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There are several methods and approaches companies adapt to recruit employees. Psychometric testing is considered one of the efficient and effective way to get valuable insight into a candidate’s personality and aptitude. There are many firms and businesses that use Psychometric testing to hire suitable candidates for their company.

Nowadays businesses across the globe are reaping the benefits of Psychometric tests. With the application of Psychometric assessment, companies have tended to save time and money in the recruitment process.

With the help of Psychometric tools, companies can now measure a candidate’s personality, behaviour and cognitive abilities. This helps identify a candidate’s long-term potential in the company.

What is Psychometric Testing in Recruitment?

Psychometric testing in recruitment refers to a variety of tests and tools that measures a candidate’s capabilities and personality traits that determine the suitability of a candidate’s for the applied job profile and the organisation. Psychometric tests are scientifically and meticulously designed which provides genuine and unbiased results.

psychometric test

Psychometric tests contain different types of questions and are based on several subjects areas that measure a candidate’s abilities and help explore aptitude which pertains to numerical, verbal and logical skills and determine problem-solving and information processing speed. This assessment also evaluates how candidates communicate and their potential for leadership.

Importance of Psychometric tests in the recruitment process?

The traditional methods of the recruitment process were by reviewing the CV of the candidate, conducting rounds of interviews, and later assigning them a task or project if needed. With growing competition, this isn’t enough to measure the full potential of the candidate and the suitability for the applied role.

  • With the help of Psychometric assessments, the recruitment process has become more effective and now the recruiters can get more detailed and insightful information about the candidate.
  • Psychometric assessments can help evaluate skills, aptitude, personality, communication style, emotional intelligence and behaviours of an individual.

These insights allow the recruiters to determine

  • How well you might work within a team,
  • How good are your managerial skills,
  • What are your management styles and techniques,
  • Your willingness to obey the rules
  • Critical decisions making skills in case of emergencies.

These are the factors that determine whether a candidate is right for a job within a particular company.

In addition to this Psychometric tests are not only limited to the recruitment process, but it is also beneficial for building stronger teams, retaining and promoting employees and solving conflicts. With the help of continuous Psychometric test, organizations can evaluate their current employees for executive positions or other advancement opportunities.

How Psychometric Tests are conducted?

Psychometric tests are generally in a multiple-choice format. The assessments are conducted in between interview rounds or like nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is being conducted online by all the companies who use Psychometric testing for the recruitment process.

There are several questions divided into various categories/ sections which include logical and analytical reasoning, quantitative ability and verbal ability. Limited time is allotted for each section hence the candidate must complete the assessment before the timer runs out.

The contents and pattern psychometric tests are mostly the same but slightly different based on companies as per their needs and job profiles. These assessments don’t require hardcore preparations but an individual should be aware of the question pattern and must have a brief knowledge about the testing process. It’s better to do some prior practise before appearing for the Psychometric tests.

Once the assessment is over the candidate must take the feedback of their Psychometric assessment. Getting feedback can reveal your strengths and weaknesses that you were not even aware of, and you can work on the areas where you need improvement that can benefit you in the long run.

How do companies benefit from Psychometric assessment?

A company is successful when it has suitable candidates with the right aptitudes and personality for the role and work hard to retain them in the long run. Psychometric assessment can gradually increase the probability of selecting the right candidate for a job.

Psychometric test in hiring, recruitment, company

The development and growth of the company depend on its employees. The expertise they bring to the team, perform the given tasks and their ability to work with others is what makes a difference. Employees who struggle to achieve their targets often do so because they get selected based on their resume and a couple of interview rounds.

Companies that take recruitment seriously and wants to hire quality employees often use psychometrics as one part of their highly involved selection process. The psychometric assessment benefits nearly every company in the recruitment process by selecting the top talents and retaining them to achieve better results in the long run.


It is crucial to adopt optimal means of recruitment for hiring employees, given the costs of the insufficient hiring process can lead to wastage of time, labour and money and can make a severe impact on company morale and culture.

By Koustav Banik

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