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As we all know that Chemical Engineers and the branch of Chemical Engineering is the most inquisitive, interesting, and most famous branch of engineering. Chemical Engineers are associated in one or the other way with the daily happenings of human life and daily activities. The field of Chemical Engineering is the most opted field of all the Engineering Branches.

The Chemical Engineering branch is also associated with every engineering discipline right from the processing, raw materials, quality control, and research. Chemical Engineering is a backbone of almost 20-25 branches of engineering such as Petrochemical Engineering, Polymer Science Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Food Technology, Chemical Technology, and other branches of engineering and also some industries which depend on the Chemical Engineers and the Chemical Engineering Processes.

So, we can conclude that Chemical Engineering is the “Mother Engineering Branch” of all the present major and minor engineering branches. Throughout these years Chemical Engineering has produced many scholars. These Scholars have excelled professionally and helped many people by bringing prosperity, progress, and development to the country. So here is a list of famous personalities who are/were Chemical Engineers:-

The “Voice of Cricket”- Harsha Bhogle

Many times while watching a cricket match we have heard Harsha Bhogle’s personality doing commentary. Nobody knew that this personality is a Chemical Engineering Student. Harsha Bhogle is a Chemical Engineering Student and then he developed an interest in commentary at the time when the cricket matches in India were broadcasted in English. This man despite being a Chemical Engineer is the most respected personality when it comes to both English and Hindi Commentary. Also, many people say that his English is unmatchable in today’s era of Commentary.

Harsha Bhogle, Cricket Commentator, 5 Famous Personalities who are Chemical Engineers

The Richest Man of India- Mr. Mukesh Ambani

This name is very common in Indian households due to Jio Fiber, Reliance Industries, and the list goes on. Many people think that Mukesh Ambani has a commerce degree due to the amount of money he earns and manages, but surprisingly this personality is a Chemical Engineer. Now Mukesh Ambani is one of the most respected personalities in both the Chemical Engineering and commerce fields as well.

Mukesh Ambani, Reliance, Jio, 5 Famous Personalities who are Chemical Engineers

The Famous Scientist- Dr. Raghunath Mhashelkar

There would hardly be anyone who does not remember or recognize Dr. Raghunath Mhashelkar, the great Sr. Chemical Scientist who fought in the Courts of America for the Turmeric Patent of India and then received great awards in both India and America after his surpassing victory. sadly, soon after his remarkable victory he was very much forgotten. This great personality is much-respected and is an alumnus of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

Institute of Chemical Technology, Dr. Raghunath Mhashelkar, Turmeric Patent of India

The Harvard Dean- Mr. Nitin Noharia

This 59-year-old personality served as the Tenth Dean of the Harvard Business School and is a renowned scholar. Surprisingly Mr. Nitin Noharia was not a Commerce student but is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He has also written some books related to management sciences. He also served as the Non-Executive Director of Tata Sons.

Mr. Nitin Noharia, Harvard Business School, IIT Bombay

The Hero of Pokhran- Dr. Homi Sethna

When it comes to discussing famous Indian personalities who were Chemical Engineers, who can miss the famous Dr. Homi Sethna who was famously nicknamed “The Smiling Buddha”. He is one of the famous heroes of the Pokhran Atomic Test. He was an Indian nuclear scientist and a chemical engineer, gained international fame as the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of the Indian Country. He has also won some prestigious awards like Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan.

Dr. Homi Sethna, Pokhran Atomic Test, nuclear scientist, Atomic Energy Commission of the Indian Country, 5 Famous Personalities who are Chemical Engineers
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So this is the end of the post 5 Famous Personalities who are Chemical Engineers. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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