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What are the three unique new age careers?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the three unique new age careers?

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The World has changed rapidly in the last decade; new technologies, lifestyles, demands and needs are bringing in the call to provide new services, facilities and a way of getting things done in a less time consuming and effective way which has opened doors to new career paths. Young people are always trying to bring in new ideas to make this world a better place. Today I am going to discuss some new age career paths that are more interesting, different and unique from the traditional ones.

Energy Audit Engineer: An Energy Audit Engineer or often known as Energy Auditor does an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flow in a building, or in any system. Their role involves finding ways to reduce the amount of energy utilised in the system to conserve energy. An Energy Audit Engineer needs to have some specific qualities because of they:

  • Facilitate participation of building owners, homeowners, and developers in conservation programs and act as liaison with the contracting community.
  • Conduct audits of residential, commercial or industrial facilities to identify energy conservation measures and their associated savings potential, determine clients’ eligibility to participate.
  • Inspect and approve the installation of materials. The size of the facilities being audited and the complexity of the energy-using systems in a facility distinguish levels of Energy Auditors.
  • Are expected to independently perform the full range of auditing activities and duties and may be involved in reviewing compliance the local energy code.
  • Possess knowledge of HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems, and the interrelationships between such systems.
  • Possess knowledge of procedures and requirements for program eligibility is required, as well as the ability to specify appropriate energy conservation measures and to calculate and quantify the impacts of such measures on facility energy use.


Environment Economist: Environmental economists focus on improvement and advancement of the environment surrounding us. They ensure the health and well-being of every individual by keeping the environment safe and research the economics of the issues relevant to the environment such as pollution control matters, transnational pipelines, renewable energy resource and construction of new hydroelectric power plant etc. They may carry the cost-benefit analyses of an industrial process, or run environmental modelling programs. Environment economists studies and anticipate the environmental events on the global, national and local economic scales. They are expected to perform several activities and responsibilities such as:

  • Analyse historical issues and historical data to develop an economic theory to explain environmental behaviour being applied to current circumstances.
  • Analyse economic and ecological cycles and trends; use data of the model to figure out information about future environmental changes.
  • Speculate how an environmental event or veer in question could cause an economic outcome.
  • Look for economic inducement that attracts people to behave in a certain way which turns out to be beneficial to the environment.
  • Provide reports to outside stakeholders about economic performance and outcome.Assign and access economic value to a company or an industry’s tasks, past and future outcomes and strategies.
  • Consult with industry leaders, potential stakeholders and policymakers to bring out better solutions.


Ethical Hacker: An ethical hacker also known as ‘white hat hacker’ is a computer and network expert who checks for security loopholes by attacking a computer’s security system. It is called ethical because hacking is done by taking permission of the owner. There is only one difference between an ethical hacker and a real hacker which is ‘legality’. An Ethical Hacker according to EC- Council (The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants) is “an individual who is usually employed with and organisation and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a Hacker”. The hold various tasks such as:

  • Seeking vulnerabilities by scanning ports: Making use of port scanning tools such as Nessus, Nmap to scan concerned company’s systems and figure out open ports.
  • They have to examine patch installations to keep them secure from exploitation.
  • To figure out if they could evade Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), firewalls and honeypots.
  • An ethical hacker could also get employed for working on strategies like cracking wireless encryption, bypassing and sniffing networks.
  • They also engage in social engineering techniques to find out essential information such as charts, passwords sticky notes or anything else containing crucial info that could be utilised to generate an attack.
  • They are also capable of dealing with issues relevant to employee fraud and laptop theft.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the three unique new age careers?

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