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How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

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5 answers

RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

The communication skills for a professor have to be of highest levels. One cannot compromise on that at any cost. Below are the reasons:

How you explain
Your teaching quality is determined by - how effectively you can explain the concept or a particular idea. If you get confused at any point of time, you will not be able to show the students the real picture. Your explanations though majorly depend on your knowledge but equally on - how well you can explain them.

How you connect

It is important to maintain the connect with your students so that the transfer of knowledge takes place effectively. If you are not able to build that connect, you will not be able to share the information. As a good communicator, you need to have that skill.

How you listen
Communication is a two way process and depends not only on how well you speak but also how well you listen. The ability to listen (which is essential part of communication skills) gives you that extra edge where you can be far more effective in understanding your students and providing the knowledge.

Building the network
You have to be an excellent communicator to build personal and professional networks and grow them over the period of time. You cannot afford to be bad at your communication skills if you want to grow in your career. Therefore, the communication skills play extremely important role.

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RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Communication skill is the inevitable for all types of professionals whether you are in teaching at top most level or not, moreover job of a professor is highly extrovert where one has to deliver the lecture in proper manner so the content of topic must be delivered to the students. First of all one has to understand the definition of communication skill sometime we do commit mistake in understanding such skill and do take a course of English, Japanese, french, Hindi etc and then start to claim I am good in communication which is not true. Communication skill is required everywhere not only in profession even in the relationship also otherwise people undergo the confusions and distance due to the poor communication.

So forget to say that communication is required only at top level of job and rest remains out of such skill is not justified. As far as the categorization of skill is concerned one has to learn the specific domain where you are doing the job and you need to communicate yourself to the subject first otherwise how you will ingest and understand the ingredients and deliver the theme to your students.

Certain defined modules are important to improve your communication skill:

  1. Conducive environment: You have to create the healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your classroom where you can take an engaged class. engaged class means the delivery and the receptiveness of students make your class bilateral it means students are understanding hundred percent of your topic through your communication skill.

  2. Good orator and listener: You are a good orator it is fine but your listening skill is equally important otherwise how you will respond to your students query that must be primacy in your academic profession.

  3. Be objective: Until and unless setting the objectives of your lecture you can not make it possible in terms of meaningful interaction. So must define the objectives as per the demand of course.

  4. Avoid thinking other question while taking the information of your first question which will leave the bad reputation inside and outside the class that this professor is not willing to understand my problem and ignored my question by taking or raising other question.

  5. Avoid stereotyping: Never be influenced with glamour, dressing sense, gender type, or anything else which make you stereotype avoid it and just explain the things irrespective of the personal interest.

Good luck

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RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, thank you for your question, this is a very practical question and I am happy to answer it through careerguide.com. The communication skills are integral part of the personality of a person. Let me tell you the communication skills are very important for any profession. The profession of a professor is to communicate with students, colleagues, seniors and some times clients. The persons having good communication skills are considered to be optimistic, calm, cool, confident can charismatic. Any one with good communication skills are very successful in personal as well as in professional life.

The common communication skills are ;
Verbal communication skills; how to speak and waht to speak, as a professor has to take lectures on regular basis. Therfore, he has to communicate his opnions in effective and simple way to make the students understand.
Non Verbal communication skills: here you do not speak a single word, your body language conveys the meaning. Sometimes a professor has to control the class by conveying the meaning from eyes or using body language.
Listening skills; a professor has to be a patient listener. He has to understand the question or opinion of students, colleages and superiors, understand it, analyze it and then answer. The answer should be meaningful and conveyed in few words. The professor may answer the queries using verbal communication skills and body gesture also.

Assertiveness skills; here the professor has to convey the meaning without infringing the rights of others. The professor has to understand the value of others, he has to be very cool, confidnet and role model for others, specially for his or her students. Your behavior and language should be balanced and controlled.
Anger management; the imporatnt part of a professor is anger management. The professor is not supposed to express anger on and often. The anger is supposed to be expressed at right time and right place. This will bring the situation under control. Sometimes the students behaves in unexpected way, here the profesor has to use his communication skills and anger.
Problem solving; a professor is supposed to be a problem solver. He has to bring situations under control using amiable and amicable behavior and means. The professor is a teacher, and a teacher has to teach the students for their multifarious development. The behavior of a professor should promote joy, intimacy and problem solving.

The bottom line is the communication skills are integrated part of any profession and for a professor, it is a must.

Good Luck...

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RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. Apart from the counselling already given by our counsellors on this thread, I wish to put in some extra points on this topic. This is definitely a wonderful question.
Communication is the key for being successful at any job and yes, it is an integral part of a Professor role as well. As a Professor you need to have the ability to communicate well to your students as it is necessary for students to receive your communication well and apt in time. As a Professor you need to develop and demonstrate excellent in four skills basically and they are speaking, reading, writing and listening.

You should be very good in speaking and especially at public speaking. As a professor you may always require to stand at the front of the class in lecturing/ tutoring students and this requires you to have be devoid of public speaking fear. You should be bold, fear less and very clear with your communication and above all you should be rightly audible. This doesn't mean that you will have to shout but you should know the frequency of voice that you may have to raise in order for you to reach until the last row of the class. Body language is another important skill that you need to develop and demonstrate. This will help you to get your students actively listen to you and also engage with you in class. It transforms energetic environment through out the class room and by this way you can get your students sit active in class. Eye contact is an added skill required while speaking in a class. As a professor you need to maintain eye contact with every student while lecturing. This will ensure that you are reachable to the student and the student will also be aware that the professor is watching them. This will keep them away from sleep in class. As a professor you may also be required to speak to industrialists and at other research conference events and developing speaking skills will be highly effective in this manner.

Reading skill is the second important communication skill. You should stick to the pace of reading notes and it is always said that a professor should never exceed 65 words per minute while reading notes or an academic script. This is the proper pace of reading and it will help the students easily observe what you are reading and follow up with it. Along with this, reading skill will help your own development. The more you read on latest research happenings and discuss this in class, the more you and your students are aware of current trends.

Writing is the third important skill for a professor. This is particularly more important if you are writing a research report. A professor should know effective writing skills that includes critical thinking and critical writing skill. This skill is more important in contemporary research especially in social science research. Added to this analytical writing is also appreciated when writing exclusive research reports.

Finally the listening skill is more important as a professor needs to carefully listen to the student's queries and answer it to the point rather than giving a brief picture.

Hope this helps.

RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

T K Home
T K Home
Verified Career Expert
  • New Delhi

Communication skill plays  a vital role in every field.Some people inherited it generation wise and family teachings.It is also a God gifted art.For example,our noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore was a brilliant personality who had all the best qualities in his field without going to even formal School and world famous institute - 'Shantiniketan'.

But certainly one has to make best efforts to learn,speak,analyse,participate in debate,discussion,critical thinking,understand psychology,writing flow,to earn knowledge in every field, careful observation capability,reading,delivery of lecture,patience of listening others,fluency,accent,knowing languages,global exposure,courage to speak in public platform,mixing up with media personalities,extrovert  shall be a great advantage besides required academic qualifications to become a successful Professor and administrator in the institute.


RE: How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Professor in top colleges?

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