Telecommunication Engineering Career Options

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In the current scenario, telecommunication engineering is referred as the main pillar of the mobile landscape. Numerous activities like accumulating data, using voice, graphical representation and fast paced videos is an urge for many users. There is a boom in the telecommunication industry nowadays. Now satellite distribution and wireless communication is preferred the most over the wireless telephone communication which was once recognised as the primary services provided by industry. Telecommunication engineering working professionals are liable for maintaining the required pace to keep track on upcoming changing in this industry. These career professionals look after the installation of telecommunication apparatus and conveniences like rigid electronics with systems, wired telephone amenity, Internet protocol data systems and many more.

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Telecommunication engineering professionals have to constantly work on the development, design and maintenance of the voice and communication devices which encompasses elements like fiber, satellite, encoding encryption and so on. With the support of GPS navigation and the internet, telecommunication engineers become capable enough to know different facets of our lives.


Roles And Responsibilities With Profession Description

Telecommunication Engineering Career Options Versatility of the telecommunication engineering profession has already created its adverse impact on the engineering aspirants. Its trend and need are witnessing tremendous growth because humans live for requisite digital and wireless connectivity. At the very first glance this field might appear rigid and complex but when you get hands on expertise in telecommunication engineering then you can attain desired goals and be exceptionally lucrative. If we look from the perspective of microelectronic devices, signal processors, data networking professionals, coders and encryptions then it looks totally different. 

Telecommunication engineering working professionals profile has to deal with the line, radio connectivity, designing, installing of telecommunication apparatuses according to the clients urge. They have to look after the product’s quality, maintenance and troubleshooting. It is necessary for the telecommunication engineer to have exceptional knowledge about the fibre optics, laser technology, cellular technology and other important technologies.

Some of the astounding career options for freshers and aspirants in the field of Telecommunication Engineering

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Quaternary Sector

Quaternary sectors simply implies the sector which involves research and development. Generally, production engineers play a very pivotal role in this sector by developing and creating the materials, machinery, assembly line and worth standardization. 

Sales And Marketing

Telecommunication Engineering Career OptionsIf a telecommunication engineer has the attribute to make themselves familiar with the customer’s urge or desire then they can easily assess the possible applications. Telecommunication engineers can also provide helpful recommendations regarding the marketing tactics which may pay off and come off as effective as desired. 



Individuals with outstanding academic record, with the flair in communication skill, enthusiasm to teach and guide young brigades with the addition of exceptional knowledge can pursue teaching profession in telecommunication engineering. As a professor you will be liable for completing the allocated modules according to the session plan and you have to tackle and deliver top notch work in accordance with the task of teaching the students in the best way possible, so that the students can understand or comprehend the lessons both theoretically and practically.

NIRF top engineering colleges 2023

Equipment Installers And Maintenances

This vocation is also referred to as telecom technicians, working professionals from this field are responsible for maintaining, installing and repairing the telecom apparatuses. For implementing such tasks, they have to design, create, troubleshoot, computer science, prepare and incorporate relevant installation diagrams or infographics. For performing these tasks, one needs to have an impeccable command of the skills like troubleshooting and mechanics to serve customers beyond their expectations but within their comprehension. 

Majority of the firms want to establish their edge over other firms because of the competitions. So, the recruiters have to hire freshers who have successfully finished their postsecondary education program in the discipline of computer science, telecom or electronics. Since, India as a nation is already witnessing such revolutionary evolutions at a fast pace, so upgrading or polishing knowledge by enrolling for higher education programs is pivotal. Employees are motivated to attend numerous workshops with certification to know and explore more about their respective fields and make a career in it.


Telecom Project Manager

Telecommunication Engineering Career OptionsThe annual salary of telecom project manager as a career option is $72,500 on an average and if you perform exceptionally well then it may rise up to $112.836, if you have several years of expertise then you can apply for senior roles also. If you are a fresher or trainee then expect $32,000 only as a yearly package. Majority of the telecommunication engineers want to offer their services or want to make their career in the firm by applying for this vocation. Tasks involve creating personal terms and conditions, procedures, leading specialised projects and managing or handling procedures when required, initiating installation procedures, executing network security ethics and policies. Last but not the least, telecom project managers have to look after other different projects from the beginning till the end by maintaining the work standards. Enthusiasts who want to be on their journey/career as a telecom project must have a wide range of abilities.

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