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I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

Please help me I am in 11th class I have a confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so comerse with maths or comerse with computer is helpful suggest me

by Urvashi Pawar
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4 answers

RE: I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Choice of subjects is extremely important when it comes to choices for future especially making a choice of career.

Ypur choice must depend on what you wish to become and your interests in that subject.
I suppose you are talking of Company secretary course when you mean CS.

Firstly CS, requires you to be good with matters related to taxation, budgeting and expenses for helping the company to save on their taxes and expenses.

So for this your base needs to be strong in Math.
So preferably if you take up Math as a subject it would definitely help you for your CS course. Also it would help you crack the Foundation course, which also has questions related to Numeric.

Also Math as a subject helps in many other courses and acts as a base for superb foundation for any career.

Since CS is what you wish to pursue, Math would be very helpful as a subject.

Also at the same time keep a check on the website of Company secretary for important dates related to exams.

Wish you all the very best...

RE: I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

Vaibhav Bhutra
Vaibhav Bhutra
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor/ Director at Educomp Vidyamandir Classes
  • Surat

Dear Friend,

Greeting of the day!!!

Let me first wish you congratulations since you have already decided commerce and in Commerce CS as your career plan.

Now lets talk about the query which you have raised: Maths or Computer

Maths as one of the subject would have advantages since Maths is one of the subject in Enterance for CS Foundation, moreover Maths would be helpuful in Keeping other career options alos open like Acturies and MCA.

Computer as a subject is very scoring and can be a good choice but the same would be based on your interest. Computer which is taught upto class XII would be very basic and would not be veryhelpful if your CS.

Still the choice is based on your interest and future plans to keep your options open.

Maths would need hard work since Maths is considered as one of the tough subject for student of commerce.

If you can do well with Maths it would be recommended to have maths in class XII

Wish you all the best!!!

RE: I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

Dear studnet,

I believe you are interested in the field of Company secretaryship, and thats what you have mentioned as CS? You have approached us at the right time as its important to pick the right subjects at school since the foundation level to choose your career for a stable future. I understand you are in a dilemma of choosing between commerce and computer science subjects. If you are passionate and are also very confident of your ambition in becoming a Corporate secretaryship in your future career, then just blindly go ahead with choosing Commerce in your higher secondary education. Choosing computer science is not really important as studying computer at school level and going ahead with corporate secretaryship in future will not be appropriate as studying the combination of commerce and maths.

As part of the corporate secretaryship, you will study subjects more on mathematical components, accounts, finance and taxation at corporate level. Basic knowledge of computer science is sufficient and you dont need to have learned technical core software languages to be able to work for corporate secretary roles. However, developing yourself with strong component in mathematics and commerce is highly essential for a successful career in corporate secretaryship, and I belive I have explained to you well about this.

The stages to become a CS are given below:
If you wish to become a CS, you need to have passed the relevant professional exams conducted by ICSI, Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India. There are three levels on this CS program and they are the foundation, executive and professional. It is essential to have passed all three stages of this program to become a CS.

Foundation: You need to have completed class XII in order to sit for this exam. You can study the syllabus by correspondence. The admission fee is 1200, postal coaching fee is 2400 and exam fee is 875.

Executive: The eligibility to apply for Executive level is either a pass in the foundation level or a degree level pass in Commerce subject. The tuition fee is around 7000 for students with commerce background and 7500 for people from non-commerce background.

Professional: Passing the executive level can make you eligible for the professional level. The tuition fee is around 7500 for all students.

Candidates are required to have passed all the above stages of CS exams and also must have undergone the compulsory training. On completion of the both, they are eligible to become as an Associate company secertary (ACS) . After this, the company secretary is eligible to become as the Fellow member of the ICSI known as (FCS). They can add these status after their names as candidates with Doctoral degrees does by adding PhD after their names.

So for now, I would highly advice you to consider maths and commerce rather than choosing computers. In case your interest diverts later into computer science, do not worry as you can learn it from the scratch. There are lots of IT companies that recruit non-computer students for IT jobs and train them from A to Z. I hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
Verified Career Expert
Career Consultant at Pinnacle School of Business Management
  • Thane


Greeting's for the day!!!

Everybody has some career goals in mind. Something they are thinking of doing or becoming. For commerce students, there are many avenues where they can build up a good career in future. Company Secretary course is one such course which can be taken as a profession.

It is a good choice to pursue "company Secretary" along with Graduation. You can choose Maths or Computer as a subject in your HSC. With any above chosen subject, you can be able to apply for CS.

Stages to become a Company Secretary:
The students who would like o join the course after 10+2 pass or equivalent has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretaries Course i.e.
1. Foundation Programme
2. Executive Programme
3. Professional Programme.

The students who would like to join the course after passing the graduation has to undergo 2 stages of the Company Secretaryship. i.e.
1. Executive Programme
2. Professional Programme.

- Foundation Programme which is of eight months duration can be pursued by 10+2 pass or equivalent students of Arts, Science or Commerce Stream (Excluding Fine Arts)
- Executive Programme can be pursued by a Graduate of all streams except Fine Arts.
- Professional Programme can be pursued only after clearing Executive Programme of CS Course.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. An expert in Company, Corporates and Security Laws.
2. A Vital link between the company and its Board of Directors, Shareholders, Government and Regulatory Authorities.
3. A Conscience seeker of the company
4. A compliance officer of the company
5. Coporate Planner and Strategic Manager.

Scope of the CS:
The CS has very wide scope in the Industries now adays.
A qualified Company Secretary has openings in industry and also has scope for practicing as an Independent Professional.

CS course offers lucrative career options. After successfully completion of this course, you can get into multi national companies for jobs. CS acts as a Compliance Officer who may provide legal advises in areas of Corporate Laws, Capital Market, Corporate Governance, etc.

Job Opportunities exists in both private and public sector companies. Some of the areas where you have chances of jobs are SEBI, Stock Exchange Markets, etc. A qualified CS can also practice independently. Many government companies also employ CS such as AAI, ONGC, State Infastructure Development Corporations, etc.

Opportunities also exists in banks. Some of the other areas where in one can work are government financial institutions, bureau of public enterprises, accounts branch of government law service.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


RE: I am now in 11th class nd now I have confusion of taking subject I want to become a CS so commerce with maths or commerce with computer help me

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