Does the academic record matter while looking for a job of Professor?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Vikhil
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3 answers

RE: Does the academic record matter while looking for a job of Professor?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

The academic record matters to some extent in case you are looking for the job of a Professor. However there are quite a few things that affect the employer's mindset while hiring you for this role and that impact the role of academics in your profile. Below is the list of those factors. Please read them carefully and then you can get the answer to your question.

1. If you are looking for your first job as a professor and you have no prior experience in the same then the academic records will matter the most. This is because the only criteria to judge your profile will be your academic record and therefore it has to be of highest quality. Also since you are entering the academic world, people would expect you to be really good in it so that you can provide the same value to your students.

2. If you already have some work experience as a professor in some other college or university, in that case the academic record will hardly matter. This is due to the fact that in that case the employer can have a look at your career as a professor and judge your abilities on the basis of the results that you have delivered as professor. You can still show your academic records if you have really good ones, in order to make your profile look even better.

3. The academic records matter a lot if you are applying for government funded universities and do not matter much in case of the private universities. This is because of the fact that the government institutes are quite rigid in their hiring process and a lot of formalities and paper work is required in this case. The private universities on the other hand rely on the interviews and the other non academic activities that you have been involved in and therefore the difference in the selection process.

Therefore you can make your choices whether to highlight the academic records in your resume or not on the basis of above mentioned facts.

RE: Does the academic record matter while looking for a job of Professor?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Academic record is an essential input for any type of professional gain where the job of professor is much dependent on academic performance throughout the career. Only keeping a first class report card from schooling to college to university is not sufficient to claim the job rather you have to show the consistency in other activities of academics like research publication, project execution, conference attendance, workshop participation, orginizing skill of conference- symposium-science congress etc. These all reflect the academic credential which breaks the bareer between mediocre and excellent so one has to prove that I am excellent in all the senses only then you will be given the job of professorship. As we know lecturer or professor educate the society with a great sense of responsibility the entire career of individual who is going to be important person of the society, and nation is kept and being nurtured by the skilled professor.
That is why any governement worldwide has widened the scope of higher degree holders like doctorate and postdoctorates, at the same time all the doctorates are not eligible for professorship untill qualifying the UGC-NET / CSIR-JRF/SRF etc, --only for indian job not for abroad, though foriegn university has different parameters to set the job of professor unlikely any other job.
As you are interested to know about professor and their job requirement so take a note of following things:
1. Draw the interest at school level so you will pursue the type of subject which will suit your persona not in the social sense moreover you will have the ease of interpretation at large.

2. Once you come to know that my mindset is inclined to the humanities or science accordingly you will pursue it at college level, never get influenced by the reference or family concept it is your decesion and your job to convince your family that i am the person of this subject because I know i can explore the best out of it so it becomes essential to justify the subject with the competence and honest effort.
3. Once you reach the master then you have to think about your higher degree and accordingly you will find the type of independent path to do the resaearch in a particular problem and will guve the solution to that.
Just do it and enjoy the success rather creating confusion in life.

Good luck

RE: Does the academic record matter while looking for a job of Professor?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at Your question and thought process is very good and it will be very helpful for people looking for jobs as a professor or aiming for professor jobs in future. To become a professor academic record matter is very important. For say one is aiming to work as a professor as soon as the person complete their studies, then they need to convince the future recruiters only with their academic record. Just passing a degree will alone be not sufficient as this is done by every people. How are you going to differentiate yourself with that degree from others? For that reason academic record, matters the most. Even to go to the level to become a professor, academic record matters.

For example to become a professor, one should maintain a minimum first class definitely right from 10th class. More importantly, they should be academic achievers actually at every stage that includes 10th, 12th, bachelors and masters. As you may know to qualify for studying a PhD itself one should write national level competitive exams like UGC NET, UGC SET, UGC LEC, UGC JRF and CSIR exams. To even pass such exams the minimum requirement will be 60% or 55% based on social caste classes. Therefore, unless one candidate maintains a good academic record and prove it in their academics, first of all it is not even possible to go to that PhD level. Only passing a Phd exam will qualify a person as a professor.

After completing a PhD, one should definitely have a good percentage to show to recruiters that they are good in rank. Not only academic record matters, they should also be capable of doing some research and having some list of publications. Indian universities most often does not demand its PhD students to compulsorily publish one or two research papers while in case of foreign universities, this is often one of the criteria to even pass the PhD. So it depends on university and country actually. However having a set of research activities and publications is very important and this also reflects how sound the academic performance is for the candidate.

Finally it is very important to have academic record matter for freshers looking for job as a professor. Even if you have worked in India for five years as a professor and are willing to migrate abroad, even at that academic record matters. I know a candidate who has a PhD and some years of teaching experience was rejected by a abroad university saying they have not maintained a minimum first class throughout education. If you are not even a high achiever, it is highly essential to at least maintain a first class throughout.

RE: Does the academic record matter while looking for a job of Professor?

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