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What should I do after my English Hons?

Respected Sir/Madame, I am a student of English Hons Final year and i really worried about my future.I don't know where to go after this.Please suggest me a degree or course or anything which will eventually land me a really nice job with a good pay.I am really desperate to aim some where.Doesn't matter if i will have to hop to a whole different field from here on. It is more than just career advice to me so please guide me.

by Zain Khan
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3 answers

RE: What should I do after my English Hons?

Dr. Nandini  Narayanan
Dr. Nandini Narayanan
Verified Career Expert
Lecturer at Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science & SW
  • Bangalore

Hello student,

Thanks for posting your query on With the same qualifications, within the same field you have several career options that you can pursue. You may not necessarily need to change your field.

You can do an MA in English and appear for the UGC-NET exam for lecturership and pursue teaching at college level as a profession. The NET exam is compulsory for eligibility to work in UGC approved colleges. If you do so, and get a job in a UGC approved college, your salary will be above regular private colleges as they will follow the UGC scale.

If you want to teach at school level you can do a BEd after your BA. Now-a-days even in the school sector some institutions are good paymasters, especially if you go for international schools.

Other than this, the option of appearing for civil service examination is open for you if your interest lies in that. You may prepare for and appear for the UPSC exam and get a good government job depending on your performance.

Another field open for you within this field is Voice and accent or language training in BPOs. You can do this even with your current qualifications or after a PG as well.

However all these apply only if you are interested in this field. In case you want to switch fields because of a lack of interest, then it is a different matter. In that case the world is your oyster and you have innumerable options to go for, but I can give you appropriate guidance only considering your interest and aptitude. Simplest example is doing an MBA after your BA and enter the field of HR. So if you still want to change your field you can contact me to explore what other areas you might be interested in and are capable of pursuing.

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Good luck!

Dr. Nandini Narayanan

RE: What should I do after my English Hons?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend:

Why you are worried inspite of being a student of such language and literature -ENGLISH. It has world wide acceptibility in several formats. First you make up your mind and develop the confidence in your ongoing study which will provide you the strength for your future career objective.

In india more then ninety percent students are found in dilema due to the blind race and without having any clear objective join any wrong discipline then become misfit. It is not a wise approach one should understand the implicability of subject, read the illustrations and references and see the allumuni what they react after passing out a subject it will give you a fair ratio of fit and misfits that blame the subject which is a unfair trial.

Keeping above facts in your mind and then follow the instructions as below:

1. English hons with any professional degree or diploma will lead you to several jobs like Jouralism, trnaslator, tutor/teacher, banker, enterprenureship, legal practice etc.

2. If you want to swith over to completly another field then you must answer certain questions - regarding lacking and loofalse of the subject why it is not job oriented or why you are misfit or why subject is not compatible. These exercise will save you to be victim of other subject or other discipline becoz still you are anwared of the facts regarding other subject what you want to join as a footstep to lift you for any suitable job which gives you smart salary. It is not a matured step and thinking, any subject can give you the bright future if you justify and after assessment, analaysis you find your current course good for nothing then once again you need to justify about your pre-matured step what you have taken earlier and now you are realizing negatively how will you answer this.
3. Intelligent people never look back and try to incuabate into the same field and make it a powerful launching pad which reward and award you with bonus and you become more learned and your claim for success will be very viable and reliable for recruiters by observing your continuum of trnascript.

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RE: What should I do after my English Hons?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

English hons is definitely an excellent and infact one of the demanding courses. Though it comes under a low fee paying course, it has the powers to yield high earnings in your career. You have chosen a lucrative course that offers high job prospectus. So stay calm, dont worry, keep your eyes and options open and look for opportunities that come your way.

As you have asked about courses that you can do after your English hons degree, I see you may be the right candidate to study either of the following courses

You can study MA Journalism or MA Media and mass communications course. Its a two year course and compelting it you can seek jobs as a journalist, editor, media presenter, tv presenter or news presenter.

2. Corporate communications:
You can do a degree in Communications esp corporate communications. Completing it you will get jobs in corporates with their communications dept where you will type newsletters, formats and keep the employees externally and internally connected through your communications.

3. Management and administration:
You can do a regular MBA that offers administration speciality. Completing it you can be eligible to work for any administartive departments across any industry. In fact if you choose to work in admin for the colleges or universities, you will lead to work as a Registrar down ten yrs of your career line.

4. Human resource management MSc/ MBA level:
If not the regular administrative MBA, you can study a course in Human resource management either at the MSc or MBA level. In fact MSc Human resource mgmt is run by most unis and the popular is by IIT kharagpur humanities dept. You need to write CAT exam to be eligible to apply for this MSc at IIT KGP. Else think of an MBA with HRM across any Business school in India. You should write CAT to be selected for any of the IIM's or GATE for the IIT's or GRE/ GMAT for the ISB Hyderabad. In particular IIM Calcutta ranks number one for Human resource management in India.

5. Sociology:
You can learn Sociology course infact. Consider doing MA Sociology or social development if you'd like. This course will offer excellent jobs in the not for profit or the NGO sectors either in India or abroad. Social development is gaining high recognizability and the careers within this sectors are satisfying and promising.

6. Applied psychology:
You can study MA Applied psychology course where your concentration will be industrial psychology/ organisational psychology or organisational behavior (all the three means the same, but has adopted various names). Completing this course you can get jobs in the human resource department in the corporate sector. More specifically you will progress to leadeship suite level in human resources, if you study this course.

7. Counselling psychology:
You can also consider learning MA counselling psychology. Completing this course you can seek jobs as counsellors in any field like the career counsellor, education counsellor, rehabilitation counsellor, child counselling or any depending on your academic certification.
You can learn MA Tourism management and these days this degree has earned enormous recognition worldwide. Completing it you get jobs within the government tourism sector either in India or even with the United Nations world heritage department.

9. Catering technology andHospitality management:
You can study PGD in Catering technology or MBA/ PGDM hospitality management. Your communication skills through your English hons will add up to this degree and offers an excellent combination. This way you have high chances of being recruited by international hotels too.

10. Fashion designing and interior designing:
The last option that comes to my thought is the fashion designing and interior designing courses. Both are lucrative and has excellent openings for the talents. All you need is some technical knowledge on the designing and the right aptitude for communication to excel in these fields.

Hope this helps. All the very best.

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RE: What should I do after my English Hons?

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