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The TET exam for engineering students stands for teacher eligibility test. Engineering students are also eligible to apply. As you are all aware, basic education is the bedrock of a student’s life. Students’ futures are dependent on this; if their elementary education is of high quality, they will have a bright future. Primary teachers are very crucial in schools since they give the structure and framework for successful education for the students. In today’s essay, we’ll go over the TET exam pattern, syllabus, and preparation advice for becoming a teacher in government and private schools under any central government or respective state government.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Candidates should be conversant with the TET exam pattern and curriculum, which are officially established by the exam conducting organization, to prepare for the exam.

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1. The teacher eligibility tests usually have two parts; paper 1 and paper 2. The first paper is for applicants who want to teach grades 1 to 5. Paper 2 is for those who want to teach grades 6 to 8.

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2. The TET question paper differs depending on the candidate’s chosen subject. The TET exam paper, on the other hand, typically has 150 objective-type. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) worth 150 points. A TET paper usually has a time limit of 150 minutes to finish (two and a half hours).

380084 Examinations

TETs have their syllabus and exam pattern, which are set by the respective test administrations or states. The majority of TET exam for engineering use the same exam format and syllabus.


Exam Topics for TET Exam for Engineering

The TET exams’ Paper 1 and Paper 2 contain questions from various sections or disciplines. The topics for both papers are given below.

Paper 1 Subjects       

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy
  2. Language I
  3. Language II
  4. Mathematics
  5. Environmental Studies

Paper 2 Subjects       

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy
  2. Language I
  3. Language II
  4. Mathematics & Science Or Social Studies

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TET Exam preparation Tips

Here we will go over some exam preparation ideas that will assist you in preparing for the exam and passing it on your first attempt.

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Understand the Pattern and Syllabus

It is critical to comprehend the syllabus and pattern of any competitive exam to succeed. It will be quite easy for you to study for this test if you understand the syllabus and structure of the exam. In the TET exam for engineering, you will be presented with objective-type questions with four options. Out of these four options, one must select the correct one. The good news is that there are no negative marks for selecting the incorrect option.

TET consists of two examinations, the first of which must be passed to become a teacher for grades 1 through 5. You must take a second paper to become a teacher in grades 6 through 8. Those who wish to take both papers are welcome to do so. It is critical to prepare thoroughly by familiarising yourself with the format of each of these exams.

tet exam

Create Time Table

You must create a timetable to prepare for the TET Exam. First and foremost, determine how much time you have left to prepare. Now determine which subjects you excel in and which subjects you struggle in. Make a schedule for each section’s preparation based on the syllabus’s suitability. Make an effort to devote extra time to the timetable’s weak subjects. Half of your work is done after you’ve created a preparation schedule and follow it with determination.

Previous Year Question Papers

You must study previous year’s question papers to pass the TET exam for engineering. This will significantly assist you in comprehending the nature of the questions. You can simply prepare for it if you have solved the question papers from the previous few years of TET. Apart from that, you can see the model question papers by solving them if you like.

CTET, UPTET exam pattern

Focus on Child Pedagogy

Because the TET exam is designed to recruit teachers to educate children in grades 1 through 8, it has more questions about child pedagogy. It is suggested that you concentrate more on child pedagogy. Try to read the entire child education science course from beginning to end. Also, children’s education question papers must be solved.


NCERT books are always discussed when it comes to studying for the TET exam for engineering. You must read NCERT books from class I to class VIII to prepare for the TET Exam. All of these classes’ subjects should be properly studied. Because the TET test pattern is based on NCERT books, you will be able to better prepare for the TET by reading these books.

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Keep your Study Material less

Don’t read too many new things; instead, go over what you’ve already read. When there isn’t much time left for preparation, it’s best to avoid reading new topics and instead focus on reviewing what you’ve already learned. However, some things are crucial for exam preparation and that we simply cannot overlook. You can use Online Video Tutorials to prepare for such subjects.

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Why is the TET exam popular among engineering students?

The TET exam for engineering or TET exam among engineering students is popular because it gives a candidate to follow their dreams in teaching rather than the traditional career options in engineering.

By- Sahil

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