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Is Nios Board Students Given Equal Importance During Admisions In Top Universities In India ? Is Nios Recognized By Uk Universities?

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RE: Is Nios Board Students Given Equal Importance During Admisions In Top Universities In India ? Is Nios Recognized By Uk Universities?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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As you know NIOS stands for National Institute for Open Schooling.

This is not a special school for gifted children, but this is a school that helps students who are below average mental capacity to be able to get their basic educational qualifications in place.

This is done by reducing the target and completing time limit, as well as syllabus which is more easier and a little lower as compared to the regular curriculum. But definitely the basics are taught.
As well as the course is mostly industry oriented, so that the student who passes out, is ft to take up a job in future.

Since the curriculum is a little lower as compared to the other boards, a student from NIOS is given an easy way of selection. Though NIOS is recognized board, and is also recognized by many universities, but ofcourse there are restrictions to certain courses, mainly those which have an entrance exams.

So depending on the course you wish to do further, I would be better able to guide you.

A NIOS student can opt for courses like
  • BA
  • B.Com
  • BMS
  • Hotel management

Hope this answers your query

Wish you good luck.......

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