Career options after M.A. English

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If you have completed your Masters in English, then you belong to the domain that is in demand in every sector and in every country. You will get a wide range of choices to build your career on.

Believe it or not, studying English is one of the finest career choices. There are various career options after completing a Masters in English.

1. Writer

English is the universal language, which is read, spoken and understood globally. After pursuing a Masters degree in English you can work as a writer for various magazines, newspapers and T.V. channels. If you are creative enough and writing interests you, you can try your hands at writing books.

There are plenty of publishing houses that motivates newcomer writers to pen down their experiences. You can also be a freelance writer, which will give you the pliability of time and location. As a freelance writer, you can work for clients from all over the world from your comfort zone.

To become a writer you are expected to have a strong vocabulary and knowledge and the ability to structure your writing style plays a significant task in your accomplishment as a writer.

As English is the most used language in the world today, there are different styles of English. You should be aware and pay proper attention while writing for an Australian magazine, or American or for a British magazine. To become a successful writer keep your vocabulary strong so that you will have the ability to write for clients abroad and on a variety of topics.

2. Social Worker

Career Options After M.A. English

If you wish to contribute to society, you can work as a social worker. As a social worker, you can teach underprivileged kids, interconnect with foreigners for financial assistance and create a public presentation of your firm. You can also help people cope with challenges at every stage of their lives

3. Soft Skills Trainer

As a soft skills trainer, you will be required to train people to speak English fluently. Training people how to improve various attributes. This includes training them in professional etiquettes, dressing sense, body language, speech, etc. Assess the weakness and strengths of individuals and adjust training as required.

In the current scenario, even schools are getting permanent soft skills trainer to make their students ready to master the world. Having such skills, you can become a speaker, columnist and start your own training institute as well.

4. Public Relations Officer

Every single company requires to have an imposing public presence. Being a PR personnel you will be required to create advertisements, statements and genuine public appearances for your company. You will have the advantage of being able to connect with foreign clients as well, as an English postgraduate.

5. Linguistics Expert

In countries where English is not spoken or understood, as a linguist, you are expected to bridge this language divide. If you are working for an NGO, you will be involved in interpreting, understanding and translating a foreign language into English.

You will become the medium through which the foreign clients will be able to convey their thoughts. You are required to understand what foreign clients want to communicate. Linguists play a great role in secret agencies, military, naval and air forces. They interact with dignitaries and assist them with vital negotiations. As a linguist, you will have a venturous career.

6. Journalist/ Reporter

Career as a journalist is filled with enthusiasm and responsibilities as well. You can work in print media such as newspaper publication houses, journals, as a news reporter, in online media agencies, news agencies, etc. A career as a journalist requires highlighting information to everyone about affairs and events happening around the world.

7. Editor

An editor is required to embellish and refine a story or an article. You will see whether it is error-proof and easy to understand. As an editor you should pay close attention to details, need to have a good clutch on grammar, a creative mind.

Editors are hired in various industries. They can work for magazines, newspapers, blogs and books. If you have a keen interest in editing and also possess the required skills, you can consider your career in editing

8. Content Strategist

It is a growing career option, and it has a lot of prospects. Today, web content maintains a very important position. So, a keen and honed strategist is needed to keep an eye on what is posted, it’s timing etc. For that matter, you can also choose to work in the content management system and use your qualities for making web contents more poignant.

9. Blogger

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Presently, blogging is no more a hobby, as a career, it is a great option. Being a professional blogger, you can write your own blog or for a company or political parties.

A career in blogging enables you to have your own timetable, work from anywhere and earn money life-long. With a good command of language skills, you can be a perfect blogger and become a successful learner.

10. Academics

Teaching is one of the most common jobs that you can opt for after a degree in MA English. You can teach in a private school as an English teacher. After getting an MA degree you will be allowed to appear in UGC NET exams. If you crack this exam, you are fit for being a lecturer in the government and private colleges as well. To get, good jobs and handsome salaries you can complete a 2-year B. Ed. programme after an MA degree. Even you can join a college teaching an undergraduate student. It is a very promising and satisfying job.

These are the few career options after getting an MA English degree. To get a job of your own choice, always keep yourself up to date with knowledge. Read newspapers, magazines, books, watch good movies. Upgrade yourself with recent technologies. Polish your skills and most importantly believe in yourself. You will definitely land the desired job.

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