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In the initial stages of the hiring process, employers often use psychometric tests including numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and rational thinking tests. These challenges help to determine which applicants in the group are under tension and have the mental agility. The best results must be achieved because only the top 10% of applicants in a competitive work environment are advancing to the next step of the application. The questions and the overall structure of the tests vary depending on the test psychometrics, but all types of psychological testing are fully ready.

Mistakes to Avoid in Psychometric Test

Take into account our listing of the 10 most influential errors below and how you can avoid them to ensure that you’ve properly prepared and performed to the required level at your test.

1. Not reading instructions

Do not believe you remember the correct format of the test since you have taken multiple tests since evaluation patterns depending on the publisher may vary. Look at the time for the trial and how many questionnaires are included. Check the guidelines on what you should log your reactions for each section of the questionnaire. You can also find useful tips or even an example question for the instructions. Remember to read all of the information presented to you.

2. Not taking enough sleep day before the psychometric test

Specificity, logic, and fast problem solving are required in the psychometric test. Your brain cannot function as effectively as possible due to the lack of sleep. As the highest possible result gives you the best opportunity to move to the next stage in the recruitment process, you have to sleep for at least 8 hours. It’s also wise – when you take the test and can choose when you finish it – that you are in your greatest condition and alert at the time of the next day.

Psychometric test

3. Not research about the test type

Not every psychometric test is produced in the same way as the publisher determines their requirements. Though most psychometric tests have difficult time restrictions, Cappfinity tests do not even have a time limit. Attempt to find out much more than you can about your aptitude test so you can customize your process and use the most precise content. In case you have not initially provided test type or publication information, ask your potential employer. Practice Aptitude Tests have psychometric exam questions organized for the targeted order to prepare, by type of test, the industry, employer, and publishing house.

4. Not focusing over the time limit 

You must respond accurately and quickly to secure the highest level test score. Take into account the timings and practice at the same time so that you get used to the speed required for the test to be finished. It can be tendentious to spend more time on matters that are difficult to find, but the time allotted cannot be exceeded. For example, you must take 1 minute for each question when you have a numerical rationalization test and 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. When the minute is over, select a response and proceed directly to the next question. If you still have time, you also can revisit questions at the end. Please note its number early if you decide to move to another question.

Psychometric test

5. Not practicing proper questions

Without preparatory work, questions of psychometric tests can be troublesome. These questions often have unnecessary information or answers that are deliberately misleading. Appropriate practice with mock psychometric test questions can improve performance and your ability.

6. Not checking marked answers

Multiple choices are a common characteristic of the majority of psychometric testing. It is important to start the answer and answer the question instead of going backward with several answers. The preferred technique of reaching the question depends on the type of test as well as on your own choice. Although it is not better to look at each possible response before you start your independent process of thinking, looking at the possible answer is sensible before you begin to address the problem. It helps you to quickly evaluate if your work is contributing you in the correct direction if you are conscious of the right direction.

Psychometric test

7. Not having equipment for the test

It is probably up to you to ensure that you have the content you need to sit the test whether you give a test at home or centre. For instance, you should have a scientific calculator to conduct all the operations you may require when using a numerical reasoning test. When responding to questions, you must not hold all the relevant data in your head, since you can use rough paper and a pencil to detect any work. This aid can easily be ignored when digitized tests are completed. If you do the test online, a computer with a newly updated browser as well as a stable Internet connection will be necessary for you to take the test at home. This enables the evaluation questions to be easily loaded and any technical problems to be avoided.

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