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A veterinarian is a person who protects and treats animals whether they are injured or ill. As a veterinary doctor, you have to specialize in a type of veterinary medicine like surgery e or a group of animals, dogs, wildlife for horses you have to work for very long hours and should be available for emergencies. In simple words, a veterinary doctor is a medical professional who helps to protect the health of animals, diagnose and control diseases in animals and treat them. They also help owners to take proper care of their pets. Veterinary is also a great career opportunity. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to accomplish your career path.

Getting a bachelor's degree

The prospective veterinarian needs a bachelor’s degree to qualify for admission to a Veterinary College. Students need to take a minimum number of courses of science subjects during undergraduate such as Biology Physics and Chemistry. And it also depends on the college where you may require to meet Humanities mathematics prerequisites or social science. You can get experience while working with animals. You have to be aware that getting admission to a veterinary school is very competitive and if you have experienced it can help you to significantly increase your chances to get admission.

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Gaining experience

You have to gain experience as much as possible with animals. Most of the schools will expect you to have animal experience and you can do internships and jobs which will Shadow a few good options. Spending time with animals will make you understand more about their behavior and you will gain experience in real life by spending time with them. This experience will be given priority at the time of admissions to the veterinary School.

Take Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The college of veterinary required DVM program applicants to take the GRE examination and submit the results to the admission office. This test helps to know about your verbal skills, analytical and quantitative skills. Your GRE score should be more than the 50th percentile to qualify. You can start practicing for the test, students who are ready to give the exam can take the practice to make them familiar with the content.

Gre Veterinary Doctor

Completing DVM program

You have to complete a doctorate of veterinary medicine program. It takes four years to complete and it consists of three years of preclinical instruction and in the last year, they will be given clinical training. The students appearing for the veterinary medicine program can take courses in animal physiology and anatomy, veterinary neurobiology and genetics, parasitology, and radiology. During the clinical training in the final year of the program, the students are allowed to work with animals and also participate in a variety of rotations involving animal surgery, cardiology, anesthesia, and dermatology.

Get licensed

You will require veterinarians‘ licensure. After obtaining the DVM degree you will need to apply with a fee to be eligible for the North American veterinary licensing examination. In addition to the examination, some states will ask for an exam that covers state laws and regulations. The licensure does not transfer from one state to another; you have to obtain a different license from each state in which you are working.


As a veterinary doctor, you have to consider obtaining a certification speciality through the American Veterinary Medical Association. While the certification is optional it is not compulsory and also it does not demonstrate your skill as a veterinary speciality such as surgery dentistry or any other things you have true you came 3 to 4 years of experience or additional training before being eligible for the certifications it depends on the speciality.

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There are a lot of Jobs available. If you are a veterinarian you can easily get a job after completion of studies. Being in this field is a great career opportunity where you will be having compiled information about the veterinary field. It is a great opportunity for you if you are a person who is interested and has a love for animals. This opportunity can also fulfil your needs without so much tension. This is a happy and cheerful job.

By: Varsha Yadav

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