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A person’s psychological traits like aptitude, nature, skills and talents tell more about a person. There are devices to measure a person’s physical attributes such as height, weight and other traits. Physical traits are not the only factors to know about a person. These traits can be of great help in making big decisions in building a career path of an individual.

Now with the help of Psychometric Tests, you can measure the psychological traits of an individual. Especially for children who want to decide which stream to select after class 10 or which career path to choose after class 12, Psychometric tests can be of great help.

Psychometric tests measure the abilities, skills and talents of a child and help them to determine what career is best suited for them. Psychometric test include questions that pertain to various traits of a child. Psychometric tests provide you with unbiased results which are free of any personal prejudice one might have.

The right time to take Psychometric Tests for students

It will be useless to have the students take Psychometric tests done at a very young age or at the beginning of school education. To take the Psychometric test students must attain a stable stage in their life where they can think wisely and make a rational decision. The right time to take Psychometric Tests for students is when they are either at the transition from class 10th or higher.

right time to take psychometric test

The Psychometric Tests for students must be done at crucial crossroads in their lives. It is recommended that the first psychometric tests must be conducted after class 10th to determine the suitable stream for students. After that, a student can take up a Psychometric test at any time whenever they feel necessary as per their needs.

Psychometric tests for students are recommended so that students can understand themselves and their capabilities better and determine the best career path for themselves.

Psychometric Tests for students at CareerGuide.com

CareerGuide is amongst the trusted platform in helping you understand yourself, the best career for you and providing all the resources in the process. CareerGuide brings to you 6 scientific and meticulously designed Psychometric Career Assessment for students to discover their true potential and interest.

Psychometric Test for working professional, Career Assessment

1. Ideal Career Test

The Ideal Career Test is the most popular test taken up by many students. The Ideal Career Test is for all age groups to determine the ideal career for them. The ideal Career Test report is divided into 4 sections namely motivation, aptitude, interest and personality.

The Ideal Career Test provides you with 12 pages of Psychometric Career report and suggests you the career which is most suitable for you.

2. Skill-Based Career Test

The Psychometric assessment for the Skill-Based Career Test is designed to determine the most suitable career for you based on your skills. Skill-Based Career test maps your interest based on the RIASEC theory.

Choosing a course based on skills and career based on the recommendation in this report will increase your likelihood of being more successful and doing better in your course, job and career.

3. Stream Selector Test

Stream Selector Test helps you to select the right stream after class 10. This Psychometric test is scientifically designed to discover your potential, interest and aptitude.

The Stream Selector Test is based on RIASEC theory that measures your verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude and your interest. The Stream Selector Test is categorized into 4 segments namely Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Humanities.

4. Engineering Branch Selector Test

Engineering Branch Selector Test helps you to select the best Engineering Branch amongst all major Engineering branches. Discover your personalised Psychometric Engineering report and get an answer to which Branch of Engineering you can opt for matching your work interest with the specific real-life work situation.

This Psychometric assessment relies on interest and capability base segmentation to find the potential of a candidate.

5. Commerce Career Selector

The Psychometric assessment for Commerce Career Selector will help you with an answer to which career option of Commerce you should select after class 12th. The Commerce Career Selector report provides a brief knowledge about all the career options of commerce both in financial and non-financial domain you should opt for.

A scientifically designed and formulated assessment that helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind, specific real-life work situation’s choice and a typical personality as per different professional careers of commerce.

6. Humanities Career Selector Test

Psychometric Assessment for Humanities Career Selector will help you to discover and know your humanities best career options. The Psychometric assessment result provides personalized detailed analysis of all the careers of the humanities stream along with their wide diversity of available career options and work areas. Studying humanities develops some art and skills as well as requires a certain level of interest to study.

By : Koustav Banik

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