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Is career counselling only for school going students?

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RE: Is career counselling only for school going students?

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There is a common misconception among parents as well as children that career counselling is suitable either for the students which are not very well academically inclined or whose parents are not well informed. Many parents think that if they can easily search over the internet and tell a student about different career options, it is enough for career counselling. In fact, many parents have argued that career counselling is only necessary when a student is doubtful about different career options. It has been considered by several parents as well as teachers as an additional element of education which is optional. However, they forget that career counselling is actually an essential element of education which has been long forgotten by our education system.


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Question 1: Is career counselling necessary only for academically weak students?

This is a misconception since career counselling has nothing to do with the academic performance of a student. In fact, a career counsellor is focussed on understanding the skills and talents of a student. It is equally applicable for academically weak as well as strong students. Even if a student is getting high scores in school exams, this can’t be judged that which career option will be good for him/ her. To access the right career option, career counselling is required. Earlier, it was a norm that the students who scored more than 70% would go to either science or commerce and the remaining to arts. However, now in this competitive world, one can’t deny the fact excelling in the subjects of arts and humanities is equally difficult. If a student is interested in science, he can’t perform well in humanities and vice versa.

Question 2: Is career counselling is not necessary for the students with aware parents?

Career counselling is not a simple guidance program where students are listened to and then given advice according to their aspirations. Instead, it’s a scientific procedure that follows through a series of psychometric tests. Students undertake psychometric tests under the supervision of a certified career counsellor who then assesses the report of the test. A career counsellor is well trained in reading the psychometric test report and with the help of that, a career counsellor suggests the right career paths to the students. A career counsellor is not limited to certain career paths but he has an industry-wide information and knowledge.

Thus, it is very clear that career counselling is not limited to certain students but is required by each and every student. The students can gain much information through career counselling and can determine the right path for their future. Other benefits of taking career counselling are:

  • Knowledge of emerging trends: A career counsellor is involved in gaining information from different career seminars and workshops from where they acquire knowledge about emerging trends. Also, most of the career counsellors are closely involved in industrial matters which keeps them updated about emerging trends in the economy. Students can get to know what kind of career options will have a greater scope and what career benefits they will enjoy from their selected career option.
  • New career fields: A career counsellor is well aware of all the career news and industry happenings. He can very well make the students aware of all the new career options that will be available in the future. For example, digital marketing was not even a field a few years back, however, in the recent few years, it has become one of the most in-demand career options. Those who were prepared for this changed, grabbed bigger opportunities in this field.
  • Skills in demand: Another benefit of taking a career counselling is that a career counsellor can easily tell what skills are required for a student to be successful in a particular career field. A career counsellor assesses the psychometric test report of the student and sees the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Then according to the suggested career fields, a student can receive guidance on what career skills he requires to develop so that he can see a good growth in future. Having an understanding of one’s skills is a great advantage which can help a student succeed in his career and receive greater promotions in future.
  • Admission Procedure: Another benefit is that when a student is confident about his career choice, he needs an unbiased guidance about the admission procedure. He needs to know how he should develop his skills, take the courses and give admission tests. Many students, in the lack of awareness, enrol themselves in coaching classes and end up in the rat race. Instead, if they have a proper understanding of their career, they can determine what level of coaching they require and how they can improve themselves.

Career counselling should be provided to each and every student irrespective of their academic achievements or family background. In fact, the government has also started supporting the drive for career counselling. Many government schools also receive several sessions of career counselling from experts. A large number of rural schools have lately shown interest in the career counselling procedure and students are coming out of traditional jobs and taking up careers which are fulfilling their dreams. Also, career counselling has been considered as one of the major motivational tools for the students. Students can understand what their career can bring to them in future and how important it is to invest themselves at this age. Students can develop skills and talents with the help of career counselling and can gain benefits from the complete information of their selected career.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Is career counselling only for school going students?

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