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What are the differences between the life of a medical student and that of an engineering student?

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RE: What are the differences between the life of a medical student and that of an engineering student?

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Medical and engineering are the most popular career choices among students. Both of these fields provide most wanted careers to students who opt for them and are prepared to go under the grind of study hours. Most parents want their kids to pursue a career either in medical or in engineering as these two fields are considered the ‘safest’ because of their vast scope.

 We have always seen or heard this view of parents about their child’s career choice in the movies like 3-Idiots too. Engineering and medical are regarded as the safest career choices because there’s always been a great demand for doctors and engineers. There’s a need of an engineer in every field such as information technology, civil, chemical, automobile, marine, etc. In this world where diseases are so prone, doctors are in demand everywhere.

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Science is the gateway to both of these sectors. If a student is interested in science, he/she can further opt for mathematics or biology depending upon his/her interest. For medical line, a student has to study Biology as a compulsory subject. Mostly the students who like to study science but avoid mathematics go for medical science. For engineering line, a student has to study mathematics as a compulsory subject. Mostly, these students do not like to study biology as biology is more about mugging up the lessons.

This was about which type of students go for engineering or medical science. Now we’ll see how the lifestyle of a medical student differs from an engineering student-


  • The main difference between engineering and medical science is that engineering is just of 4-years and one can fetch a decent job after pursuing it while if you want to become a doctor, you must give at least 8-10 years of your life to set properly, which is just double as compared to engineering. The good thing is that the ‘nobility’ aspect and satisfaction of healing someone during medical practice, still attracts students to become a doctor.




  • You need to understand concepts in engineering while in medicine, you need to memorize and literally mug up a lot of concepts. There is a need of very good I.Q and grasping power in engineering while the study of medicine requires tremendous learning skills and memory power.

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  • A medical student has to study lots and lots of books. Even if a student is a non-studious type, you will find at least twenty-five books on his/her shelf. An engineering student reads comparatively fewer An engineering student gets time to read books other than their subject books while for a medical student, it is like a war to finish reading the course books. Due to this fact, an engineering student has much knowledge about things other than engineering.


  • During the internship, a medical student has to work for 36 hours non-stop, without sleeping. This makes a medical student habitual to working for such a long period of time. An engineering student does not have this much hectic schedule in the four years of engineering.


  • There is no time for enjoyment if you are a medical student. A medical student needs to study for hours and hours for a secure future. After the completion of studies also, there is not much time for vacations and enjoyment due to stressful OPD work. The life of an engineering student is like enjoyment plus studies. If you have a good I.Q then there is not much study pressure on you. After becoming an engineer, you can enjoy your life to the fullest and can give sufficient time to family too. Hence, an engineering student can easily balance life while a medical student has to make personal sacrifices.

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Though the option of engineering attracts many students because of its short duration of the course, fewer study hours and sufficient time for personal life, but, medical profession is a noble profession where one feels a relief of curing ailments of the people and in some cases, saving their lives acts as a big incentive for some, which can never be experienced by an engineer. Although there are many medical colleges in India, there is still a need for efficient doctors in our country while there are ample engineers in India.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the differences between the life of a medical student and that of an engineering student?

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