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The 11th & 12th standard is a time to decide which stream of higher education to choose. This is when you would have to choose from the different educational streams, a decision that would impact the next 3-6 years and even further in some cases. When this decision is done right the life pursuing higher education would be a time to envy for life as you will enjoy the 3 or 4 years doing what fits your personality and aptitude the most. The few path ways that a student who has completed 12th standard or is about to graduate has as an option forward are:

  • Science
  • Arts 
  • Professional Courses
  • Vocational Studies
  • Commerce & Finance

How does one decide which path to take? And how to know which path would be the right one for self? 

CareerGuide has a slew of assessments to help you to clarify the conundrum at this phase of your life. Read on to understand each of the assessments available for students in their 11th & 12th standard, pre-final or final year of graduation. Also, their intent, and how the results from these can serve as a great starting point for having in-depth discussions. This leads to an informed decision concerning the future educational path of the student. 

Engineering Branch Selector TestTM

You have decided that Engineering is your path, yet you are unsure about which specific branch of engineering to pursue. We know that AICTE has recognized over 200 different branches of engineering categorized into 34 major engineering branches. This could be quite overwhelming and looking for clarity to this confusion from family, friends, relatives & schoolteachers who might lack the relevant industry experience might only add to the confusion.  

The Engineering Branch Selector TestTM provides you insights into which branch of engineering will be the best fit for your temperament, taking into consideration your work interest with specific real-life work situations as per different branches of Engineering. It tests the 4 fundamental aptitudes required for every engineer namely Spatial, Closure, Mechanical and Logical and maps it to the interest of the candidate. The report provides both graphical as well as tabular representation of each engineering interest group in an easy-to-understand way. The report also has instructions on how to interpret it. 

As with any test of Career Guide, there is no need for prior preparation as it is neither an academic assessment nor a performance assessment. There is no right or wrong answer. It is just the appropriate answer with which you identify the most with.

Humanities Career Selector TestTM

You think you are a Humanities person and would like to know what are the various options that are open for you in this branch. You might be aware of a few popular ones including Psychology, Social Work, and Law. There are more such major areas with multiple career options after graduation. Finding a person who has the knowledge to guide you to navigate the process of selecting the right stream here might be exceedingly difficult.  

Humanities Career Selector TestTM will provide you with an answer to which career option of Humanities you should select. It provides personalized detailed analysis of all the Humanities career clusters, along with their wide diversity of available career options and work areas. 

Humanities and Social sciences are a set of subjects that comes under the category of Arts. Studying each one of them develops some art and skills, as well as requires a certain level of interest to study. This report helps in matching your activity choices, presence of mind, specific real-life work situation’s choice, and atypical personality/image required as per different professional careers of Humanities.

Commerce Career Selector TestTM

Commerce is another vast field that covers financial and non-financial domains, with multiple career options, and can be daunting for an 11th and 12th standard student to understand which one would be their field of choice.  

Commerce Career Selector TestTM will provide you with an answer to which career option in the line of commerce you could select. It provides a personalized detailed analysis of all the commerce career choices, with the differentiation of financial and non-financial career options available to you.  

Skill Based Career TestTM

If you are contemplating on skilling yourself and are unsure of which vocational skill to choose for yourself, then this is the test that will guide you in the right direction. 

The result of this test is a representation of the occupational interest of the student/candidate based on personality type (RIASEC theory) as formulated by psychologist John L. Holland. This test report will help you understand your interest type and provide you with suggestions on which career sector you can flourish, based on the percentage of your motivation in each of the career clusters based on your interest. 

Choosing a skilling course and career based on this recommendation will increase your likelihood of being more successful in the skilling course as well as your future career. This report helps you have more meaningful discussions about your future pathway with your career counselor.

Ideal Career TestTM

This is a test for all age groups. If you are interested in finding your true calling, not sure what path to take next, this is the test for you.  

Ideal Career Test™ is suitable for a person of any age group who is interested in discovering the right career options. The report is divided into four sections – motivation, aptitude, interest, and personality. Each section deals in detail about your strengths & limitations, areas of improvement, and more. Based on the complete analysis of all the factors that are measured, the report also provides you with the top three career clusters which would be ideal for you to pursue.  

With the help of the report, you will be able to discuss at length with your counselor- any areas of improvement, work on goal setting and possible interventions needed to focus on improvement areas, and a lot more.  

The entire test would not take more than an hour to complete and, as with the other psychometric tests of CareerGuide, this requires no prior preparation as no academic potential is tested. You just need to be able to take this test with a clear head and preferably in a calm state of mind without any distractions. 

If you are an 11th or 12th grader or a parent for one of them and would like to have more clarity on the career/stream choices to make, look no further. You have arrived at the one-stop destination for all your career needs.

:By- Aarthi Prabhakaran

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