What are best way to find jobs as a Professor?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Varsha.K
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3 answers

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Professor?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant at Sun Productivity Inc
  • Mumbai


There are many ways to find jobs as a Professor.

First of all generally the more places you apply the better your chances of getting a job . So apply in all the possible places, with out prejudging the University or the college.

To make it more clear , start by looking at Universities that are looking to expand the department you are interested in becoming a part of because most professors become tenured, it is unlikely that there are openings at top research Universities. If the departmentisn't also increasing the number of professors its hiring.

Where ever you submit your application and resume , make sure that you follow up with them. It keeps you at the top the top of your employers mind and gives off a better impression of you. Remember they are also human and you can make their job easier - give them a reason to remember you and to pick you for the job.

Do not base your decision on where to teach by keeping in mind the prestige of the university. Consider some not so famous ones alsobecausethey can be good in certainfields and some others may have excellent faculty and resources to work with.

Read publication of your field and attend conferences to keep your self updated with the current trend .

Networking with some of the famous people in your field can give a boost to your search.

All the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc can also help you to network with people of your field to find a job.

There are advertisements coming from time to time in the news papers , which can be explored.

The University from where you have done your education can also hire you for your field. There are many coaching institutes which are looking for professors in various fields, you can approach t hem also.

Side by side you can even explore on Internet by going on Google ,where you can touch some overseas option also for better pay packets. There are many other interesting options like you find out some like minded professors also who are looking for jobs and form a group and start your own coaching institutes where you will get full freedom to work in your own comfort and move on. Have an open mind and see the options coming your way.

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Professor?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

You need to go a long way to attend the job of professor so plan your career accordingly. As far as planing for any profession is concerned one must think the prerequisites and forehands before joining the club and must be knowing individual interest and qualitative potential required for that.
As you have not mentioned the level of your qualification so I must mention the entire processing to become a professor:

1. At school level one has to show the distiinct approach for certain subject group like maths physics, chemistry and biology or biology, hmanities etc only then you can scan your interest with the evidence which is approved by your transcript. Though family and parents need to be taken into thec confidence where your result is the best evidence to convince them and say I am comfortable with this subject combination. Everyone will be happy to see your interest which will be an examplery move to claim the best in life, in generel people do not take the proper step at initial level and after reaching the mid stage they start to realize that I have done wrong now I have to take U turn which is a brave job to travel in opposite direction.
2.After taking an intellegent step at basic level your future is almost in safe hand and now you are not confused about your destination as you have taken te right ticket and boarded in right train so be comfortable and ride for a long journey where your destination is the job of professor.
3. As your subject line is well deifned so you are all set to qualify master, doctorate and postdoctorates in the same stream and obtained specialized degree
. At the same time if you are interested in Indian universities then must qualify NET/GATE from UGC/CSIR which is mendatory for lectureship and also for the doctorate degree which support your education with descent fellowship renumeration.
4. You can think foreign universities for your doctorate degree. But qualify GRE/TOEFL only then you will eligible to visit USA/EUROPE otherwise you can explore other countries where GRE is not required.
5. After doing all these you will be eligible for the professorship in any university in the world.

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Professor?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, you have asked a practical question. Here you have not mentioned your ediucational qualifications. But I believe that you must be holding either masters or doctoral degree. The best way to find jobs of a professor, is first to make yourself educationally as well as technically eligible. Since now a days the compitition for the job of a professor is very severe, therfore one has to improve the qualifications in terms of degrees, research publications, guiding students, publishing books or book chapters, attending or oraganizing national as well as international conferences, symposium, workshops and training programs.

After being eligible for the post of a professor, there are several ways to find a suitable job both in India as well as abroad. In India, the universities, colleges, and institutes regularly advertise job openings in national, regional and employment news paper. Please be regular reader of these news papers to get inoformation for various posts.

If you know the universities or institutes websites, you may visit and find out any job vacancy is there or not. Some times the university web sites are not regularly updated, therfore, the posts advertised in print media will give right information.


Please try to make networking with your friends or seniors to share informations regarding job openings at various places. In my circle, we still share all informations (confernce, workshops, training programs and job opportunities) on facebook and Linkeldn. You can also do this, please ask your friends to post all job or career related information on social sites.

Alternatevily, you may direct search the relevant key words in google. This will give you vast number of job informations, the negative point of this is that most of the times it also gives information of very old posted jobs.

You may also get yourself register to webskites like,,, biteccnika, and may more. Choose your subject and you will get regular informations of job openings. The help of your professor who taught you will guide you to get informations regarding opportunities. Your interpersonal skills will also help you to make good relations. Try to make good relations with your seniors and professors, these guys are usually selected as expert committee member. If you find some known face i your interview, then chances will increase to get the job.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck...

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Professor?

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