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Exam fear or exam stress can not be removed but can be reduced. As a student fear can block your mind and capability to perform in situations. But you can learn to overcome your exam fear and with time and practice, you can do better. Exam fear is something that everyone faces less or more.   

Know Education

Learning is not in terms of mugging books but learning the art, skills, values, habits, numbers, and science. Understand the context of your learning. For a good outcome, a smart process and a strategy are necessary. When we do not know about something or are unaware of something we fear it. 

How to overcome exam fear

Learn from your mistakes to overcome your exam fear, and make most of your learning in time. It doesn’t matter if you are a topper or someone not doing well in the exam let the glory or the pain last only for a day and nothing more. Go to normal life and start again. After one opportunity there will be plenty of more opportunities. With the sunrise, you all are getting an option to reset, restart your life. Never take any odd steps. Life is full of good opportunities, failures, and wins, all come and go and all this learning will move you ahead don’t worry.          

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Practical things to fight exam fear:

There are some practical things that you can do to perform better in the examination and see the difference.  

1. Look at your syllabus, identify your weaknesses, know your strength, know the pattern of the exam then create a strategy around it. Know on which you should focus more and on which you should focus less. Cover your weakness and use your strength.

2. Divide your efforts over an extended period, it will help you in performing well on the main day. That way you will not face the pressure in the last days of your exam.

3. Self believe is very important when you go to the exam hall. Because there is always something which will be unprepared but that’s ok. Start with self-belief.

4. Use your time for both physical and mental health apart from studies. Go for a walk, play badminton not much then only for 15 minutes, run, do yoga, take a break, do meditation, etc. These will calm and active your mind and body. Be active do things like cooking, gardening and not watching television, playing a videogame.

5. Recap, revise, it is very important for difficult subjects. You can record tough concepts in your voice which you can listen to in your life it will help you. Because time gaps in revising concepts lessen the clarity of the subject.  

How To Study From Home

Why do we face exam fear:

You and even your friends too. But learning about it, practicing, and exercising what makes your fear come help in reducing it. Fear is something that we need to overcome every day in different situations. Being judged by society, to impress others, we subconsciously take the pressure and it creates a lot of fear. Students mostly face exam fear because of the importance of exam results and parent’s expectations. So to fear public speaking or fear of taking an exam is something that puts us in the center, highlights or that is what we feel.     


Studies show that because of a lot of online activities, pop-ups, and online messages student’s concentration and overall focus have been reduced. They can not sit for even a short period. Even after studying for a long time they fail or do not perform well. Meditation is something that can help everyone especially students to get the focus back.

Meditation At Work

Exam fear and meditation:

A lot of studies show that meditation helps in exam fear. Students who need to focus for a long on something, understanding-fastly benefited from meditation. It helps in improving confidence, lowers stress, facing the tests, and increases focus. It calms one mind and a calm mind has the highest focus. Just sit straight and breathe deeply and focus on your breath at least for 10-15 minutes. Starting meditation at an early age will benefit you for a long time.

Points to remember

  • With good mental health and awareness, a student can performtheir best in the exam
  • Do not be overconfident rather be balanced. A balanced mindset will perform better.
  • The outcome is not in your hand so do not be disheartened.
  • Never make your exam a competition about beating someone. Otherwise, it will increase your stress.  
  • Everyone has failures in their life and that is how you learn. Just do your best. 
  • You may be a morning person, or you may be a night person and both are good routines. Just take good sleep whatever routine you are following. 
  • Every parent has expectations but also remember because they want the best for you so take it positively.

By-Priya Panwar 

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