What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

I want to pursue my career in teaching but am confused whether I will get job oversees or middle east in the field.

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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There! Looking at your query, I very much appreciate your intention to get into teaching as a career and your intention to teach oversees or in the middle east.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that there are different levels and types of people into teaching field. People teaching in schools are called as teachers. People teaching in college are called as lecturers. People teaching in post graduate colleges are called as Faculties / Professors. People who are from industry and teach in post graduate or under graduate colleges are called as Visiting Faculties.

Therefore I assume that you would like to be a lecturer in institutes oversees or in middle east. However I would also tell you about how to be the other types apart from being a lecturer.

Basically for being a lecturer, it is very good if you are a post graduate in the relevant field of study. If you want to be a lecturer in an engineering college, you have to be an M.Tech or M.E at least. If you wish to be a lecturer in a commerce / arts / science under graduate college, then you need to be atleast an MCom, MA, MSc respectively in the relevant field of study. If you wish to be a lecturer in a post graduate management college, then you need to be atleast a masters degree holder and preferably an MBA apart from the relevant graduation degree. For oversees or in middle east, this is the same criteria. In oversees these days, colleges demand that apart from the required and relevant qualifications, one has to have some years of relevant and related industry experience, may of minimum five years and above. This requirement has come up since now the courses are getting industry aligned instead of being text book oriented or theory oriented.

There is also a requirement for lecturers to be NET / SET qualified (NET means National Eligibility Test and SET means State Eligibility Test conducted by UGC). This is mandatory requirement for people wanting to teach in non-engineering colleges.

For being a teacher in a school, you have to be minimum graduate and also need to have a degree in education like BEd or MEd (Bachelor / Masters in Education).

For being a Professor in a post gradute college, you preferably need to be a Doctorate in the relevant field. Needless to say, one needs to have a post graduate degree too.

For being a Visiting Faculty (industry expert), there is no rule of qualifications however it is very much important to have the relevant and size able amount of work experience along with a recommended post graduate degree.

For pursuing a successful and stable teaching career, whether in India or oversees, a PhD is highly recommended.

Best Luck.

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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend you must know the lectureship jobs in various subjects are highly demanding world wide still there is shortage at higher degree level as we know the ratio of degree holder manpower in global population so I must recomend you to go for such higher degree so that you will be listed in top level of job chasers where unemploybility is no where.

Follow the steps as per the requirement and reach the target with your dedication, effort, pattience and self motivation only then you can realize the dream:

1. After a brilliant performance at school level where you have scored descently and then enrolled at 12th level in your subject of interest where your transcript will give you confidence to opt as well as your better undersatnding and comfort level will lead you to that subject automatically. This way will enable you to do the self judgment which is the best way to reach your goal, you will not blame your fate or any body else that i have taken wrong subject for my interest so no chance to take U turn.

2. After 12th you will be graduated in a particular specialized subject while doing course you will be incubating your interest and giving an honest effort to understand with your exceptional vision that is very important to adapt any course not to obtain the degree rather will develop the aquintancy to contribute or add something specail. This will bring you to the man of any subject like APJ Abdul Kalam who does not any need of intro he is known for his contribution as a missile man.

3. In order to make your study more and more specialized you have to attend the best practice in the world which is available worldwide so qualify GRE/TOEFL to go to abroad for your higher studies or get admission in Indian institutions like IIT, IISER, IISc, JNU, DU etc where you will be given higher degree like MS/MSc-Ph.D and then you will be eligible for lecturership. After MS you need to qualify NET-JRF/SRF which conducted by CSIR/UGC/ICAR etc very important to show the academic credential and research skill.
4. After doing all these you are free to join any college or university as lecture or assistant professor.



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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Lectureship job either in India or abroad is very fascinating job requires higher studies and sound knowledge in specialized manner so one can teach a specialized subject with full comitment, conviction and interest.

First you look at your basic qualification as you have not mentioned anything about your current highest qualification so i would like to explain you the entire journey of education to join lecturership or assistant professor in any college or university abroad.

Master degree is the mere fullfillment at qualification level for both India and abroad. Better you explore the master degree program in instititution or university abroad and accordingly you will adapt their academic temperamnet and system and further you will be given preference for the job also. Moreover acceptance in India is also very high.
Therefore you start to prepare and explore the informations related to abroad studies:
1. First try to know the first line of requirent like GRE or TOEFL which is the primafacy to qualify do it at the earliest. Many recognised agencies are available in India just explore them specifically for TOEFL and get proper guidelines but do not be much dependent in the sense of migration or study visa as many fake agencies promise you lot more regarding the settlement abroad.

2. Once you obtain the minimum qualification to through the proper gateway and then see your graduation background as you know the relevent background is mandetory to opt the higher degree. Further explore the website of universities which offer the program for your subject interest. Accordingly you see their invitiation and available oportunity at master level, parallaly you can see the department wise program and contact the concern professor in that subject. Make sure your profile and statement of purpose are the designed in best way where coherency reflects for the best suited program at their place only then they will respond you. Once they say ok you apply through the proper channel and further you will be tested as per their terms and conditions.
Next step is to see the sponsorship for your study otherwise it is very tough to manage. Many scholorships are available at international level you need to check them.


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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing careerguide and writing to us. I am happy to guide you on your interest in teaching abroad. I understand you are asking about being a Lecturer at overseas institutions, preferably Middle East. I am not clear about your educational background as you have not mentioned any. But I would write a brief reply to help you understand.

Lecturers are employees working at University level. They preferably teach at colleges and Universities at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Lots of universities abroad allow Lecturers to teach PG students but doesn't restrict only with UG. But they only encourage Professor levels to teach for Professional degrees like the MBA. To teach abroad you need the following qualifications.

1. PhD: If you are a fresher into teaching, a Doctorate degree is mandatory. You can study PhD either in India or abroad and go into teaching soon after your PhD graduation. Universities abroad doesn't recruit if you are a fresher and you don't have a PhD degree.
2. Alternatively, if you have a Masters degree and a minimum of 5 year work experience in India, Universities abroad might consider you for a level 1 teaching position which will be an 'Assistant Lecturer' but the success of your job application is highly dependent on your research abilities. Universities abroad doesn't get impressed with only a Masters degree and five year work exp, they really want to be convinced with your research productivity. You should have been involved into continuous research, presented papers at National and International level conference in your field and should have a one or two pages of research journal publications. Producing a CV with at least 15-20 journal publications will strengthen your job application. There are Universities who require research publications from students even when they are sending in their PhD applications. The competition is very intense. So you should prepare yourself to be an outstanding researcher.
3. English language ability: Teaching abroad will require you to take IELTS/Cambridge/TOEFL tests. Passing either of these tests will help you to prove to the Universities that you are capable of understanding and communicating effectively in English. You can contact British council in your city for registering for an IELTS test or a Cambridge yest. You can contact if you want to give a TOEFL test. You can take either of these tests but in general IELTS is more popular and recognizable.
4. Teaching qualifications: There are Universities who specifically offer teaching qualifications to students to help them teach abroad. Institute of Education, London is highly reputable in the world to offer teaching qualifications. Visit the website here, You can pick the course you want to study and send study application. In case you are considering to study, this is the right time to send study applications as you will be joining the school in Sept 2014. Applications will close end June and may not be considered for the current 2014 intake.

In sum, if you are expecting to do a specific teaching qualification, the degree offered at IOE London will help you. Else a PhD can only take you abroad for teaching at colleges and Universities. Alternatively, if you are aspiring teaching students abroad but are okay to teach at school level, a Masters degree plus a minimum of five year work exp will be sufficient.

I hope this briefing helps you. Good luck.

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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, you have not mentioned, what you are doing right now, or what subjects you have studied in 10+2 or graduation. To get a overseas job, it is not that big thing. There are lot of job opportunities overseas starting from education, technical person or non technical person. You have to decide in which field you work to wish. Let me give you my example, I have done MSc and PhD in Microbiology (general), after doctoral degree, I worked for three years in a project then joined as lecturer in a college. This was the time, I gained necessary experience and increased my qualifications by publishing many research papers. Therafter, I joined in Middle East as Microbiologist in Ministry of agriculture, spent eight years and now working as an academecian in a reputed university.

To get a job of overseas lecturer, you have to have post graduate degree and then doctoral degree in subject of your choice. The countries like USA, Canada and in other western hemisphere generally prefer degree from their countries or from any western univeristy.

I have friends, who are working in USA, Australia, but they have done Post Doctoral degree before making an entry into organization. To get a job of lecturer abroad, you should score good academic grades, have good research papers or books to your credit. The reason being is that to get a job abroad, the competition is very severe.

In Middle East, the job of a lecturer is very lucrative, but the mind set of those recruiters is that they want a person holding a degree (either masters or doctoral or post doctoral) only from the western hemisphere. In their opinion, person holding the degree from western country knows more.

Another thing never ever confuse yourself, you should work hard to get your basic degrees, improve your qualifications by taking regular trainings in your subject. This is very important to keep update yourself.
After getting the required degree, you may get information from National Newspapers, and from Internet. The Times of India, wednesday issue publishes Accent, in which lots of Middle East job opportunities are advertised. Mean while websites like, will provide you all academic and research job informations in UK. Monstergulf. com will give you information about Gulf Countries.

Alternatively, you may search in google, or you may vist the web sites of the organization, you wish to work.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck...

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RE: What course/degree should I go for to work as a lecturer oversees

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