What stream should I choose?

Sir I need to choose between Science and Commerce. In my 10th result I got 10 CGPA in Social science and english, 9 in science and 8 in maths and hindi. I am most interested in social science but unfortunately there are no schools in my city which have the arts stream so I have to choose between science and commerce please help

by ahmad
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3 answers

RE: What stream should I choose?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi Ahmad,

If you are interested in Social Sciences, you must follow where your interests lies in.
In-case if you can opt for studying in another city, then I would advise the same to you.

Apart from the above, please note that marks should not be your criteria to choose a stream.
Firstly, I as a counselor will always advise, to choose based on your interests.
Secondly based on your potentials. Though career should be a combination of both, your interests and potentials.

So here I would advise you to opt for an Aptitude tests which will give you a fair idea about your potentials and discuss it with a counselor and choose accordingly.

Mera career also has the ideal career tests that you can opt for.

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck..........

RE: What stream should I choose?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan

Hello Ahmed,

Welcome to careerguide.com. Congratulations for scoring good marks in your 10th class examination. You are a good student and can definitely do good in any stream you opt for. But , if you make a career on the basis of your aptitude, interests,personality traits , you will sail smoothly throughout your journey towards success and it will be easier to beat the competition.

This psychometric test might help you: https://www.careerguide.com/what-to-do-after-10th

As suggested, go for a career assessment and decide accordingly. This is going to be one of the most important decision on your life. City should not be a constraint as for higher studies, you will need to move on.

If at all you need to select between sciences and commerce, commerce would be an better option owing to your interest. You will then have an option to make a career in management, marketing, sales, banking etc. And if you choose science, you always have an option for career in subjects like geology, psychology, anthropology, sociology etc.

So think twice.... Before you decide.

Still have queries? Feel free to revert...

All the best...

RE: What stream should I choose?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Aspirant,

If you are inclined towards Arts field and it is somewhat correct to consider the CGPA in 10th std for deciding the career path, I would also recommend you like what Ms. Mukherjee, to take a Psychometric Tests.

I would suggest you to undergo an online psychometric test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself in respect of your strengths, weaknesses, emotional quotient, etc. and will exactly tell you which career is ideal for you.
You can then call counsellors to discuss.

Arts field has tremendous opportunities and so do not go for commerce or science just because they are not available in your locality.

For good education and for a life time success, you should step out of your city and go to a good college for Arts stream.

Best wishes!

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