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How effective is MBBS as a professional course? What are its scopes and future prospects?

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RE: How effective is MBBS as a professional course? What are its scopes and future prospects?

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MBBS, the bachelor’s degree of Medicine as well as the bachelor’s degree of Surgery is a very popular and high-in-demand undergraduate level course for students who want to become a doctor. This course provides a student two joint degrees in just one single domain. MBBS is the most common degree for becoming a professional doctor. For becoming an allopathic doctor, MBBS is considered to be the only degree for becoming a professional doctor. MBBS is that degree which adds on the title of a “doctor” to a person’s name.

The total duration of MBBS is 5.5 years including 4.5 years of academic education and 1 year of the compulsory internship? The 4.5 years of academic education of MBBS are divided into a total of 9 semesters, each semester havinga duration of 6 months, where each semester is having an approximate of 120 days.The total duration of MBBS seems a horrid dream to many people as they believe it to be an extremely tough and torturing degree.

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But in reality, the degree MBBS is not at all torturing. It only requires dedication, practice, hard work, concentration and theright presence of mind. Students who are highly passionate, sincere and dedicated towards the profession of a doctor will find MBBS an easy and interesting course. For MBBS, a student should be patient, tolerant and understanding. Students who are lazy and uninterested in becoming a doctor and who are only after the mere “title” of this profession should avoid pursuing MBBS as pursuing MBBS is not an easy job.

For being eligible for getting admission into MBBS, a student must have scored at least 55% or 60% marks (or whichever is specified by the college/university) in his/her class 12th. Moreover, a student must have studied and passed in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th. A student is also required to pass the MBBS entrance exam with minimum requiredmarks.

Scope and Future Prospects of MBBS

MBBS is a career field having a very wide scope and extremely bright future prospects. After doing MBBS, a person is free to pursue Masters in any particular medical area like, ENT, ophthalmology, pharmacology, microbiology, radiology, pediatrics, gynecology, pathology, obstetrics, dermatology, community medicine, surgery, physiology and so on.

After the completion of MBBS, a person can also go into civil services. Moreover, a person can even choose to join the research field and can end up being a researcher after MBBS.



An MBBS graduate can also become a medical teacher. He/she can also choose to teach students by becoming a medical lecturer or a medical teacher at a coaching institute.

After MBBS, a person can find jobs in hospitals, medical colleges, nursing homes, medical charitable trusts etc. After MBBS, a person can also get chances of working in thehealth ministry, health corporations, medical consultancy services and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, laboratories, world health organization as well.

MBBS graduates can also go into Medical services of the Army, Navy, and Airforce under the Ministry of Defense.

MBBS graduates can also seek different jobs in the industrial sectors. Apart from this, MBBS graduates can also become a writer. Yes, you have heard it right. A doctor can also be a writer. MBBS graduates can write medical books, e-lessons or articles related to the medical field. They can also start online medical training sessions for students.

MBBS graduates do not have the sole option of working under someone. They may even start their own medical clinic and can provide their medical services from that clinic.

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Salary after MBBS

A beginner MBBS doctor can earn anywhere between Rs.25000-Rs.40000 per month depending on his/her quality of services and the place where he/she is working.

With therisein skills and experience, the value of MBBS graduate increases and he/she can easily earn up to Rs.80000-Rs.100000 per month.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: How effective is MBBS as a professional course? What are its scopes and future prospects?

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