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Confusion between science and commerce stream for businessman? CA+MBA or Engineering+MBA?

I want to start my own business..!! So m confused which stream would pave a easy path for me for business? but yes it can be a manufacturing business.. like manufacturing of steel or edible oils etc.. Or business can be like i'll open my own firm of CA as I m doing CA and do business of building along with it... etc. Also I hv interest in both the streams..!! But I want to know which would be best if I want to run my own business..!! also my father is a businessman. n he is running business since 20yrs but his business is not very large..! he's wholesaler of edible oils..! But I want to set up my own big business i.e. on a large scale! So which stream I should go for? NOTE: I hv interest in both the streams..!! also tell me on the basis of future scope? CA would have more scope in future or an engineer?

by Sahil Gupta
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3 answers

RE: Confusion between science and commerce stream for businessman? CA+MBA or Engineering+MBA?

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello SAHIL,
Welcome to!!! Its really good to hear from you that you have been thinking to become a businessmen and not thinking of getting into Job. Its said that "Generate Employment i.e Employer and not the Employee."

Sahil to become a Businessmen you can study any stream i.e either Science or Commerce both the streams are going to be helpful. Because both the streams hold their own importance. So as you mentioned that you would like to open business of Manufacturing and especially in Manufacturing of Edible oils so if you select the science stream it will help you to understand and get insights of the raw material that will be needed for manufacturing viz.types of seeds,their qualities etc. and further more how to maintain the quality of the product i.e quality check and etc many things. While if you Study Engineering that will help you to understand how the manufacturing process is done. If you study your Engineering from the stream like Bio-Diesel Engineering you have a great scope as the work of this field is to find out the substitutes for the Petrol and Diesel and how its production can be done example of substitute FUEL is Jetropha Plant and Sugarcane;so in the same way you can do research and can start your production. There is also Governments Financial Assistance and encouragement for such Business within the Country. You must good hold over Biology in order to get into Bio-Diesel Engineering.

If you select the Commerce Stream you will study how to handle the finance of business;how to get finance for the business;how to set up the business and its management so in short you will learn about Finance and Administration of the Business right from the root to top.

If you go with the CA i.e. Chartered Accountant you will study the Accounts and Auditing.Because CA lays more emphasis on Finance.

As you have mentioned your ineterest in both the streams i.e Science and Commerce;So considering areas of interest you can apply for Engineering in Bio-Diesel and once you have completed your engineering you can go for the MBA either with sole or dual specialisation like Finance;Finance and MArketing/Human Resource/Family Business Management etc. as per your area of interest. Other option you have is that you can go for Entrepreneurship Development course after your engineering.You can apply for Entrepreneurship course to EDII located at Ahmedabad or to MICA,Ahmedabad.

So doing engineering will give you technical knowledge while completing your MBA/Entrepreneurship you hold a knowledge of Finance,management and Administration.

This combination to become a Successful Businessmen is always GREAT.

Hope you find the information useful .

Wish You GOOD LUCK :)

Feel free to get in touch again.

Thank You

Warm Regards,
Prathamesh K.

RE: Confusion between science and commerce stream for businessman? CA+MBA or Engineering+MBA?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi There,

As rightly said by the above counselor, for setting up your business, you can choose any stream. Business entails finances, thus Finance knowledge is a must. So commerce is an ideal option. In terms of knowledge about the product, as a businessman you need to have the basic knowledge about the product you deal with. That is possible when you start your own research on the product, meet professionals from the same background and have good communication skills.

But prior to all this, the main important question is, " Which Business".
As i see above, you have mentioned many business forms you are interested in, Being this confused will not help you at all in the future.

Thus firstly it would be good if you could select which kind or rater which business would you like to deal with. And you are lucky to have your father into the business stream. He can be a guide for you towards your decision.

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck....

RE: Confusion between science and commerce stream for businessman? CA+MBA or Engineering+MBA?

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