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What are the career prospects of a Journalist?

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RE: What are the career prospects of a Journalist?

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What is Journalism?

Going by the orthodox thinking of people it’s just running after celebrities for their photos and knowing what’s up in their life. TOTALLY WRONG.

Journalism consists of pulling together, evaluating, producing, and presenting the world wide information and events on the go.

Belonging to the largest democratic country in the whole world, thepress has the complete right to broadcast all the bitter truths even because with democracy comes more events, more oppositions, and more debates. Providing the common people, with the correct information is the job of a journalist. Journalism is distinguishable from other communication forms, it uses electronic media and the internet to present its information to the public.

Improvement in the technologies and communication, it’s very important for yourself to be completely updated with the events going on and happening in the world.  


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Journalism is a very esteemed job but with millions of challenges to face each day.


To go for a bachelor’s degree in journalism, 10+2 is the minimum eligibility.

To go for a PG degree, a graduation degree is must in journalism.


Having an aptitude, interest, the will-power to take any challenge and the loyalty to always provide the correct news with no misleading information. Then only you are fit for the job of journalism. Having the knowledge and skill to present the news apt, short and informative are the true qualities of a journalist. Being diplomatic and brave while presenting news is one important thing to be kept in mind because you ought to present both the views of a debate: Positive and Negative. Leaning towards one view can sometimes land you in trouble.

In the print media, you have newspapers, magazines etc.

In the electronic media, you have aradio, the internet, and television.



Being a reporter itself makes you come across with many challenges. You’ve got to have the confidence, speed, fluency with your words. Going to the places on events with no scripts written and sometimes shooting in the toughest climate and terrain is itself challenging. Presenting a story to the viewers in short and taking interviews of the public figures is difficult as they don’t have much time with their busy schedules.


Analyzing a particular situation and keeping all the key points in your head. A correspondent is a reporter but with a specialization in a particular field whether it may be politics, sports, market, etc.

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A writer is supposed to organize the information and pin it down either on a hardcopy or a softcopy. Writing in details explaining each topic with a detailed version of the news and also some of the writers known as Leader Writers are the ones who write editorial columns for the newspapers.


Out of one of the main jobs, theeditor does the presenting work for the newspaper. How to make the news or the information a conspicuous one? That’s the main job. Having knowledge apartfrom other about the grammar, punctuations, and spelling is very important because what goes into the reading section for the readers has to be fully correct.


The job of writing a particular column for a newspaper and magazines. Having the skills to portray the topic in the most eye-catching sentences that also cover the view of the topic is the aim of a columnist. Fields can be anything whether about politics, fashion, sports etc.


A person with the capability of clicking pictures that describe the whole scenario and writing a suitable caption describing the picture in limited words is the work of a photo journalist. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, that’s what it takes your courage to never say no, no matter what ever the climatic conditions are.

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The fun job, where your main aim is to deliver humor to the readers, making satires and joking in a healthy way on the public figures. Also, sometimes humor can also be used as a way to depict a social cause or some information.



Command over speech and language, having general knowledge, good communications skills, and the ability to make the correct facial expressions while presenting a new. A presenter has to be cool-headed and focused because once you to take your mind off it, you lose the track.


The job for a researcher is too imaginative and curious. Researching out different forms of news and giving them to the writers for the further procedure is their job.

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Shooting with the reporters and correspondents is their key job. Going to different locations giving the idea of the nearby scene where the incident happened and shooting for the reporters are the roles of a video journalist. 

Keeping in mind, the above article. Make a wise decision. Being a journalist is very honorable, you might get fewer holidays as compared to other jobs but the passion that this job requires is way more satisfying than having a relaxing holiday.


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RE: What are the career prospects of a Journalist?

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