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Class 12 is all about big decisions, sense of pressure, emotional last few days of school life and a genuine search for colleges. Some of the best days of your life ad therefore the big future awaits. Parents, children, teachers and all the relatives indulge themselves in the deep thoughts of their child’s future. The most popular of all the subjects that the children and their parents take as one of the toughest yet the safest is the field of “science”. The field that requires tough competition, efforts and sheer hard work and passion.

The subject if gets proper dedication and talent, can make you stable and respected in the society, can give you means of a proper living, rather a sufficient one. Science is the most stereotypically respected fields in the society till date. There are millions of students pursuing the field or who dream to pursue this field. Typical Indian parents do know only two kinds of careers they dream to see their child achieving, the career of doctors and engineers.

The crazy competition and inhuman pressure put on the competitors first to get their names in the colleges and then to get their names in the job lists, has become more than common in the society today. But the lesser-known part is that there is more to this field than becoming doctors and engineers. Lots of subjects and lots of job opportunities. Even lots of colleges to cater to that. Today we are going to discuss those and make it known to you all that science is so much more than the white coats and physics sums. Here are some career options after pursuing science in class 12th.

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Courses in architecture:

One of the most creative fields that a 12th science student can achieve after class 12th is a degree in architecture. If you have the skill and the talent to rise in the field of architecture, if you have the confidence and the passion, this field is perfect for you. Creative minds, analyzing ability and the passion to design and build thousands of buildings and structures and make them stand for so many years is just what this field demands. There is so many degrees that you can take up to fulfill your dream. Some different topics or rather subjects in this field can be building management, theory of structures, history of architecture and design application.

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Your years in college may also provide you with loads of practical training and on field project management abilities. There is a cutoff requirement and the rule of inclusion of mathematics in the criteria list. But for all those who want to take up the B.Arch. they need to obtain a valid score in national aptitude test for architecture conducted by the council of architecture. School of Planning architecture, Delhi and IIT Kharagpur are some of the most renowned colleges, but there are thousands of other options.


Courses in mathematics:

Creative ideas, practical mind, curiosity for solutions, logical reasoning skills and admirable problem-solving skills with a mind of passion and dedication for mathematics is just what this field demands for. All the talented, curious, calculative minds really need to consider this as their true calling. As we know that mathematics is divided pure mathematics and applied mathematics which demand different requirements.

There are a lot of degrees available in this field, which range from a BSc in Mathematics to Actuarial science. There are a lot of career options if you want to take up math as your field of study. The career options include that of a statistician, a mathematician, a data analyst or a market researcher. One can also try out the careers as economists and auditors. Some of the colleges that offers courses in this field are Pondicherry university and Delhi Maharshi Dayanand university.


Careers in forensic science:

If you are a keen individual always excited and passionate to use your skills to solve a complicated investigation process. If you have the deducting skills and the sense of responsibility and expertise, this field might be one of the most exciting for you to ever exist. There are a lot of courses like BSc in forensic science and also some specialization courses. For this there is also a marks cutoff for your 12th science results with approx. 70%. The duration can be of 3 years. National forensic sciences university and Chandigarh university can be some of the best colleges for these courses. 

Career in computer science:

Again one of the most popular and job friendly options. there are a lot of courses to opt for in this field. There is B. Tech in computer science to B. Tech in information technology. There can be also degrees like BCA and BSC Career options range from a data scientist to a software engineer. IIT Delhi and Mumbai are two of the topmost colleges in this field.

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By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post Post class 12th science career other than medical, engineer. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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