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BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. This course is for them who are interested in management and business things. After 12th anyone can opt for it. BBA Course is a 3-year professional undergraduate course in Business Management. There are so many different streams are there on this:- BBA Banking and Insurance BBA Air Travel Management BBA Computer Applications BBA Finance BBA Foreign Trade BBA Marketing BBA Hotel Management BBA Accounting  Eligibility for the BBA course is a Minimum aggregate score of 50% to 60% at 10+2 level of education. Thank You.

Hello Yadav,  Your question is pretty general, wish you could be specific. As such business management entails fields which helps an organization run its business. This includes HR, Marketing, Finance, IT, Supply chain or Inventory management etc. In case if you wish to know about any one in details do write back being specific. Wish you good luck...

Hello There, I am totally confused how can one start a business without funds. At the max you can start a collaboration with an NGO but that too would require initial investment. Whether funds are what you already have or are funded by other institutes.  Anyways to begin with start planning as to what kind of business you wish to begin with, who would be your target customers, how would you aporoach your customers, where will you set your business etc. This will help you understand your requirements and decide if funds are needed or not. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

Hi, International business seems to be the new store of opportunities for corporate houses where they can expand their reach globally. India being the third largest fast developing economy in the world, Indian businesses have got a number avenues to thrive at the global level. We have free trade pacts with many countries and other such trade agreements with many American, European, Asian and African countries. Owing to the new global order of the market business world needs qualified professionals to reap the all possible benefits from the international market. The executives who want to be pa

Hi, Business Management is one of the new fields in the business world which combine business and management so as to run businesses efficiently with effective management. The Business Management is essentially a process which helps develop strategies, procedure, plan and policies which are immensely helpful for day to day administration of the organization. The Business Management guide organization to achieve previously set targets and go according to the vision and long term goals. With efficient business management, an organization can evolve recourses and can utilize them for the advancem

Hi, Dear Aspirant, It’s a good question as very few people know about this type of professional courses. The Business Analytics (BA) is basically a practice/profession where the professionals use statistical data and analyze it to decide the policies and planning of the organization. The methodological and statistical analysis and investigation of the past business performance help the organizations to learn and go ahead with new business insight. The big data-driven companies use this practice of iterative and rely on methodological exploration, predictive modeling of the data for compe

Dear Aspirant, Business Analysis / Strategy / Research are very good job profiles and luckily you have one of them. How many years of experience have you gathered till now? If it is below five years, then complete atleast five years in the domain. This tenure is required to really build process knowledge and expertise. I would suggest that going for an MBA General Management from a premier institute will be helpful in case you are not an MBA already. If you are an MBA, then gaining experience is the only way to progress and grow. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, With those qualification in Marketing as major and Finance as minor, you may not be able to get a Business Analyst position in financial domain. You can become a Business Analyst in marketing research companies, retail industry, etc.  For becoming a Business Analyst, there are companies which offer those positions for freshers. I feel learning on the job in your case is what can be done. Best wishes

There are many courses related to business studies in India under different branches of MBA. At graduation level you may pursue BBA followed by MBA in your desired branch, may it be marketing, HR, Hospitality, Tourism, etc. etc. Later on you may join an MNC  or may be work as an entrepreneur running your own business. For your BBA and MBA, you may choose to work at any one of these places - Axis Institute of Technology and Management, Kanpur,......................Sarvottam Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida,..............................Lovely Professional University, P

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you have completed BBE. Ideal would be MA Economics or MBE which would lead you to jobs in banks, financial institutions, mutual funds, nbfcs, etc. You may also go for MBA Finance. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, If Actuaries is what you are doing and would like to pursue a career in the same, there is no need for any other course or qualification. Your Maths passion is very much required in Actuaries and you are on the track.  Best wishes  

Dear Aspirant, BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange. This is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. BSE is one of the national stock exchanges after NSE.  Sensex is the index name of the BSE. Whether the market was down or up is denoted by a number which is called as SENSEX. If you wish to study about Business & Corporate World, then MBA would be the best course you should do from a top rated institute in India or abroad. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, MCom is BA is a good qualification but its just a paper qualification. Job opportunities on this basis are very low and not competitive and high paying. If you wish to start your job in a low to moderate level, then this will be helpful. I would suggest an MBA if you are interested business and administration from a top ranked Institute in India or abroad. After this you will get much more and satisfying job opportunities. Best wishes  

Hi There, That is an interesting outlook, as the growth of the country depends on the individual and an organisation too. But I am sorry, I have no clues what is South Africa growth status. But I am completely focused and look forward to help entrepreneurs uplift the Indian Economy. Wish you good luck.......

Two objectives 1. To have appropriate communication within the organization 2. To have appropriate communication outside of organization In both scenarios it is intended to benefit the business of the organization

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