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Hi, what to do if i want to pursue my career in admn or hr jobs in school or colleges only ?

i m graduated from mumbai university, done Hr course from welingkar now i want to work in administration department of school or college i m confuge how to search job in any school kindly suggest me how to find job in admn department of school or colleges for that what is requirement kindly suggest me and reply thanks.

by Sahil Sharma
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3 answers

RE: Hi, what to do if i want to pursue my career in admn or hr jobs in school or colleges only ?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

This is one of the rare and extremely good queries I have come across in my years of career counselling. Very happy that you approached for your job outlook guidance. I am personally happy that I am here to guide you. I myself work in India's Only Dedicated Construction BSchool as a Course Incharge and Chairperson for Placements

. I am also the Chief Career Counselor for the BSchool which is based at Pune. Considering your graduation and Human Resource management course from a reputed institute like Welingker, you already have the required qualification to be eligible to work in an educational institute in its administration or human resource department. There is whole lot of work in administration and hr which needs to be handled by capable persons like you. As you know the Registrar is the head of the administration and human resource department in any educational institute. After you gain experience in working in institutes, you can surely become Registrar which is regarded as a very important position for an institute. I strongly suggest you to register yourself on job portals like Naukri or Monster or jobsahead and upload your resume with a clear mention of your intention to join education industry and work in administration and hr department. Every year around January you will see many recruitment advertisements from institutes all over India in prominent newspapers like Times of India, Indian Express, The Economic Times and also regional newspapers. Apart from the Faculty level positions, you will also see many administration and human resource department recruitment advertisements. The qualification criteria is the same as you have got. It would be good if you send in your application along with a well drafter resume to the institutes concerned over email and also if possible go an meet the Registrar or Administrative Officer in person. Please also keep in mind that the salary scales in the education industry are not like corporates. The salary scales are little lower than typical corporate hr jobs, however looking at your interest and liking towards working in education institute, you can be a good fit as an employee. Also if possible find out if you have any of your contacts working in education institute who will be able to tell you more exactly about jobs and may be also help you in referring your candidature to institutes. Best Luck

RE: Hi, what to do if i want to pursue my career in admn or hr jobs in school or colleges only ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

As I have seen the potential resourse for graduate with HR specilaization, nothing to be confused about your career options as you are fit for administration as well Human Resourse Deveopment Cell both. Though you will be treated as a fsher in any particular field and will be given advantages after fer years of experiences. Please be adivsed that attepmt the right brand of industry/ academic or any commercial sector where you will be associated and will be given ample oportunity to learn and earn both. In fact experience of working with a discent brand will give you high market value:

Based on this background you follow and experience the following things

1. After your graduation you need to get registered with any job placement portal which is freely avaialble on line like :,, etc where you will upload your updated CV.

2. Before uploading your CV and cover letter you must get it checked with any senior professional or hoigher any interpersonal professional on consultany basis. now a days many agencies provide such service to give help you in preparation of professional CV. Your cover letter is equaly imoprtant which reflects you expressional and presentation skill about showcasing your experiecne, academic profile etc.

3. Once you get registered with the jobportal they will call you for yourther interest to give your CV exposure on broad level where recruiters and your interaction wil be fixed on frequent basis. But they charge it on annual basis it is up to your interest.

4. All these above listed facts are the pathways to go for any job type and interview but your preparation for any job is very important, you need to understand the value of opertunity where you will be interviewed so never take it for granted and prepare structrurally.

5. After getting a call fro interview then do not be too much excited about the outcome of interview rather you focus on the prepeartion and explore the available information online for that employer and see the kind of ptoducts they produce, whether you talk about the psychometrix, academic, administrative everything will be accordig to the requirement. And you must read the nature of job and prerequisyes.

For further qury you are free to give me a call.

Manoj Kumar

RE: Hi, what to do if i want to pursue my career in admn or hr jobs in school or colleges only ?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

It is really good to see you have identified your interest with working in the administration department in the academic sector. Not many candidates actually narrow down their interest like you did, but are often found staying confused. I am glad you are clear with your career ambitions. Administration work in the academic sector often needs a person to be qualified with a general MBA degree or in particular the MBA with human resource management. Some colleges prefer recruiting candidates with MBA degree along with some years of work experience where as a few others are okay with freshers with the MBA degree alone.

Have you gained some work experience before in any administration department across any industry? If you have gained such work experience, it will be of a great help to you during your interview in the colleges.

The best way to start with is approaching colleges individually. Try creating a well written resume along with a cover letter and present it to the Registrar or the Administration officer (they often address this person as A.O) in person or by email or post. See if you are fortunate enough to meet them in person to hand in your resume. If you get an opportunity please make effective use of it as sometimes an interview could be conducted on spot for such administrative positions. You can also get the college email address for recruitment under the careers section from their website. Most of the colleges publish their vacancies in leading news papers across the country. The Hindu, Times of India, Deccan chronicle are well known for such job advertisements. Try looking at these papers every day to be able to find a suitable vacancy some where in your city.

The next best way is through the social networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best career networking websites and you will see almost many of the college collegues registered their profiles on this site. You will have to probably add these people to your connections in LinkedIn. Once you request to add them, they will add you and there on you will have the facility to email them. So try emailing the concerned person from the college as they will be aware of any recruitment coming up and could also refer you for the interview.

Apart from these the third best way is through job portals. Register your full profile with a resume, cover letter, good email address and a working telephone number. You can search jobs in administration particularly in colleges and apply directly to them. Alternatively, you will also find the list of recruiters who could find jobs in administration department in colleges. Find those recruiter profiles and request them to look out a job for you and the service is totally free. Recently, getting a job by approaching these recruiters on naukri, monster, times job, shine are better than just uploading your resume and waiting for someone to call.

Hope this helps. My best wishes to you.

RE: Hi, what to do if i want to pursue my career in admn or hr jobs in school or colleges only ?

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