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Why should a school conduct career counselling at secondary level?

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2 answers

RE: Why should a school conduct career counselling at secondary level?

Aditya Sisodia
Aditya Sisodia
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Success incorporates clubs good academics with being comfortable at the workplace.

Students are confused about your career as there is the lack of awareness in terms of career options.

The student is at a point in life where they are immature, confused, not -so knowledgeable to make the most important decision of their life.

Career counseling by a scientific method using real-time tools with the guidance of an expert is the best method of finding the right and viable career path. 

Career counseling helps students to discover their real self and also helps them in discovering the best career path suited for them as per theirs aptitude and interest.

Students will be aware so will be parents and so will be the society, when students do well then their education and medium and teachers are given credits.

Teachers as such will be much more empowered to guide students and help them take informed decision starting secondary level onwards.

RE: Why should a school conduct career counselling at secondary level?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Every child is special and requires special attention from the school for being polished as a successful person. At the secondary stage, all students have dreams in their eyes and have Morales to do something different in their life. They just need a perfect career guidance and support to fulfil their dreams. At first, they require a perfect analysis of their own about their skills, potential, interests, education, physical and mental abilities, behaviour and more. This is not a single person's job, it includes a mutual concern of parents, teachers, school, students, and career counsellors as well.

How career counsellors work at the secondary level:

Counselling is basically an assistance provided to the students for achieving their goals by knowing about their strengths and weaknesses. It will help students to polish themselves in a manner that they have a personality that others may appreciate. According to Carl Rogers, counselling is a series which assists students in changing their attitudes and behaviour by having a direct communication with them.

Seeking the right track:

It’s a daunting task for the senior secondary school students to select one subject among the numbers of options. Students at this stage are seen to be constantly bombarded by giving advice from each and every person they meet wherever they go. It may push them in confusion about taking the right career decision. Career counsellors support them in taking the right decision at this stage of dilemma and help them in choosing what is right for them as per their skills and interests.

Awareness towards various career options:

The battle for choosing various subjects start at an initial stage after class 8 when students have to choose between science and commerce. Usually, students choose the subjects vying their peers or by listening to what their parents tell them to choose. Only a few students choose their preferred subjects. Sandy, a 10th-grade student says, “I want to be an electrical engineer and so I decided to go with non-medical subjects such as physics and maths. But I was not aware of the best subject combination which is required for electronics.” After that, he went to the career counselor and ask for the perfect fit and future scope for fulfilling his dream of being an electrical engineer. A career counselor helped him in getting the knowledge of all the career choices and he could easily decide what to choose after doing self-analysis.

Need to carve young students for future jobs:

Career counselling at the secondary stage is most important for the young students. This is the accurate time to help them in shaping them up for their bright future. Students need to be introduced to various subjects, affiliated universities, perfect subject combinations according to various fields, and skills on demand for the future job. They need to know the fields which are going to saturate and which are having good scope for their upcoming career. All these things help students to expand their knowledge bank at this initial stage.

For getting clarity in their decisions:

As a parent or a teacher, we can't expect clarity and decisiveness from teenagers, as they are just growing up and require much more for their developments. They have to face various new challenges at this stage. It needs to groom their personality and ideology towards a successful career. It is compulsory for them to get a reliable career advice. Career counsellors will help them to identify students with their skills and interests and encourage them to take decisions as per their own choice. Senior secondary students need time and exposure towards their perfect career choice and for getting information about relevant professional choices for their perfect future job.

To get rid of the fear of unemployment:

Mr. Carl insists her son for being a doctor as he thinks that it has a wide scope of employment. On the other hand, his son wants to go with the business management. It brings dilemma for both of them. Parents need to look beyond some traditional professions. Career counsellors will help to rectify them and provide a perfect guide to the leading and also upcoming job market scope. They will help them in analysing new and emerging professions with the right education and competencies so that our young generation can achieve it's  dreams  through a right career path.

In such a way, career advice is necessary for various schools, colleges, and universities to provide perfect strategy towards career and fill out students for professional colleges. Therefore, career counselling needs to be an integral part of senior secondary schools for steering our Gen-y towards the right direction. It will also protect them from undesirable career choices and support them to focus on the line what they choose for their profession.

RE: Why should a school conduct career counselling at secondary level?

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