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I am a student of 12th class & I want to make an ias officer so please suggest me that next year which subject read me

I want to make an ias officer so please suggest which subject should I opt for

by Narendra Rathore
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3 answers

RE: I am a student of 12th class & I want to make an ias officer so please suggest me that next year which subject read me

Vanitha Puram
Vanitha Puram
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Its nice that you wanna prepare for civil's right away when you in 12th std. Appreciate your attitude, Cheers !!!
Ok, now when we talk about preparing for IAS- there no hard and fast rules, or subject specification for appearing for IAS.
If you have Arts/Science/Commerce- any of the stream you can prepare for IAS. It would be better that you pursue subject of your interest (also has detailed material available from IAS point of view in graduation as this will help to be stress free while you be close to your IAS exams.
Most, importantly- you need start working on your - General Knowledge- as lot is covered under it.
Please go on this website for basic and more detail understanding of how to go about of complete preparation for IAS (
Just brief you a bit so that you have basic idea - Subject selection is of prime importance as this will pay the way for you detail preparation.

Normally, many science students opt for humanities subjects like- history, geography, sociology..etc- as these subject has extensive subject material available both in books and online- the only thing you need is sharp memory to understand n remember the theories and data facts.

Key points to remember - make your own notes, start searching for your coaching institute for organised n structured preparation for IAS, time management, prepare from 1 yr previous papers,quality books and study materials, eat well- stay stress free, prepare everything on time or rather before time.
Also, keep a check list of all the important stuffs that needed for preparation and giving exams.
I hope, this little information would be of some help for you.
All The Best!
Stay positive and focused!!

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RE: I am a student of 12th class & I want to make an ias officer so please suggest me that next year which subject read me

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Very happy to see your ambition to join the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and your intention to get information so as to prepare for that well informed. You being in the 12th standard, and you planning for IAS from this early stage will definitely result in something good. I very much appreciate your attitude and focus.

Thanks for approaching for seeking guidance and clarification for your career development.

Let me tell you that Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is a generic service An IAS officer is a jack of all trades rather than being a master of all.

Your question that which subject will be more beneficial while studying for IAS is 'not any specific'. Firstly you need to be a graduate to appear for the IAS exam. There fore I feel, any graduation is good. Statistically, many Arts grduates for IAS exams. History, Geography, Maths, Economics, are the favouritely choosen subjects by aspirants while appearing for the IAS exams. However these are not limited to only those subjects. Even a science graduate can clear the IAS exam.

I would like to tell you that preparing for IAS exam is altogether different proposition. As mentioned earlier IAS officer should be well aware of everything. Therefore when you start studying for IAS subjects, general awareness is most important since there are many questions in the pre, main and interview which are general knowledge based. Further your numerical ability should also be good, and your communication skill (including language competence).

I would recommend you to join a good coaching class when you reach your final year of graduation. Taking help from an expert in the coaching class is always good since their experience will benefit you. Mock tests, mock interviews are also important.

I would recommend you first to start reading newspaper (english and regional) DAILY without fail. That will build your knowledge which is required for the IAS exam.

Self discipline, time management, reading are a must in order to appear for the exam confidently. Focus on your goal, perseverance and determination will definitely make you an IAS officer one day.

Do get back in case you wish to say anything more.

Dr. Anand Wadadekar
Discovering Careers India

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RE: I am a student of 12th class & I want to make an ias officer so please suggest me that next year which subject read me

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai


Firstly an interesting career option and secondly, perfect planning.
But nothing is as important as your 12th exams.
Put in the right efforts here, all fields will be open for you.
Coming to your question.
For this the minimum qualification required is being a Graduate any stream.
Most important when it comes to this field apart from Academics is being witty, at the same time being diplomatic.
The questions asked are more of the day to day reasoning, but to be selected amongsts the heard you need to be the best with your reasoning capacity and at the same time must be supportive with your reasoning.

As far as the subjects are concerned, you need to select the subject that you are very comfortable with, whether it is pertaining to science or social studies or humanities. You need to select a subject in which you can speak with reasoning and at the same time you would like to go in depth and at the same time information about its base is readily available.Whichever subject you choose, please note that the base of that subject needs to be very clear in your head and you must be able to reproduce it when required and support it with facts and reasoning.

Though students who opt for Civli services are generally from Humanities background, since this services require knowledge on History in abundance.
Last but not the least, for being successful, majorly for being able to clear this exam, you need to be a completely well read person. Talk about any subject, right from the Indian history to world history to politics to Nature to environment to science to Social studies to media, you must be able to speak under any topic asked.
So right from now, start taking interests in articles appearing in newspapers, internet, books etc.
Most important is being able to debate over the topic. So not only reading but also being able to discuss the topic without a hitch is essential.
Apart from this personal preparation, after or with your Graduation, you need to join classes that can train you for clearing the Civil service exams namely the UPSC exams.
Please do choose a coaching nearby to your vicinity as well as near to your college, which will save you from traveling.
For more information, check the Civil service examination site at
Hope this gives you an insight into IAS preparations.
But now primarily focus on your 12th exams.
Wish you all the very best............

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RE: I am a student of 12th class & I want to make an ias officer so please suggest me that next year which subject read me

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