Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge

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Surely, everyone in every corner of the world will be happy to be updated with the modern happenings around the world. Becoming knowledgeable gives a person some value in the world. The struggle of the person for becoming one of the knowledgeable people in the world starts right from his childhood and is a never-ending process. A child starts by learning the alphabets, numbers, shapes, and faces of various things right in his childhood which are the first step towards gaining success right from when he is a small kid.

After that, his quest for knowledge travels from various stages of life right from Primary, Secondary, and High School, and then develops further as an inquisitive student. Then he starts his search for advanced knowledge in the form of an Undergraduate or Graduate Student and a Research or Fellowship Student. After this, his quest for knowledge continues in the form of Job, Business, etc, and the quest for knowledge goes on endlessly thereafter.

So, in short, it is said that for a student to be Faster, Smarter, and Better he has to gain heaps of knowledge and he also has to memorize and learn each of them in a very speedy manner to become one of the knowledgeable citizens of the country. For this, sources like Books, Notes, Reference Books, Text Books, Journals, Magazines, Research Papers, Articles Published on Internet, and Transcripts are available free of cost and with ease of access.

From the above paragraph, we have concluded that for a person to be Faster, Smarter, and Better he has to be a more knowledgeable person. For this, the person has to start this struggle right from his school life where he faces the outer world for the first time. This is the appropriate time and stage for the student to start the process of gaining knowledge. For this, the Vodafone or Vi along with Derek O’Brien and its associates have organized the Derek’s Faster Smarter Challenge on a School Level to Enrich, Applaud and Felicitate the knowledge gained and possessed by the students in their school life.

Derek O'Brien, memorize and learn, Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge

This competition is organized as a National Level Competition which starts with a basic round in some most popular schools around the whole country and no part of the country is left for this competition. The main motive behind organizing this competition as declared officially by Derek O’Brien and Associates is, “This Competition will show encouragement in the students to think logically, speak confidently, and improve their memory skills and also be aware of what all is happening around the whole world. In short, this competition will make the students in every corner of the world Faster, Smarter, and Better”.

This competition is a National Level Competition which is organized annually. This competition is meant for the students from 7th to 10th standard. There is no registration fee required to participate in this competition. The things such as Application of Logic, Common Sense, Knowledge, Memory, and Mental Ability are tested in Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge. Like every other national level competition, there are stages of the competition which are given as follows:-

Derek's faster smarter better challenge, national level competition, School, competition, Students

Stage 1- Inter-School Competition

Four teams will participate against each other in this competition at School Level. 

  1. There will be four stages of this competition namely Life Skills, Direct Questioning, Visual Memory, and Rapid Fire.
  2. There will be four teams of three members each.
  3. The winner team will pass on to the Inter-School Round.

Stage 2- Inter-School Competition

  1. The Winner teams of the School round will face a written preliminary round and the top six teams will be selected from here.
  2. The top six teams will face an On-Stage Quiz Competition whose pattern will remain the same as the School Round.
  3. The winners of this round will be the City Winners.
  4. The City Winners will again compete against themselves in a semi-final round.

Derek's faster smarter better challenge, national level competition, Students, competition

Stage 3- Final Round

  1. Top 6 City Finalists will clash against themselves to become National Finalists.
  2. The National Finalists will compete against each other to become the Winners of the Competition.

The Winners of Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge will receive Certificates, Medals, Cash Prizes, and many more goodies as a gift for competing. Also, there are goodies given to the audience for answering some bonus questions during the contest. Seeing the overall decorum and intensity of Derek’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge and its levels of participation in this completion is a must participate. Wishing Good Luck to the students with this competition!!

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