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Do I need to be good at my interpersonal skills to be a Professor?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Pooja Gujrathi
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3 answers

RE: Do I need to be good at my interpersonal skills to be a Professor?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

Yes you will have to be really good at your interpersonal skills if you want to become a valuable professor. Below are the reasons and explanations how that will be helpful to you.

1. You will have to directly interact with the students most of the times. You need to take the lectures and make them understand the various concepts and theories. You will also be assisting them in various projects and activities. In all these cases you will be required to have that interpersonal skill in order to effectively communicate and coordinate with different groups of people so that make the communications clearer and better.

2. You need to work with your fellow professors so that you can do your research and provide the right contribution to the university or institute. If only you are good at your interpersonal skills you will be able to cope with the pressure of dealing with your coworkers and make an effective contribution to the academic world.

3. As a professor you will have to attend a number of seminars and similar events and therefore you need to interact with a number of new people from your own field. Such events help them to grow their professional network and therefore gives them the opportunity of learning one step further. here again the interpersonal skills are extremely important.

4. A lot of times they have to work with the students and research scholars for the project and therefore they have to effectively coordinate with a number of people in order to complete the project, The right interpersonal skills give them the benefit to work with them and ensure that the project is completed with conviction.

5. The academic world involves a lot of interactions with other people including other professionals and many other employees. The professors have not only the academic work but many non academic responsibilities too. Therefore they have to be extremely good at their inter personal skills so that they can effectively work towards various things and make the contribution.

RE: Do I need to be good at my interpersonal skills to be a Professor?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Yes it is required to develop as a part of your overall personality in a personal and professional life. Job of a professor is very much translational and change the mind set of young generation which make the nation powerfull and dynamic.
In my opinion there is no school to teach you the interpersonal skill in reality it comes through the nature what you nherit through your parents and family, moreover it is called upbringing. But many examples are odd and evn to prove it right and wrong in real life.

Discuss the skill of professor inside classroom and outside classrom, how he/she carry and transmit the knowledge among the students. Try to read and asses the professioanl career of any dynamic professor in your college and must interact with him / her and then draw the line of conclusion. You will be impressed with his/her way of talking and behaviour which is the first set of skill then you will realize the level of comfortness with them, immediately you will be intersted to know about their work which againd bring you into the splendid moment. I am just trying to narrate the story of a professor who first impress you with the outer skill which normalize you before taking you into thier world of academics or knowledge. This is called interpersonal skill whch is not found in any professor only, our bonafide leaders, industrialists, scienists having such skill to commuicate with the world.
Why this skill is important, where it is important, how it is going to be helpful?? you must know the answer of these questions.

This skill is importnat to know your student before answering any query at the same time you are allowing your student to know about you which builds a string interaction and then your school of thoughts will be developed based on your idea, your colleagues idea and your students ideas and definitely you all will be benifited mutually.

Interpersonal skill is very rare in any arrogant person who has limitiation of accessibility to other person from other field and then it makes him/her deprived of valuable interaction which can result him/her to the long term benifits.

Overall a professor is successful when he or she express the knowledge with interpersonal skill.


RE: Do I need to be good at my interpersonal skills to be a Professor?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear aspirant, you have asked very good question, the interpersonal skills are integrated or important part of any profession, specially for a techer or professor. Let me tell you something about interpersonal skills. This the skill which we need every day to communicate with each other with the people individually or in a group. People who have worked on developing strong interpersonal skills, are usually more successful in personnel and professional life. Normally now a days employer also hire a personal with strong interpersonal skills. They want people who will work in a team, and able to communicate with eath other, colleagues and clients (in your case it will be students). Now I am writing the types of interpersonal skilss, you will come to know, how important are these for everyone in their professional environment and specially for a Professor.

Now there are various types of interpersonal skilss:
1. Verbal comminication ; what we say and how we say it.
2. Non verbal communication; we do not say a single word, but our body lannguage is a message for others.
3. Listening skilss; a good listener can ineterpret the verbal and non verbal messages of others.
4. Negotiation; working with others to come to afinal mutual agreement
5. Problem solving; working with others to identify, define and solve problems.
6. Decision making; Exploring and analysing options to make sound decesions.
7. Assertiveness: Communicate our ideas beliefs, options, needs and how we waant them freely.

In any human beings the interpersonal skilss becomes so natural, that they becomes integral part of any one. These skills become intergral part of our personality that we never think about it. But with a liitle time and effort anyone can develop these skills. A good interperonal skills can develop the personal and professional life of anyone. This is very important to develop better relationships and undeerstanding. The interpersonal skills are sometimes also known as social skills, people skills, soft skills and communicating skills.

For a professor, the interpersonal skills are very important to communicate in class with students, colleagues, and superiors. A professor is taking lectures daily, with a good interperonal skills, you cant transfer your ideas into the minds of your students and colleages.

Hope I have clarified it.

RE: Do I need to be good at my interpersonal skills to be a Professor?

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