Hi Asmita A banquet sales coordinator has some of the best positions lined in the row in the Hospitality Industry , One can go on to become Director of Sales , Food &Beverage  Manager , Banquet Manager ,Director of Catering & Banquets. Also you can own any hotel or hospitality or banquet space chain in future.

Dear Aspirant, This is one of the frequently asked career concerns by people into sales and having worked there for some time. Really speaking, did you dream about an office and cabin job when you chose marketing/sales as your job and career? I think you are not satisfied with the sales field which is definitely hectic. However, learning is immense. You can move out of sales by doing a course which is relevant to the field you are thinking of to move into. This is because your sales experience will be of no use in non-sales field/domain.  Getting a qualification is a must or you may need

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Firstly reading your detailed query made me happy since more the detailed query, more the clarity for we experts to guide you appropriately.I am glad and thank ful to you for approaching [CareerGuide][1] for seeking guidance and advice for your career concern.Marketing field interests you:From your query I understand that despite of graduating as an Engineer in Electrical and Electronics branch, you are inclined to pursue a career in marketing and there fore you opted for MBA Marketing and further you completed it as well. Completing your MBA is very good and I wo