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What are the tips to be a successful Journalist?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the tips to be a successful Journalist?

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This article deals with the profession of journalism. Journalism is flourishing for the past many years. It has provided students with many facilities and jobs.  Many schools encourage this and involve students in article publishing team. They start nurturing them and work on their speaking skills.

Being a journalist is a very honorable job but challenging at the same time. Not many holidays are there in the job of a journalist. Anything can happen anywhere at any time. That’s what your job is to provide information or news of all the events occurring in every part of the world.

It is important to invest money for education as it helps you build your future. Work hard and nobody can stop you from achieving heights. Now there are certain things you need to look upon to become a very successful journalist. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Attain an internship

    It is very important to do an internship with any of the company to gain experience. This makes you act wisely and improves your skills. Generally, there are some institutes who have an internship as a part of their evaluation while some universities don’t. also, while looking for internship one should always prefer to get into the best company possible because there can be a chance for you to get employed there after your graduation. One should always think and then decide to join the company they are willing to do an internship with.

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  • Good communication skills

    This is supposedly the most important part where a journalist is supposed to be good. A journalist is supposed to speak a lot and has a conversation with many new people. He needs to have control over whatever he speaks. He should be confident enough while keeping his point and must be patient enough. He must also keep in mind not to say something offensive because people all over the world are seeing him. He is representing the news channel and must make sure to keep their heads high.
  • Knowledge of the topic

Having full knowledge of the topic you are speaking is very important. The journalist is supposed to attain complete knowledge over his subject of discussion so that nobody is able to question your worth. You are responsible for your own self-esteem and your own reputation. Make sure you maintain it.


  • Good vocabulary

    The main job of the journalist is to speak. And while speaking it is important to have a good vocabulary and fluency. Vocabulary adds on to the personality and creates a good impression in front of everybody. people start demanding you and you increase your worth in the market. apart from your job, it also helps you in personal development as it is always good to have a good vocabulary.




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  • Good debate conducting skills

    All of you must be very well aware of Mr. Arnab Goswami. He is one such journalist who is an expert in the field of conducting debates. For conducting debates one must have the skills to handle people. It is very important to handle both sides of the debate. You should be a neutral person and give your views regarding both sides. Make sure you give chance to every person on your debate to speak. Don’t use bad language and respect everybody's It is only then that you will become successful. It is a competitive yet highly paid job.


  • Build upon your writing skills

    It is very important to work on your writing skills. you need to have some really intrinsic talent to become a journalist. It is not that easy. everybody can speak but everybody cannot speak relevant things. This is what journalists are required to do. You must have the passion for writing and reading and studying. It is only then you can become a successful Journalist.
  • Start on a small scale.

    One should be extremely satisfied by the kind of job you are doing It is very important to be self-satisfied because it is only then you will put in your 100%. Start through local newspaper publishing, article writing. Get your talent recognized If you are working hard huge companies will definitely take you up. Do anything to get you work, your talent gets published. By anything, I do not mean to let you get involved in wrong practices. Be sure you make good connections with your colleagues and even during the internship. Start posting your stuff online so that you have as many readers possible. This will help you have a larger platform to spread your talent.

  • Get a pure education

    It is very important first of all to have a formal education. Without being educated in journalism you will not know how the journalist world works and this will be a huge drawback for you. Make sure you are a graduate in journalism and only then choose this as your profession. Your graduation syllabus will help you a lot to become successful. Nobody will be able to cheat you if you are very well aware of facts and figures of journalism. Therefore it is very important to be a graduate in journalism.


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  • Improve your technical skills.

    In today's world, every job demands a person good in technology and so does journalism. It is very important to have a good control over technology so that you can ease up your work. Technological advancement has made many things just a click away from you. All the reports can be typed and saved. it has reduced paper work. It is very important to know the basics of computer. It helps you in your job as well as your personal development. Also in the field of journalism, there are special jobs based on technological work only. what can be better than this for students who want to journalism after being a graduate in computer science? Journalism provides a wide variety of jobs.

Journalism is very important medium in a democratic country like India. Having the right to speak is not always taken in a positive way. Debates, opposition, and strikes do make into the list of events presented by the journalists. This makes the job and role of Journalists way more important.

Journalism can never come to a standstill. It is always going to have amazing job opportunities for many people of the country. Make sure you work hard to prove your worth and make a good place for yourself in the society.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the tips to be a successful Journalist?

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