7 scope of pursuing robotics engineering in India

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Robotics is between disciplinary designing with sufficient occasions to get set in the absolute best associations in India and abroad. From assembling units to test mechanical technology for clinical, military, and car businesses, the fate of mechanical technology designing finds colossal opportunities for its growing experts. As we probably are aware that India is a developing economy, the assembling business is as yet not at its pinnacle and different enterprises have additionally not completely received the mechanization pattern. In this way, there will be immense interest in India for robotics engineering and other artificial intelligence courses whenever automation is conveyed at full speed.

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Working In Robotics Field

Robotics Engineering is a field of designing that manages the plan, building structure, and the utilization of robots and PC and their control and handling. Robotic science has a huge extension as a professional alternative as robots assume a significant part in the mechanical area. They help in accelerating the way toward assembling and finds huge application in the fields of atomic science, investigation of the ocean, planning of bio-clinical gear, and so on A Robotic engineer deals with all the parts of making a robot, for example, a robot planning, upkeep, testing, and legitimate working, and so on 

Robotics Engineering is viewed as a top of the line proficient career in India. There are enormous open positions anticipating a competitor who has proficient preparation in Robotics designing. A Robotic engineer can be utilized in assembling plants, labs, clinical fields, mining, computerization area, life sciences, aviation design, agrarian designing, and so on There is an incredible interest for mechanical specialists or data scientists in the assembling units and gaming business also. If the candidate has great legitimacy records, at that point they can wind up in top profiles in examination associations, for example, ISRO and NASA.

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Achievements In Robotics Field

Robotics engineering is once in a while instructed and looked for in India, be it an NIT or IIT. Mechatronics is the most related and sort field for individuals keen on advanced mechanics. You can likewise work in the field of Robotics, with an associate degree which is for the period of 2 years in robot innovation or comparative field, and work as a right hand to assistant to robotics engineer. Most colleges and universities have qualification requirements of least 50% of total aggregate marks in Class XII/and some have of least 60%. A few colleges or universities also have a particular age limit for getting admission.  Most colleges and universities require a JEE score as the minimum qualification for Undergraduate degree.


Different choices in India for Robotics Engineering:

Robotics In Space Research

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Robotics Engineer can work in space research associations. It is an energizing field and associations like ISRO utilize Artificial Intelligence and automated innovation. Consequently the extent of robotics designing in space research associations like ISRO is colossal. 

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Clinical Robots

Robots being used in the therapeutic administrations is as yet not being used at its apex. There is an inconceivable possible destiny of extending the quantity of robots being used for clinical purposes performing long and requesting basic errands and furthermore for medical clinic the board. For treatment, restorative robots are being used and look like to turn out to be essentially more. 


Private Organizations

Private associations are easing back embracing computerization and artificial pattern. And, thus, India is utilizing 14% robotization in working environments. It is certainly indicating that the future extent of advanced robotics engineering in India is broad.

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Robotics can give one the degree for working in insight organizations. These artificial intelligence organizations and robotics to distinguish risky materials and furthermore help in the examination cycle. Kerala police likewise presented the primary RoboCop named KP-BOT which is right now going through preparing. Only one state and one robot out of 29 states which we have a tremendous undiscovered market of robotics in India. Accordingly, the future extent of advanced robotics engineering is extremely high. 


Robotics In Banking

Banking is an area in India where robotics engineering is yet to surpass. On March 15, 2018, YES Bank dispatched new advanced mechanics as a piece of the YES Transact shrewd exchange item suite. It causes merchants and exporters to fundamentally improve their operational efficiencies. HDFC bank likewise presented IRA 2.0 which is responds to questions asked by clients. It helps them in right counters as per the need


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There is a wide scope of utilization of artificial intelligence and robotics in the military in India. India having the fourth most remarkable military on the planet is ceaselessly redesigning and doing research regarding fighting and innovation. For instance, DRDO presented Daksh which is pointed toward identifying and recovering improvised explosive devices (IED).

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Air Terminals

In numerous air terminals, robotization is being utilized these days. In Bangalore air terminal, there is KEMPA which is a unique robot right hand, helping confused travelers in English and Kannada. Therefore, India is sitting tight for such methodologies in numerous different air terminals and other places at tremendous market.


Thus, we can see that the robotics market in India is absolutely undiscovered and is just in the presentation stage. India needs to measure its estimates more towards robotics research to expand the extent of robotics in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotics engineering is a field that involves designing, building, and programming robotic systems. It combines elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science to create intelligent machines that can perform tasks autonomously or with human assistance.

The scope of pursuing robotics engineering in India is promising. With advancements in automation and artificial intelligence, the demand for skilled robotics engineers is increasing across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, defense, and logistics. India is witnessing a rise in the adoption of robotics and automation technologies, creating opportunities for robotics engineers to contribute to various sectors.

Pursuing robotics engineering can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in India. Some of the common job roles include robotics engineer, automation engineer, robotics software developer, control systems engineer, research scientist, machine learning engineer, and robotics project manager. Graduates can work in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, research and development organizations, and start-ups

To succeed in the field of robotics engineering, you should have a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and computer science. Additionally, skills such as programming (C++, Python, ROS), mechatronics, control systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and problem-solving are crucial. Good communication, teamwork, and project management skills are also beneficial.

Yes, robotics engineering graduates from India can pursue higher studies or research opportunities abroad. Many renowned universities around the world offer specialized programs in robotics and related fields.

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