutta, Anna university of technology Coimbatore, NIET School of computer science applications Greater Noida. The above ranking has been published by Silicon India after an extensive survey conducted by silicon india with students, faculties and companies. Try taking an admission within this top 20 list. If you can also visit silicon india website you can download the top 50 colleges list for MCA degree. Do MCA now and this will give you a bright future. All the best.

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RE: Can I pursue m tech after completing my bca?

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