The National Institute of Technology (NIT) and National Institute of Technology (IIT) are the greatest Engineering Institutes in India which are like a dream of every student who want to make his/her career in engineering field. NIT is ranked among the top 10 engineering institutes of the country and is also recognised by throughout the world. There are many colleges under NIT which provide MCA courses in order to search the best colleges under NIT, visit the link provided, link:- / NIT offers Engineering Courses and a candidate may get the admission after qualifying the AIEEE Examination

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Dear friend, many thank fro your question, here you have not mentioned that what is your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. In way the will definitely help you solve your query. As you have mentioned that you wish to become manger in your career and you want to be a boss in the office. I really appreciate your career pathway which you want to achieve. The manager in any company is a responsible person, who has academic background of management. If you are in school, then you should opt BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and then MBA, you may d

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Dear Mitali, thanks for writing to! Congratulations for your achievement! Shortlisting in top institutions is indeed big achievement. Considering the ranking and nature of the course (BBA+MBA), I would recommend you to take up course from IIM-Indore. In today's market, masters education is essential. IIM Indore will also fetch you good placement opportunities. I agree with Vaibhav and Dr. Anand's suggestion. Without any delay, take informed decision and secure admission in the most appropriate institution based on recommendations from different career experts. Hope this is

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Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!In Today's fast-paced market scenario, the role of Business Analyst (BA) lends great value to an organization.- a BA is a genralist capable of fucntioning competently in a diverse roles.Outsourcing has become a mainstray in our global economy. Large corporations reduce their operation cost by seeking out the same work quality at lower costs. By outsourcing, a distance between business stakeholder and the programmer is created, creating the need for higher quality and more precise analysis, including creation of documents and fucntional specifiactions, has risen. Wit

Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!In Today's fast-paced market scenario, the role of Business Analyst (BA) lends great value to an organization. - a BA is a generalist capable of functioning competently in diverse roles.Outsourcing has become a mainstray in our global economy. Large corporations reduce their operation cost by seeking out the same work quality at lower costs. By outsourcing, a distance between business stakeholder and the programmer is created, creating the need for higher quality and more precise analysis, including creation of documents and functional specifications, has risen. Wit

Hello Aspiring to do an MBA is an excellent decision for your future career. You haven't mentioned on any about your educational background. To study an MBA, students need to have ideally taken up the 10+2+3 route or the 10+2+4 route. This means, after tenth and twelfth you should have either completed a three year bachelors degree or a four year bachelors degree. If you have followed either of these routes, then you are absolutely eligible to study an MBA. Next, having some work experience: An MBA with some prior work experience is definitely essential for a person to survive on the

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Hello! It’s good to know that you want to pursue post graduation. For regular post graduation courses, you need to clear the entrance exam eg. For admission to any of the IIM’s, one needs to score well in CAT i.e. Common admission test. Also, for regular MBA course, you need to pursue it for full time. Hence, it can’t be pursued parallel when you are working. However, in case of distance learning, you can continue to work. Hence, first prioritize and choose between distance MBA and full time MBA course. Then you can decide about the university or school for the course. All th

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Hello Vandana,  Interesting question. Regulatory affair is one of the most important role in the pharma, chemical, cosmetics and food industry. Their role is regulated under the FDA. Thus from the above it must be clear the industries where you might find a job opportunity. As a regulatory officer, your main role is to monitor the entire manufacturing unit before it is sent out into the market. You would check the entire production unit and machines used during the production. Another task is licencing the chemist in terms of them storing the product and selling the right product. They al

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Hello Vikas,  Recession hit the market in 2008. Now its been 8 years and marketa are doing very good. Though i do not disagree that every year markets facing fresh talents and so for you to compete with them is a bit difficult. But still you cant give up. At the moment decide whether HR OR Marketing. Whichever field you choose be ready to begin at the base.  Apply to various companies online and through job portals as well as refrences. Revise few concepts before you apply. Have the confidence.  Wish you good luck.....  

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Dear Aspirant, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an excellent career option in the field of law. There is specialisation available in law courses in IPR. IPR is about the copyrights, patents, geographical indications, trademarks, etc. which are the intellectual property of an organisation and organisations are very much keen to protect them through the IPR laws. There are also litigations which arise in this field where expert advocates are required to plead in the Court of Law. For a career in IPR domain, doing a LLB course is recommended. After that a Masters in Law (IPR) is possible or

Dear Aspirant, Have you completed your commerce graduation or about to complete? Anyways, you are not eligible for food and nutrition courses on the basis of commerce studies. They are purely science / biology subject domains. How did you know that your interests are in health and wellness field? IF you have decided that you wish to be in the well ness industry, then instead of nutrition and food, you can think of Aerobics, Yoga, Gym, hospital management, freelance nutrition consulting like Herbalife, etc. BA Yoga is not a long term career if are looking for a job etc.  I feel, you are to

Dear Aspirant, With twelve years of strong experience in project management sales and marketing, you can climb up the management ladder. This you can do either by searching for a job switch or if possible in your current organisation by speaking to your current managers and above. If you have done an MBA already previously, then you will have to look for management cadre opportunities yourself based on your experience and what you can give to the organisation and contribute to its growth. If not, it is recommended that you take up a General Management course from a reputed BSchool through part

Hello There, I am totally confused how can one start a business without funds. At the max you can start a collaboration with an NGO but that too would require initial investment. Whether funds are what you already have or are funded by other institutes.  Anyways to begin with start planning as to what kind of business you wish to begin with, who would be your target customers, how would you aporoach your customers, where will you set your business etc. This will help you understand your requirements and decide if funds are needed or not. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

Dear Aspirant, Having 40% in your graduation and that too of commerce which is a scoring stream is really a problem area. The fact is all courses generally admit students on the minimum percentage of 45-50% only. Your 40% is a problem which you will have to live with. What can you do now should have been thought about when you appeared for the exams of graduation very casually and got so low percentages. However, you can do one thing now. Do M.Com in a good subject which you can score in and get atleast 55%. After this you will be able to get jobs to begin your career at lower level or you may

Hi Manoj, I advise you to visit this website;-

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HI, Some of the good b schools you can refer to are: 1-PES University, Bangalore 2-SRM University, Chennai 3-Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore 4-Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur 5-Institute of Management Studies, Noida 6-YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad 7-SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai 8-Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar 9-MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai 10-Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad These all above mentioned take through MAT entrance. All the best!  

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Hello Kevin,  What is the meaning of profile showing management?. By the way, what are you currently pursuing.   Is it management you wish to pursue during the under graduate course. Who has told you the under graduate course is not good. It is how students perceive the course and follow it up with either higher studies or job. Pursue management course with a goal in mind. As of now hope you know undergraduate management course is available under 2 titles BMS offered under Mumbai university and BBA offered as an affiliated course from Pune university. BBA is more practical course and

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Hello Rahul,  What is the reason for failure twice?. Analyse and take necessary action. Since to appear for UPSC, you need to be a graduate first. Please stop thinking about easy alternatives. At this moment if UPSC is your aim you will have to clear the engineering exam at any cost. At this time thinking of family business stops you from putting in the right effort and take the easy route out.  So my suggestion would be focus only on your completion of engineering course. Take necessary help from professors or fellow students, make notes or pointers, refer previous years papers etc.

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Hello Deepak,  An IT experience would mean technical knowledge mainly dealing with hardware, systems and trouble shooting. Whereas Marketing is all about selling a product by convincing the customer about the benefits of the product. From the above, you might have an idea that both the fields are different and requires different potentials from individuals. Incase you are an extrovert personality with good communication skills you could get into the marketing profile. Moreover with an IT experience and background, you could get into marketing of IT products itself. Since to be successful

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Hi, Human Resource Department in any organization can be considered the backbone of that organization owing to the importance of the HR Department in various Human Resource Aspects of the organization. Recruitment of employees, training them as per the objectives of the organization, appraisal of performance, maintenance of workplace environment, dispute redressal and management, public relations and communications, motivating employees and to leverage all these to achieve the goals in predetermined time. The working professionals in HR have very much to do with upgrading and updating themselv

Hello Nitin The very first thing that I would like to tell you is don’t try to relate education and financial condition. There are many scholarships, schemes of financial assistance by colleges and education loans offered by banks. In order to  choose a career for yourself, list down your interests, skills and favorite subjects. Also think about and inclination towards various fields. As a result you will get to know whether the field of management is suitable for you. Once you decide the course that you wish to pursue, it will be easier for you to search for scholarships and other

Hello Illiyas,  Why did you pursue air ticketing course after a degree in computers?. How was it related?. And now you wish to pursue an MBA.  One suggestion, dont just run behind degrees to attain higher qualification. It must be in sync with your basic qualification or else the basics holds no value at all. Anyways I would suggest think why you wish to pursue management course?. What is your objective?. Please do not fall in trap of a rat race.  In terms of further studies you could pursue an MCA which is in sync with your basic qualification. Rest is your choice Wish you good

Hello Niketa,  The only straight and simple answer to your question is " JOB". I am of the firm belief that pursuing a course or degree or certificate just for the sake of seeking a higher qualification makes no sense. The content from the course must be put into real life practice. Only then the course adds value to the effort taken. Also, work experience and market demand which one can analyse during work must be the means for selecting a course. When I say experience, I mean a minimum of 5years. At the sametime the job profile must be proper and significant. This helps in making a choi

Hello Nameeta,  Before you make a choice between oral and postal coaching, let me brief you about the difference. Oral coaching is like attending regular classroom lectures and getting your doubts cleared with mentors. Whereas Postal coaching is like pursuing a correspondence course. Here students would be provided with study materials and they would have to study on their own. Please note like other correspondence courses , this course does not provide study centres and so a student has to study on his own. At the end both oral and postal coaching students have to appear for an exam and

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Hello Ashi, Interesting to see your enthusiasm being from a non math background but wish to appear for CAT. Good keep this spirit. This positive thought will help you crack the competitive exam surely. Please note competitive exams are nothing but a test that checks your logical skills or aptitude in various areas. Similiarly with Math. They just wish to understand your understanding capacity. Yes, math is all what you studied at the school level. Thus if you know your basics well, applying the same would not be an issue.  Thus while preparing for the exam stress more on understanding the

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