Rishita Saini

I am confused what to do after 12 which career is best?

Hi myself rishita i'm in 11th class nd i've opt comm with maths i'm confused what to do nd my interest is in doing social, fighting fr justice nd protect people from their problems nd giving them advices

by Rishita Saini
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3 answers

RE: I am confused what to do after 12 which career is best?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi there,

Deciding on a career is very important and you must choose what you wish to do rather than just following the herd.

Since you have mentioned that you are confused, it would be best to take help of the Psychometric assessment or Career Counseling tests readily available with Meracareer guide too.

This tests would give you a complete idea as to where exactly your potentials are and help you choose a career accordingly.

Other than that self introspection also helps. I am sure you are aware of your interests and strengths and can decide accordingly.

Post 12th, you have many options like:
Self Financed Courses like BBI ( Bachelors in Banking and Insurance) or BAF ( Bachelors in Accounting and Finance) and BFM (Bachelors in Financial Markets)
Since you have Math as a subject, you could think of options related to computers which includes either BCA or a B.ScIT course.
The only difference between the courses is that BCA is more theoretical and emphasizes on software and its applications.
Other than that you could think of graduating in Economics too.

As you have also mentioned that you are interested in Social work, then post 12th, you could opt for a BA in Sociology or a BSW ( Bachelors in Social work) and master it with an MSW ( Masters in Social work).
The only institute famous in offering an MSW is tata Institute of Social Studies.
Please note that post BA Sociology, also you could opt for an MSW course from TISS

Another option is to opt for a course in Psychology.

I have here only mentioned the course name, whichever you are interested in, please go ahead and make a research on them, and also get in touch with students from those fields.
In-case of any other query, please do write back to us.

Wish you good luck.
Study hard but Smartly.

RE: I am confused what to do after 12 which career is best?

ChandraKant Munde
ChandraKant Munde
Verified Career Expert
Educational And Vocational Career Guide
  • Mumbai

Hi Rishita,
first i thanks to ask your quarries in detail, another thing its a right platform you will get perfect guidance. I understand your feeling and i would like to know, you may complete your 12 standard in this same faculty. After 12 you have two option one is take the admission in BA with sociology, complete your degree and then continue for master degree in MSW, you will full fill your wish through this degree course then you may join any NGO and start your own NGO and do your passion of social work.

Another thing i want to suggest you may join Law as a career, this is great career too. After 12 you may join integrated law or degree college of law. The work of lawyers and judges is very significant since our laws are so complex. Moreover as the society is getting more civic conscious and aware about the legal framework, the jobs in Law are also gaining popularity and high scope. The lawyers act as both advocates and advisor on behalf of their clients. As advocates, they represent either the plaintiff or the defendant and advance their client's case through oral argument or written documents such as motions and briefs.
If you choose any of the career, you may get full job satisfaction. i tried my best to give the detail guidance.
best of luck

RE: I am confused what to do after 12 which career is best?

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Hello Rishita,
Thanks for putting up your query. It is common to feel confused to select better career options as we have so many alternatives available. You said you are in 11 standard, pursuing commerce stream. You are confused which career is best after 12the commerce as you are inclined towards social service and want to contribute to social development. Indeed, its good choice.
I divide your questions into three sections to address your questions in a better way: (1) Career confusion (2) career choice and (3) Career in social development field
(1) Career confusion: It is common to have confusion as there are so many promising alternatives are available. In order to get clarity, you need to build broad career perspective. Your career choice should meet your interest, motivation, your need and its relevance. Since you are confused, I want to draw your attention to the point that when you decide career, you should reflect upon your interest, motivation and need. Try to answer following reflective questions. Answers to these questions would guide you to choose right career.
a) What is your interests? What are the subjects you like the most and what are subjects you hate?
b) What you want to be as a professional? Why? What motivates you to choose particular profession? Is it kind of job that involves sitting at one place, or travelling or meeting with people, or doing research?
c) At present, what is most important need that your profession can help you achieve? Is it money, support to family, gain knowledge, work satisfaction, want to travel across the country etc.
d) Where do you see after 5 years?
(2) Career choice: As Meghna Mukherji as Munde have mentioned career alternatives in commerce as well as in social work, I request you to go through their suggestions. Both of them have provided appropriate alternatives.

If you are good in commerce subject, pursue Bcom after 12. But if you think you can not perform better, go for arts (BA) in graduation where you can take social science subject like psychology, sociology, anthropology etc,

(3) Career in Social Development:
Well, there is no degree is essential when you want to help others and serve to the society. However, professional education brings knowledge, skills, and aptitude that help you build promising career in social development. There is a higher demand of skilled professional to deal with pressing social issues like poverty, urban poverty, women empowerment, education etc, These issues required higher level skills.

Social development is broad area. You can select specific aspect such as health and nutrition, community development, education, poverty and focus on developing skills required to deal with specific issues. For example if you choose health and nutrition as your focused area, you need to choose those program that help you develop specific skills set,like Masters in Public Health (Offered by TISS, IIPH etc), Masters in Public Nutrition (offered from Faculty of Home Science).

For masters program, most institute conduct entrance test. And you need to prepare for entrance. If you are clear which social development area you are interested in, you can start preparation from graduation.

If you consider health and nutrition as your best area-Masters in Public Health, Master in Hospital Administration can be better choice
If you are interested in mental health-MA (Psychology), MPhil (clinical psychology), Mphil (Psychiatric social work)
If you are interested in community development-MSW, MA sustainable development is better choice
If you are interested in human rights- LLB/LLM, Masters in human rights, MA political science
If you are interested in study of culture-MA in anthropology is better

Hope this helps. If you have mroe queries, feel free to talk to me or write back to me.

Wish you best luck,

RE: I am confused what to do after 12 which career is best?

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